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Oriflame Mumbai: Join Oriflame & become Manager in 6 months

Oriflame Mumbai: Join Oriflame & become Manager in 6 months

Welcome to Oriflame Mumbai. Oriflame has been a recognized name in the Beauty products industry for over 20 years. Oriflame carry a range of skin care products to suit every skin type oily or sensitive. 

The Oriflame range includes renowned skin c and hair care  for ladies and gents. Oriflame supply all range of quality beauty care products to suit every budget. You are welcome to join Oriflame and become a Manager in 6 months or less. 

Send SMS or WhatsApp -> 'Join Oriflame' + Your Name + Address + email + Date of birth + Mobile no on  9820850522

Oriflame has products from head to toe including skin care, Fragrances, color cosmetics, men's and kids' range.

  • Get Oriflame - Natural Swedish Cosmetics for ladies.
  • All the products are imported from Sweden. 
  • Free Home Delivery. Anywhere in Mumbai.

Send your product name, product code and quantity to us on

For Joining Oriflame call me on 09820850522

Become Oriflame Consultant!

Being an independent Oriflame Sales Consultant is fun, easy and rewarding! You will have a unique opportunity to learn more about cosmetics, as well as the chance to earn some extra money! 

Whether you prefer to sell by holding Home Beauty Demonstrations, or simply distributing Catalogues to your family and friends - the choice is yours. Oriflame product dealers in Mumbai earn an excellent income by working from home.

There are no required levels of education, experience or financial resources. People of all ages and from all backgrounds have succeeded in selling Oriflame products direct. 

Earn by Selling Oriflame Products

Every 4 weeks you will receive a new product Catalogue from Oriflame. Oriflame distributors in Mumbai order 20 catalogues and show it to people you know and even ask them to give the Oriflame catalogue to people they know. 

They also give them the opportunity to host a home demonstration of beauty products form Oriflame. it's that simple! Another key benefit is that Oriflame offers a money-back guarantee on all products. 

Send SMS 'Join Oriflame' + Your Name + Address + email + Date of birth on 9820850522

To buy Products email product name, product code and quantity on or WhatsApp on 9820850522.

If you have any questions, send me a mail -


Oriflame Manager 

About Mrs. Jashmi
Mrs. Jashmi is an Oriflame Manager. She is also an Oriflame Certified Beauty Expert. In April she received an award for her performance at an Oriflame event in Mumbai.

Oriflame Goa: Buy products or join and make money

Oriflame is today one of the fastest growing beauty companies selling direct in Goa.

We offer a wide range of high-quality beauty products for you. Our Vision is to be the #1 Beauty Company Selling Direct. Our Mission is to fulfill Dreams of everyone who joins Oriflame in Goa.

Oriflame was one of the first companies to utilize plant extracts in skincare products and to use ingredients from renewable plant sources.

  • To buy Oriflame Products in Goa Call us on 09820850522.

We respect nature and strive to use natural ingredients. Many ingredients derived from fruits, flowers and plants are used in our formulations and our designs combine functionality with simplicity, elegance and respect for materials and resources.

There is no Oriflame Office in Goa but anyone can join Oriflame in Goa or buy Oriflame products in Goa.

To Join Oriflame or buy Oriflame products in Panjim, Mapusa, Ponda, Madgaon, Verna, Nagao, Bastora, Bambolim, Siridao, Madkai, Goa call Mrs Jashmi on 09820850522

If you have any questions, send me a mail -


Oriflame Manager 

About Mrs. Jashmi
Mrs. Jashmi is an Oriflame Manager. She is also an Oriflame Certified Beauty Expert. In April she received an award for her performance at an Oriflame event in Mumbai.

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Oriflame Sponsor Benefits July 2018

Oriflame Sponsor Benefits July 2018

What I like most about Oriflame is that film gives you a reason to be excited every month. This month again Oriflame has announced the new Oriflame sponsor offer starting on 1st July and will end on 10th of August 2018.

What is The Oriflame sponsor offer?

The Oriflame sponsor offer means that you can sponsor anyone in Oriflame in your downline and support them in learning the Oriflame business and getting the welcome program gifts. Venue Do this you get Oriflame sponsor gifts worth 1000's of rupees.

New Oriflame sponsor program is announced every 2 or 3 months. This is a time when Oriflame Consultants from all over India Mumbai Delhi Bangalore Hyderabad all out to recruit new Oriflame Consultants in their team.

Oriflame Sponcer program for July 2018

Sponsor Two people main qualifying welcome program one and get royal blue small handbag valued 1899 at just rupees 200.

Four people and support them to qualify welcome program step 1 and get royal blue handbag and royal blue small handbag valued 4098 at just rs 200

And I feel that Oriflame consultants should take maximum of the Oriflame sponsor program and get maximum gifts for themselves. 

This time Oriflame has brought the royal blue collection which is branded as your armour for luxury and Elegance in this summer. 

The marketing team in Oriflame give some exciting name for each sponsor program. They are very creative. However for Oriflame Consultants in Pune Ludhiana Jaipur Nagpur Aurangabad, Kolkata Noida Gurgaon and other cities sponsor program for Oriflame means that they will get new purses bags and accessories. 

Even if you are a new consultant in Oriflame you can easily recruit team and support them to complete hundred points and get the sponsor gift. If you recruit 4 new people you get more gifts. Which is exciting.

The real benefit of sponsor program of Oriflame

What is more exciting is that start to progress in the success plan of Oriflame. You read the 6% level which is the beginning of cheques from Oriflame.

For those who are already at 6% level move to the 9% level and so on to 12% manager-level then 15% manager level, 18% manager-level and 22% senior manager-level & beyond.

How to recruit more people in Oriflame

Oriflame is a business of catalogue circulation. The more catalogues you recirculate the more orders you get and the more people join in your team. 

Watch this video for more details

Is that the more you share about this oriflame business opportunity two people in a circle people will join in your team.

There are many benefits of joining Oriflame you can share those with the people around you so that they can see how it is beneficial for them.

Watch this video to see some of the benefits of Oriflame that you can friends family members relatives neighbors colleagues and even strangers.

Terms and conditions of Oriflame sponsor program

You can check out the details terms and conditions on the Oriflame website however the main points are as follows
  • It is a voluntary program
  • It's only for Oriflame consultants in India
  • The offer is valid in multiples only when is join people in multiples of 4
  • You can pick up your gifts in the next month with an order of 1500 and above.

It is my desire that each and every Oriflame consultant you take advantage of the Oriflame sponsor offer and get the sponsor gifts from Oriflame. 

I wish you all the best and lots of success in the Oriflame sponsor offer for July 2018.

Oriflame Director

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Oriflame Gives Opportunity to Start Your Own Dream Business

Oriflame Opportunity to Start Your Own Business

"Say Good bye to your boss. Start your own dream business with Oriflame and in this business you are your own  boss""

This sound so interesting so give call to my no. and join my Oriflame group and fulfill all your  dream.

There are 3 ways of income.

1. 20% Discount on product.

2. Lots of Expensive Gifts

3. Most important cheque income start with 3% to 22%. 

Do this Exercise today

As you go through the day today, in your mind say to yourself 'Its Possible'

Think about your goal (not only in Oriflame but also about the goals in your life) and say to yourself 'It's possible'

Let this thought of it's possible penetrate your being.

  • Say It's possible with feeling, emotion and intention. 
  • Say *It's Possible* with every breath. 
  • Say *it's possible* 1000 times as you do your routine work. 

You will notice that it will start to change the way you see yourself, your business and your life. 

  • It will change the way you walk, talk, feel and go about doing your work.
  • It will make you feel very good and very positive.
  • The people you meet will notice your positive energy and vibration.
  • People like to be around positive people. It makes them feel good. People are happy doing business with positive people. 
  • You may have difficult situations in life but when you say it's possible and you start to think it's possible then anything is possible for you.

Do this exercise today and notice have you feel about it and please share your experience in the evening.

Waiting to hear from you... 

For Joining call on 9820850522.

Oriflame Gold Director

Sunday, December 12, 2010

'Law of attraction' training and meditation workshop in Pune

Hello to my Oriflame friends!!

Do you want to expand in all areas of life? Are you working on a specific project that is important to you and your Oriflame Business? Do you want to discover your like purpose? Do you want to know what profession or business will give you the most satisfaction and money?

You will discover all this and more in the Law of Attraction - Success Workshop' on 9th January 2011 in Pune.

Through the guiding power of feelings you will discover your path to fulfillment, prosperity and abundance. Our thoughts produce feelings and vibrations. These feelings and vibrations attract their like, and attracts people, opportunities, etc. in your life. Thoughts of want you want will produce feelings and vibrations that will people and resources to help you achieve your goal.

In the workshop you will create a new thinking pattern of being more and more clear of what you want and automatically generating feelings and vibrations that pull resources, ideas and people to you.

Miracles and coincidence will increase as you acknowledge them as they happen on a daily basis.
You will discover the fact that how you feel determines what you get. You will create a new brain pattern of holding your intention and taking action till you get result in this workshop. When you walk out of this workshop you will have the tools to be a transformed person everyday and to create miraculous results in your life..

Registrations are open for 9th January 2011 workshop.

Call us on 9820850522 for details.

Posted By: +Jashmi Waghela

Oriflame Director


Friday, December 10, 2010

Achieve your Oriflame Business Goals for the year!

What are your Oriflame MLM Business Goals for this year?

You are the author of your life. You can get whatever you want. Write your goals and intentions on a daily basis. When you do that coincidences will happen to you more often. 

As you focus more and more on what you want in life now, you will experience more and more of your dreams.

There are laws by which you produce results, positive and negative. All you need to do is notice how the law applies in what ever you achieve, good or bad. 

Then keep noticing your thoughts and consciously think what you want instead of what you don't want. In this way the law of attraction will work in your favor. 

When you get an inspiring thought, take a decision and take action immediately & in this way you will grow fast. Do what you experience most joy and happiness. In this way you will get more success and happiness in life. Learn all this and much mush more in an positive, inspiring and uplifting environment of 'Law of Attraction - Success Workshop'.

Registrations are open for 9th January 2019 workshop.

Call us on 9820850522 for details

Registration Fees: Rs 2500 (Includes Lunch, Tea & Snacks + Participants Guide)

'Law of Attraction for Super Success' Audio Program worth Rs. 999.
'7 Thinking Habits of Wealthy People' E-Book worth Rs 499.

Author: +Jashmi Waghela  

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Success in Oriflame with The Law of Attraction

You create everything in your world by your thought energy. 

Thought energy is controlled or directed by what you focus on. When you focus on what you want, you get what you want. As soon as you focus on something, thoughts start popping up in your mind. 

Thoughts bring feelings and vibration and that bring even more similar thoughts in your mind. When you constantly think on 1 topic, emotions starts emerging. Emotions give you energy and put you to action to achieve what ever you have been focusing on. 

You attract what ever you give your focus and attention. When you want something, just focus on it, let thoughts of that topic emerge and then let emotions move you into action, then success is yours.

Learn all this is a step by step manner in our 'Law of Attraction - Success Workshop'

Author: +Jashmi Waghela 

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Want good reasons to Join Oriflame Cosmetics India?

The Oriflame motto is ‘Create Cash Today and Fulfill your Dreams Tomorrow’.

Facts about Oriflame:

  • Oriflame cosmetics is a well known Swedish company with natural cosmetic products.
  • Oriflame ranks high with companies like Mary Kay and Avon.
  • Oriflame provides the opportunity to sell cosmetics and personal care products.
  • You have the control on your life and have the life you dream!
  • See Oriflame's wonderful natural Swedish cosmetics online.
  • Oriflame was started by two brothers Jonas and Robert af Jochnick.
  • Oriflame is able to spread the word and expand and grow.
  • Oriflame has been around for a solid 50+ years and still going strong.
  • Oriflame has enticing incentives and bonuses to encourage and excite the consultants to expand and grow.

Join Oriflame Cosmetics India

Join Oriflame Today

Just call us on 9820850522


email us at

Posted By: +Jashmi Waghela
Oriflame Director

Dont Join Orifame before you read this...

Facts to know before you join Oriflame

Join Oriflame
  • Oriflame is a business with a strong success rate. 
  • Oriflame has millions of consultants in 60+ countries. 
  • Oriflame has grown during the worldwide economy crisis easily. 
  • Oriflame's name and fame is continually growing. 
  • In Oriflame the joining fee is low with no risk. 
  • Oriflame incorporates a strategy that works well. 
  • With best natural Swedish products, Oriflame has built a successful company. 
  • Oriflame has low entry fee with no overheads. 
  • Oriflame is an organization that provides support for continuous growth.
  • Oriflame has appealing catalogues with new products and a simple business. 
  • Oriflame provide personal growth opportunities. 
  • It is necessary to develop your business to its full potential. 
  • Learn and educate yourself on new and upcoming trends.
  • Oriflame gives an affordable range of natural cosmetics. 
  • In Oriflame, there's unlimited potential for income.
  • All you need is patience, determination, and a will to succeed.
  • Oriflame has shown that their system works. 
  • Begin your home based business and grow your business. 
  • If you promote your business, there's no end to what you can accomplish.
  • With guidance from me, success is attainable in your business.
  • There's no stopping if you have the dream to succeed!
  • Oriflame anywhere in India - Ambala, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Jalandhar, Mohali, Mumbai, New Delhi, Oriflame, Patiala, Pune, Sikkim, etc.

Benefits of Joining Oriflame as a Consultant

Join Oriflame Today, Just call us on 9820850522 

email us at

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Oriflame Director

Oriflame Time Reversing - Turn Back the Clock

Help Fight the effects of Ageing.

Oriflame Time Reversing range of products you can turn back the clock because it helps you fight the effects of hormonal ageing and make your skin as young as you feel.

1. Time Reversing All in 1 Magic  Cleanser. ( A gentle  all -in -1 cleanser make-up remover and toner with magical texture)

2. Time Reversing Restoring day cream. ( Restoreversing Restores and revitalizes mature skin . This advance formula helps improve skin firmness, elasticity & resilience.)

check beauty thinks video and subscribe her channel

3. Time Reversing restoring Night cream.( Age defying formula that helps boost cell energy to minimize wrinkles & improve skin)

4. Time Reversing Restoring Body Balm. (Voluptuous body cream with B Prostimuline and liquorice extract to target hormonal skin ageing and siscoloration)

6. Time Reversing in tense deep Night Reformer cream . age 55+ ( A unique pro strengthening formula that combines patented  B- Prostimuline complex and Astaxandant, a super powerful natural antioxidant)

7.Time Reversing in Tense Every day Perfector cream SPF 12. age 55+ ( A moisturizing and re-densifying and prosrengthening day cream that combats post menopausal skin fragility)

8. Time Reversing Restoring Eye cream. age 45+ ( Gentle, Lightweight eye cream hydrates, firms and improves elasticity of mature skin around and eyes reducing wrinkles and dark shadows)

9. Time Reversing Facial oil Capsules. age 45+ ( Each capsule contains a powerful blend of skin conditioing natural oils vitamin E)

10. Time Reversing Instant llluminating serum. age 45+ ( Instantly illuminates , smoothens, tightens and refreshes)

Get your Time Reversing products

For Buying  products or for Joining Oriflame call me, Jashmi on 9820850522.

Posted by: +Jashmi Waghela 
Oriflame Director

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

How to Join Oriflame in India

Find out not only how to join Oriflame India but also how to be successful.

Hi Friends, In my last post I talked about how to use Oriflame skin care products, today I will explain how to join Oriflame India as a Consultant

How to Join Oriflame India

Those who are following my blog or my Facebook Page now that I am a Oriflame Director and I guide Oriflame Consultants all over India to be successful in Oriflame.

Joining Oriflame is easy. For becoming an Oriflame consultant, you need to fill the Consultant application form.

Let me explain you how to join Oriflame in detail:

  1. First of all you can give the following details: Full Name, Address, Mobile number, Email id, Date of birth, along with the first order above 2000.
  2. You can sms or Whatsapp the details on 09820850522 or email it on or you can use the Oriflame online joining form.
  3. Once you send your details we will guide you can submit your Oriflame joining fees in the bank. Just call me for details of bank account. 
  4. Once you submit your fees we will give you your Consultant No. Your password will be sent to your email id. Sometimes the password might go in your spam folder instead of your inbox so just check there if its not in inbox.
  5. You can then log in to your Oriflame account, see the Oriflame Online Catalogue and place your order online by clicking on Quick Links - VIP order. Please call me when you do it first time. 
  6. You will receive your starter kit in 4-5 days time by courier. It will contain the latest Oriflame Catalogue, Consultant Manual, etc.
  7. As a Oriflame Consultant you will get the items at 20% profit than the MRP or the Offer Price mentioned on the catalogue. So 20% flat will be your profit whenever you sell any item.
  8. You get exciting welcome program gifts when you complete 100 points in your 1st, 2nd and 3rd month. The gifts are determined by Oriflame and will be informed to you as soon as you join Oriflame.
  9. Stay in touch with me, read my emails and chat with me if you have any questions. I will always guide you. If you want to become a Manager in Oriflame I can guide you how to do that too.

It is a great opportunity and I am earning a lot by just by circulating catalogues to my friends, neighbors and even strangers. They order everyday items like shampoos, talcum powders, soaps, perfumes, nail polishes, body creams, body lotions, cleansers, moisturizers, etc. as well as gift items like perfumes. Oriflame has varied products and at affordable prices too.

Secondly you can teach people how to join Oriflame as a consultant and build your team. You get additional income for recruiting, training, guiding, supporting and developing them. I will guide you on how to be successful in Oriflame just like many other people all over India.

Oriflame Director Mrs Jashmi

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Oriflame Director

How to Use Oriflame Skin Care Guide

How to Use Oriflame Skin Care Guide

The Oriflame Skin Care Guide is extremely useful.

Welcome back, if you have been following my blog. In my last post I talked about the 5 benefits of Joining Oriflame Network and today I am going to talk about the importance of using the Oriflame Skin care guide.

The Skin care Guide Makes it Easy for you to find and recommend the appropriate skin care routine for yourself and your friend circle.

If you are a Consultant you would have received the Oriflame Skin Care Guide in your joining Kit. I recommend everyone to use it daily to guide customers to choose the best suited products according to their age, skin type and needs.

Watch this Video to learn more...

Oriflame has 3 Level of skin care to choose from.

1. If you want high Performance select products in ADVANCE SKIN CARE section according to your age & skin concern.

2. If you want to tailor your skin care routine choose products in SKIN CARE BY SKIN NEED section the ones based on your skin type & then Skin need. For example, you may recommend the Love Nature Facial Kit to your customer as per her needs.

3. If you are looking for basic skin care solution select products in SIMPLE SKIN CARE section by type.

If you are a consultant you can learn more about skin care from the step 1 training in the members section. If you want to join Oriflame call me up to find the offer that is valid till the end of month. So don't miss reading my informative post on how to join Oriflame in India and how to learn, earn and grow with Oriflame.

For joining or buying products call me.
Mrs Jashmi on 9820850522

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Posted by +Jashmi Waghela
Oriflame Director