Monday, January 30, 2012

Oriflame Products in Thane

Oriflame Products in Thane

Let me answer Pratiksha's first question, from the email below 

1st question- how to get Oriflame products in Thane: 
To buy Oriflame products SMS the product code and quantity along with your name and address on 9820850522. You will get the discount as mentioned in the catalogue. You can see the price and catalogue on

2nd questionhow to use the products she has purchased:
Let me tell you that you can first wet your face and apply cleanser and wash it off then take some cotton and dab the tonner on your face. Do not rub. Then take 1 drop of day cream and place dots all over your face and then spread it. Do this before 20 minutes you go out of your house. In evening repeat cleansing and toning and apply night cream. Sometimes the products may get out of stock. That is normal. Stock is updated every week.

3rd questionHow to make money with Oriflame Agency:
If you want the to make 5,000 to 25,000 per month by circulating 10-20 catalogues in your circle and collecting orders & recruiting people in your team then you can join Oriflame in Thane as a Consultant. You should be willing to learn and follow the suggestions.

To Join our team of Oriflame dealers in Thane SMS your Full Name, Address, Date of Birth and Email id on 9820850522.


Oriflame Senior Manager

On Mon, Jan 30, 2012 at 6:17 AM, Pratiksha  wrote:
Hi Jashmi,

I came to know about you from one of my friend.  I want to ask you few questions regarding oriflame products.  I am new to this company.  I never used anything before.  1 of my friend told me about this products which she is also using for more than 10 years now. I took some products from one of the consultant from our area.  I am from Thane area. But she din tell anything about how to use them.  I took Cleanser. toner , Day and night cream of pomogranate.  Can you pls tell me the exact prices.  Because i think she has cheated me. and night cream she is not giving. Out of stock she is telling from last 1 month. Pls help me and also tell me how can i purchase products in future and how.  Are there any discounts given.



Friday, January 27, 2012

Oriflame Business Tips for Consultants

Oriflame Business Tips for Consultants

Dear Oriflame Consultants,

Yesterday during a business planning session with a Consultant from my team. She asked me for some Oriflame business tips for getting more success in the Oriflame Business Opportunity. I think the laws of success apply to all human endeavors and Oriflame is not an exception. 

Set your Goals in Oriflame

When you take on something its important to set your goals for the next 1, 2 and 5 years in that field. This is true for your Oriflame Business as well. You must set and write down your goals for your Oriflame business. This is the first step. 

Your goal may be to be a business class consultant by doing 150 points or to become a Manager in Oriflame or a Senior Manager in Oriflame or to earn 10,000 or 25,000 per month or more, or to become financially independent, or get recognized for your skills and abilities and talent. When your goals are written down somewhere, your subconscious mind starts working on it.

How Oriflame Point System works

  • You need 600 Oriflame business points for reaching 6% level
  • You need 1200 Oriflame business points for reaching 9% level
  • You need 2400 Oriflame business points for reaching 12% level. This is where you become a Manager in Oriflame 
  • You need 4000 Oriflame business points for reaching 15% level
  • You need 6600 Oriflame business points for reaching 18% level
  • You need 10000 Oriflame business points for reaching 22% level. This is where you become a Senior Manager in Oriflame
This is the overview of the Oriflame business plan in India. There are other important levels in Oriflame. I will guide you further once you become a Manager in Oriflame.

Have a never give up attitude

What ever is your goal, keep working towards it till you reach it. If something does not work, find another way to do it. When you do this you will reach your goal. There can be more than 1 way of reaching any goal. If you decide to reach somewhere, you will find a way. If one door is closed, you will open another.

Use your creativity and imagination

When you want success and you are willing to do anything for it, you will be more creative, your imagination will take charge and you will find an answer to any question or problem you face. You commitment drives you to be more creative and innovative and reach your goals even if resources are scarce.

So write down your goals, be 100% commited to your goals and have a burning desire to achieve them. When you get ideas, write them down too and implement them instantly. Take action fast and you will reach your goals sooner than you can imagine.

Become a Master in the Art of Circulating Catalogues

Watch this video:

Sometimes you will get very good results, you will get many orders and people will join under you and sometimes you will feel as though you are facing a wall. Here is how people who have become successful in Oriflame deal with the initial challenges in the Oriflame business. 

In life all of us go through times when you face a challenging situation. All of us have to face a difficult situation from time to time. Things happen unexpectedly to everyone. When such things happen successful people stand tall and fight back with the situation. 

Successful people don't give up easily. The face the challenges. The take charge of the situation. And they find a way to win the game. This is because successful people look at things different way. Look at the challenges as an opportunity to test your skills and abilities. 

Successful people learn from every situation.

Even if you look back in your life, You will remember that even though things were difficult and maybe even seemed impossible, you found a way of dealing with the problem and you came out of it. And when you look back you are happy that brought something better out of you. It made you stronger. Similarly when you become a Manager you will laugh at the challenges you faced in the early days as an Oriflame consultant.

Challenges in life bring out our best. New doors open for you, new opportunities got created out of difficult situations. You met people who help you in overcoming the problem. Once you are in my team, you are part of a support system. 

It's easy to be positive when times are good. If you can be positive in a difficult situation, when things are really bad, it shows the strength of a character. There is a mark of a successful person. 

Be Resourceful like water. 

When there is an obstacle, water goes under it, around it, above it, water finds a way. 

What you are going through is not the challenge but the way you look at it is the challenge. Once you change your point of view there is no challenge big enough. 

When you look at challenges as opportunities it cannot stop you from achieving your goal. Big goals can make you use your creative abilities reach the destination. 

Problem solving is fun. That's the way successful people look at problems. Big challenges will bring big opportunities and open bigger doors. 

Sometimes, you may feel that you can't do it, it's not for you but as soon as you cut those thoughts and focus on your goals, you are back on track. 

You just need to destroy all negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Just chop them off as they arise. Whenever you old Paradigms comes you, just recognise it and destroy it.

Take care of a mental Garden

Only put positive seeds of thought in your mental Garden. Get the weeds of negative thoughts out of the garden every single day. 

Remind yourself of your goal and meditate on your goals everyday. This will give you energy. Hope you inspired by what I have said. 

Share this with as many women entrepreneurs as possible. Share This with Oriflame Consultants in your team too. 

Ms. Jashmi 

Oriflame Gold Director 

How to Join Oriflame in Chennai

Join Oriflame in Chennai

Thanks for your interest in joining Oriflame in Chennai. Let me explain you How to Join Oriflame in Chennai.

To join Oriflame in Chennai you can SMS or WhatsApp your Full Name, Address, Email and Date of Birth on 9820850522.

I will ask an Oriflame Consultant nearest to you to get in touch with you.

You can then fill the Oriflame application form and give your joining details.

She will give you a copy of the latest catalogue and also explain you how you can progress in Oriflame.

You can also stay in touch with me after joining, I can give you tips and suggestions from time to time.

As an Oriflame consultant in Chennai you can make good money by working part time.

I look forward to your sms...and just send me an email if you have any further questions.

Wish you all the best in Oriflame!


Mrs Jashmi
Oriflame Senior Manager

On Fri, Jan 27, 2012 at 3:57 AM, nancy m <> wrote:
Am Nancy from Chennai. I like to join in oriflame. can u tell me how to join & whom to contact.

Thanks & Regards


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Oriflame Cosmetics in Jaipur

You can now buy Oriflame Cosmetics in Jaipur by calling me on 9820850522 or sending an email with product code and quantity on

Buy Oriflame Products:
Get beauty tips from me based on your age and skin type. What to know which Oriflame products to use for Slimming treatment, and Pigmentation treatment, Acne treatment, Wrinkle uplifting treatment, Wrinkle removal treatment, Skin polishing beauty products, Under eye treatment products, Dark circles treatment products and Anti aging treatment products.

You can also become an Oriflame Consultant in Jaipur and earn 10,000 to 25,000 per month. For this you need to circulate 10-20 Oriflame Catalogues among your friend circle and take orders from them. You can earn even more if you recruit others and develop a team of Oriflame Consultants in Jaipur or any other part of India.

Ms. Jashmi 
Oriflame Senior Manager 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Oriflame's Grace Perfume for Women

Oriflame's Grace EDP is an extraordinary perfume for Women. It has enchanting notes of precious spices. It is available for purchase only from Oriflame Consultants in India.

Call us on 9820850522 to find an Oriflame Consultant in your city in India.

It come in a beautiful 50 ml bottle. Oriflame Grace Perfume Price is 2390.

To find out what others customers have said about this Oriflame Perfume, please see the link below...


Watch this Grace Perfume Video...!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What is Oriflame Business Opportunity all about?

Oriflame Business Opportunity

The Oriflame business opportunity is about finding out what people want and helping them get what they want. It is about making dreams come true.

I wanted to make lakhs of Rupees from Oriflame. I reached that goal long back. On the other hand my close friend who is also an Oriflame Consultant just wants to keep herself busy.

She is more interested in making new friends and having fun. The Oriflame business opportunity helped both of us in getting what we wanted.

She does not mind making tons of money but thats not her main purpose in joining Oriflame.

People join Oriflame for their own reasons. Some people what free gifts, some want discount on products, some want some extra cash in their pocket and want to become a Manager in Oriflame.

Your reason for joining Oriflame may not interest your prospect. Your job as an Oriflame Leader is to find what their goals and needs are and guide them accordingly.

When someone joins my team in the Oriflame business in India, I make it a point to ask them what their intention of joining Oriflame is?

Depending on their purpose, I extend my support. If they have big dreams and goals, I go an extra mile to help them with my guidance, training, coaching and any other way possible.

Ms. Jashmi
Oriflame Cosmetics India
Oriflame Gold Director

Tips for Oriflame Consultants in India

Tips for Oriflame Consultants in India

Friends I got a email from one of the Oriflame Consultants in my team this morning. She wanted some tips on selling Oriflame products in her friend circle. I thought these tips for Oriflame Consultants can be useful for everyone so I am sharing this with you all.

On Wed, Jan 11, 2012 at 9:53 PM, Kamal <kamal> wrote:

hi Jashmi
Gud morning

Read your blog. You know what,
Although the quality of Orifame products is very good it becomes very difficult to convince people about the quality that Oriflame provides. Can you write / suggest something about it?? Some people buy Oriflame products from me easily but some people are not ready to put time and examine the quality... and time is also an important factor. For the people like us, who work and study, it becomes vey difficult to investd time with people whom we know will not tie up...  Kamal

Following is my reply which I thought of sharing with all Oriflame Consultants in India as I am sure would be useful for everyone.

Before you read further, take a moment to join Oriflame Consultants Facebook Group for more such tips.

Hi Kamal,

Thanks for your email. I am doing the Oriflame business in a little different way. I don't attempt to convince anyone.

I just circulate catalogue and take orders. I keep finding new people whom I can give the catalogue each month. I give new catalogue to old customers. I even give catalogue to people who have not yet bought from me once in a while. In this way I have developed a customer base of 60 customers. 

All 60 customers done buy from me every month, 20 people buy this month, the other 20 buy next month and the rest will by month after that. This is how it works.

I done argue with anyone. I don't try to convince anyone. I simply find people who want to buy from me and can afford to pay me.

Secondly, my main focus in not on selling products. My main focus is on recruiting Oriflame Consultants. If someone is not interested in being a Oriflame Consultant then I make them my customer.

Oriflame is selling over 400 crores worth of products in India. This means that people in India are buying Oriflame products. We just want to make sure that we get as big a share from this as possible.

That's the way I look at it. You don't have to agree with me. These are some thoughts worth considering. 

Mrs Jashmi
Oriflame Gold Director

Set Your Oriflame Goals for July 2018

To be successful in Oriflame you must define what success means to you.

Do you want to earn 25,000 per month? or
You want to become a Manager in Oriflame? or
You want to buy a new house or car with your Oriflame income?

What ever is your goal, develop a strong intention to achieve it and work towards it.

  • The first step is to write down your goals for 2012 on paper.
  • This is a serious exercise. Take some time off to write your goals. 
  • Write your long term goals and your short term goals. 
  • Write down everything you want from life.
  • What ever you can imagine you can achieve. Be bold and dream big.

Write down your goals for your health and well being, your financial goals, goals for your family members, travel and recreation goals, goals for your career and business, goals for your education and self development and spiritual goals.

Think about what you want to achieve in each of these areas of life. Write down everything that comes to your mind. Once your mind know what you want, you will get ideas, thoughts and spontanous action in the direction of your goals.

This is the secret of success and when you apply this in your Oriflame business you will get amazing success in Oriflame in 2018.

Mrs Jashmi
Oriflame Senior Manager
Mobile: 9820850522

Oriflame Vijayanagar

Many times people ask me what is the what is the reason for my success in Oriflame.

I wanted to make a lot of money. I was 100% commited to earn more than 25,000 per month from Oriflame. I had 100% intention, I was ready to learn from my seniors. I was ready to take action.

I had a full time job. I was looking for an alternative. I was looking for an opportunity that lets me use my creativity and talent. Oriflame was that opportunity. I decided to grab the Oriflame business opportunity and I am happy that I did because Oriflame is helping me earn more than I what my job was giving me and at the same time reach my full potential.

I invite you to join Oriflame and earn 25,000 to 30,000 per month. Call me on 9820850522 and I will guide you step by step.

Mrs Jashmi
Senior Manager

Monday, January 2, 2012

Biz tips for Oriflame Consultants in India

Biz tips for Oriflame Consultants in India

Let me give you a few business tips that has made many people successful in my Oriflame team which is spread all across India.

People don't believe that they can get success in Oriflame or become a manager in Oriflame in the beginning. This is due to negative programming of the past.

Oriflame Business Tip No 1

Reminding yourself of your goal, reading affirmations and doing meditation will reprogram your mind for success. You have to act like the person you want to become. Start acting like the person you wish to become from today in everything you do and every decision you make. This is the biggest tip I can give you today.

Ask yourself, how would you talk, walk, dress and act when you achieve your goal of becoming a manager? Think about this for the next 24 hours. When you do this you will have a positive energy that will be contagious to others and others will respond to you more positively.

Oriflame Business Tip No 2

Master the Art of Cataloge Circulation. Watch this video several times to understand this and then implement it in your Oriflame business.

Oriflame Business Tip No 3

First of all you should plan your month and then you should do your best to reach your monthly goal you have set for the month.

In Oriflame more than 50% of the sale happens in the first few days and then the last few days of the month. The Oriflame products that are on offer in the current Oriflame catalogue may not be an offer in the next month so Oriflame Consultants and customers get excited to see the Oriflame catalogue each month.

Many Oriflame consultants and VIP customers also place huge orders in the last moment. Just by sharing the catalogue to few more people in the last few days also people can get more and more orders.

Oriflame Business Tip No 4

If you have new consultants in your team you should guide them so that they can complete their welcome program by doing or completing their hundred points and get welcome program gifts.

If you are near 150 points, then you should complete it because you get two products at 40% discount in the next month as per the business class offer. This is big profit because in addition to that you get 20% additional discount. And if you can do 200 points then that is called super business class and you get 3  products at 40% off. Smart Consultants make sure they do at least 150 points to get these additional benefits.

Join our Oriflame Facebook Group for more tips

Oriflame Business Tip No 5

Look at your group points, if you are near 600 points then you should complete that the help of the consultants in your team and reach 6% level in Oriflame. This is the first major success for an oriflame consultant.

If your aim is 9% level then you will complete 1200 points. And if your goal is to become a manager this month then you will complete 2400 points.

Lastly it is important to plan your next month. Decide how many points we will do personally. How many group points you will do with your team? What activities you are going to do, online and offline? How much will invest in tools like catalogues, etc.

You can also help the people in your team to set there goes for next month so that keep making progress higher levels in Oriflame.