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Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold Night Cream

All about M&H Night Cream, Eye Cream, Cleansing Milk!

Look like diva this season….and expose your skin to ravishing face products launched by Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold. These products are primarily for those who have dry to extra dry skin. It is suitable for all age groups. As the name suggests these products are derived from organic sources. Milk is rich in naturally produced nutrients, which are substantial to hydrate skin. Honey involves vitamins and minerals which are proven to revitalize the skin. 


GIRLS its time to consume ourselves in our own doom……by using Oriflame milk and honey gold products, lets talk about it extensively.

*    Oriflame has discovered an exclusive formula specially for girls to keep the skin smooth and moist in the form of Oriflame Milk and Honey Night Cream.  Believe me girls I am sharing from my personal experience if you have dry skin, then this cream is made for u all because its going to create intangible impact on your face. It leaves your skin smooth and moist. Apply this cream at night before you sleep and you would encounter definite softness and glow on your face with its regular use. Extracts of milk and honey imparts intense moisture in skin and provides pleasant and radiant glow on face.


*   Oriflame takes care of every possible part of human body, especially which are ignored by other known brands.  Oriflame Milk and Honey Gold an under eye cream is one of the best example to exemplify my statement in an adequate manner. Milk and honey gold an under eye cream helps to improve skin tone and hydration around the eye contour. Usually in day to day hectic regime, it becomes stressful to take out appropriate amount of time and give relaxation to our eyes. Consequently,we get dark circles, which replaces people's attention from beautiful eyes to uneven tone of skin which surrounds it. Eyes are one the most sensitive organ of our body and it requires little extra care in comparison to other parts. This cream is the miraculous solution to the problem. It relaxes underneath the eyes and prevents uneven skin tone.

* Milk and Honey gold cleansing milk is one of the best cleanser for dry skin, I have ever used. Since, I am cabin crew, I have to apply make up every day on my face because of my professional guidelines, and this cleanser has turned out the best cleanser. As it is derived from organic source, it helps me to remove my makeup and impurities, leaving my skin healthy, clean and nourished. Try this Oriflame Cleansing Milk and I am sure ladies your search for quality cleanser would end here.

Oriflame milk and honey shampoo is also a popular product in this range.



Since we are talking about moisturizing, nourishment at delicate areas, I would undertake this opportunity to talk about this small but important product. let me hit the bull's eye by disclosing its name called Oriflame tender care. Special care for sensitive areas. This small round pink bottle contains the mixture of beeswax and vegetable oil, which relieves skin dryness and restore moisture in skin. This can be applied on lips, cuticles, face and any area which is dry.

All these products are available to you at affordable price by Oriflame....GO SOFT THIS SUMMER AND LET SMOOTHNESS MELT IN YOUR SKIN....


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Oriflame Manicure Kit Review

Oriflame Manicure Set is the best!

Every girl takes care of her nails. She takes care of her nails like her child. Even I take lot of care of my nails. No one likes their nails dirty. For keeping hand and nails beautiful, every girl goes to parlor for manicure. Manicure not only keeps your hand nails beautiful but it also protects your nails.

The Benefit of Oriflame Manicure:-
  • Massaging your nails, cuticles and the skin on your hands, encourages the renewal of important skin cells and aids nail growth leaving nails longer and stronger.
  • Cuticles take care of the cells of your nails, so looking after them is essential for healthy nails.
  • Nail polish acts as a nail protection in manicure.
  • Manicures look great for every day as well as special occasions.

Having regular Manicures ensures that your nails and hands are in excellent condition. It is recommended to have manicure once or twice a month to ensure nails remain shaped, to prevent snagging and keep cuticles clean.

Now Oriflame has launched ALL-IN-ONE 4 PIECE MANICURE KIT. You don't need to go to parlor for manicure. You can do it home. Your nails and hands will be perfect every time.

It is made of  Lavender oil and fig. Lavender oil contains linalool that gently refreshes your skin. Fig extract is rich in sugars and provides moisture and nourishing benefits. Its product code is - 31001 You can join Oriflame and get this set at a discount and you can start your part time business with Oriflame

How to use this Oriflame Manicure kit

  1. Soak- Add small amount of soak in warm water and soak fingers for 10 minutes to soften.
  2. Scrub- Apply exfoliating hand scrub in small circular motions. Rinse when finished.
  3. Soften- Rub small amount of cuticle softener on the nail and then gently push back cuticles.
  4. Hydrate- Fast absorbing hand cream can be smoothed onto hands as needed.

In just four simple steps you get your perfect manicure at home.

How to order Oriflame Manicure Kit

To Order Oriflame Products including Oriflame Manicure Kit online you can call or Whatsapp us on 09820850522 or email us on To find an Oriflame Consultant near also you can call us.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

New Oriflame Hair Colour

Oriflame Hair Colour in 6 Shades!

Every women does not want to look old. That's why she takes care of herself. She goes to parlor regularly. Specially for her hairs. Grey hairs are a big problem for women. She often goes to parlor for hair colour and touch-ups. Women has to go parlor twice a month for touch-up. That is little time consuming because you have to take appointment in parlor. To take time out for parlor in busy schedule is little difficult.

Now every women having grey hair don't need to worry because Oriflame has launched a range of hair colours. Now you can do colour and touch-ups at home.

It is made of Advanced Smart Technology. Due to which your colour is long lasting and it is 100% grey coverage. And it contains Linseed oil which is very good for hairs. It gives radiant shine and silky softness to your hairs.

Oriflame HairX TruColour has launched six hair colours which will make you look younger and its long lasting. The colours are: -

  1. Black. Product code- 25415
  2. Blue Black. Product code- 25417
  3. Deep Mahogany Copper. Product code- 25425
  4. Mahogany. Product code- 25427
  5. Dark brown. Product code- 25416
  6. Intense brown. Product code- 25426
Keep your hair colour more long-lasting by HairX TruColour protect range. It contains Shampoo, Conditioner and Leave-in Treatment.

It will protect your hair colour. It contains UV filter to protect against UV & free radicals. It has Baobab Leaves extracts that defend against fading. The intense treatment softens hair and locks in colour.

It keeps Prolong INTENSITY of colour up  to 7 weeks**.

There is an launch offer for the hair colour.

  1. Choose your HairX Trucolour from this month. 
  2. Continue to buy HairX Trucolour from June and July catalogue.
  3. Get the 4th pack for FREE instantly along with your July catalogue order.
If you want to get your membership in Oriflame done, get in touch with me now on 9820850522.

Check the Oriflame catalogue for June 2017 online or download the pdf copy on your smart phone

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Monday, May 5, 2014

Oriflame Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Cream

ORIFLAME’S 1ST Wrinkle Correcting cream for Age 35+

When a masterpiece is crafted, its done keeping in mind the exclusivity, it needs to exhibit. Oriflame’s 1st wrinkle Correcting care branded as ECOLLAGEN , is a perfect example to exemplify this statement.

Considering the growing age of all beautiful women who are 35 and plus ECOLLAGEN wrinkle Correcting elixirs to reawaken youth in mature skin. First time Oriflame has discovered a perfect formula to provide tantalizing and youthful impact on mature skin. To avail the best results entire Ecollagen kit should be adhered. However, ladies can adopt individual product also as per their requirement. This kit consists of:

·         Ecollagen Foaming Gel Wash 200ML

.     Ecollagen Skin Perfecting Toner  200ML

.     Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting and Lifting Serum 30ML
This extremely potent  super serum delivers out standing anti-wrinkle and lifting effects.With double concentration of the breakthrough plant steam cell extract and powerlift technology.Apply twice daily, under your day and night Cream

.     Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Day Cream SPF 15  50 ML

New generation of  Anti Wrinkle care. Engineered with the unique plant steam cell extract, this day cream helps re-plump wrinkles from within and helps prevent their further formation. New, lighter texture melts into your skin. 

.    Ecollagen Wrinkle Correcting Night Cream  50 ML

Re-plump Wrinkles while you sleep. Engineered with the unique plant steam Cell extract, it helps to rebuild and reinforce the skin's collagen network, fil and re-plum wrinkles fromwithin, and prevent their further formation. Rich, Silky texture quickly absorbs in to your skin.

ECOLLAGEN WRINKLE CORRECTING CARE CREAM help ladies to restore their charm. This Wrinkle Correcting And Lifting Serun  repairs the visible aging on face by plumping and tightening your cheeks against inevitable deep wrinkles. It has 3D formula as :

·         Collagen Production
·         Cell renewal
·         Hydration

This Product is exclusively for 35+

This product is exclusively for 35+ ladies with skin whitening formula. It provides natural glow and fairness to mature skin, further leaves it forever young. This cream not just gives you young look but also repairs two further layers of skin called dermis and epidermis. It repairs the cell as well as tissue of the face till Three layers. Whitening complex restricts the production and distribution of Skin pigmentation which further leads to acnes and skin discoloration. This summer utilize this product to refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Stop the time with your age and make your beloved go crazy for you all over again . Get your youth back and spread the wonder everywhere with ECOLLAGEN 3D+.

Signing off:  Ghazal Srivastava

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Oriflame Products for Combination Skin

Tips for Normal & Combination Skin Types

Every one has a different skin type. Some people have normal skin, while some have dry, oily and combination skin. Skin type vary depending on some factors such as : -

  • Water content, which affects your skin's comfort and elasticity.
  • Oil (lipid) content, which affects your skin's softness.
  • Sensitivity level.

A combination skin type can be dry or normal in some areas and oily in others, such as the T-zone (forehead, nose and chin). Many people have combination skin, which may benefit from slightly different type of skin care in different areas.

Combination skin can produce-

  • Overly dilated pores
  • Blackheads
  • Shiny skin 
Women with normal/combination skin have a problem of skin becoming rough and there is no moisture. Now all the problems are solved. Oriflame has introduced 2 new products for normal and combination skin. Which will keep your skin moisturized all day long.

With skin-lightening complex, Oxygen active that boosts skin cell respiration and hydrating compounds for a moisture boost.

It is 1. Optimals White Foaming Gel Normal/Combination Skin- Its refreshing foaming cleanser that effectively cleanses normal /combination skin and removes make up, preparing it for your toner application. With patented antitoxidant technology Lingon 50:50 and skin-lightening complex. Its product code is-26650
2. Optimals White Balancing Toner Normal/Combination Skin-Follow your cleanser with this refreshing toner that sweeps away all impurities and tones your skin. Its product code is-26651
How to use:-
1. Cleanse-To achieve fresh, perfectly cleansed skin, gently spread your cleanser over your face, massage and rinse off with water.
2. A toner is essential for facial skin care: it removes the last impurities, refreshes the skin, tightens pores. Apply a toner on a soft cotton pad and gently blot or wipe your face.

How to take care of combination skin in summer.

  1. Don't use use soaps. Soaps dry up your skin. Use a cleanser which suits your skin type or you can use as a natural cleanser.
  2. Follow CTM routine- Cleansing - Toning - Moisturizing. It gives flawless skin in no time.
  3. Use a Toner. It balances your skin by removing last traces of your cleanser and helps in shrinking open pores.
  4. Moisturize often. Apply a moisturizer which moisturizes the dry areas and mattifies the oily areas on your face. A gel-based moisturizer or gel-cream moisturizer works well.
  5. Use a sun-screen. Never skip the sun-screen. It acts as a protection to your skin when you go out.
  6. Use a cleanser. After coming home, always remove your makeup using a gentle cleanser.
  7. Use a night cream. It will repair and moisturize your skin giving it a glow in the morning as your skin absorbs all vitamins from the cream.
  8. Scrubbing (Exfoliation) is key. Scrubbing is required to get rid of white heads, black heads and dead skin cells. It opens up the pores and your skin starts breathing by absorbing the goodness of CTM.
  9. Use face packs and masks twice a week. It will boost health of your skin. 

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Oriflame Compact Foundation


First I would like to tell you the difference between compact and foundation.

Foundation is a skin coloured cosmetic applied to the face to create an even, uniform colour to the complexion, to cover flaws, and, sometimes, to change the natural skintone. It is used as a liquid or a cream

Compact applied to the face to set a foundation after application. It can also be reapplied throughout the day to minimize shininess caused by oily skin. It takes out the shine and holds the colour in.

Oriflame Giordani Gold has launched a new product of compact foundation. This luxurious foundation offers the lightness and radiance of a liquid foundation in a convenient compact. Glides on as a cream and then turns into a silky powder for instantly flawless, younger looking skin.

It has BeautAge Technology- Anti-ageing expertise for youthful-looking skin. With the ingredients known to stimulate collagen and help prevent its breakdown. Helping skin maintain natural moisture and reduce appearance of signs of ageing.

Oriflame Giordani Gold Age Defying Compact Foundation SPF 15- Velvety smooth cram-to-powder foundation with anti-ageing BeautAge Technology and special light-reflecting pigments to minimize the appearance of fine lines. Blends effortlessly and evenly for a perfect finish throughout the day. There are three shades in this compact foundation. The product codes are-Procelain-26894, Light Ivory-26895, Natural Beige-26897

how to apply a compact foundation:
Just a single step to use this compact foundation. Use the custom sponge applicator to lightly apply cream foundation onto skin. Blend well for flawless finish.

This is the best compact foundation for aging skin.

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