Wednesday, December 28, 2011

How to Get Success in Oriflame Business

How to Get Success in Oriflame Business

Congratulations to you for reading this article. You have taken a wise step by searching for how to become successful in Oriflame business opportunity in India.

I've been in the industry for more than 10 years and I can tell you that Oriflame is a genuine company that gives you an opportunity to build a career in Network Marketing. Oriflame Cosmetics India has over 900 products and the range includes skin care, perfumes, cosmetics, etc.

Being an Oriflame Consultant in India is an incredible opportunity. Joining Oriflame is easy and the joining fee is not much but the earning potential is unlimited. You can decide how much you want to earn and as your coach your upline leaders are always there to guide you to make it possible.

There are many Oriflame Consultants in Mumbai, Thane, Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Ahmedabad, Jaipur, Indore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Navi Mumbai, Kolkata, etc who are earning more than 1-5 lakhs per month. Many of them did not imagine that they would earn this kind of money when the registered in Oriflame.

Oriflame Cosmetic India has changed the life of many Indians. Besides money they have got recognition, foreign trips and cars! Oriflame is fun business. If allows you to make new friends, look good, learn new skills and be a better human being.

How much you earn depends only on how you work. If you are focused and determined you can be successful. You have all the support required to be successful. You can get the training required to master the business. Only thing required from you is ACTION. As you take action, you grow in the Oriflame business.

As you develop the business, you become a better person because you learn daily. You will develop many skills in the process of developing the Oriflame business. Your entire life gets transformed as you continue to learn and develop your abilities and your business.

When you join Oriflame in India, you are your own boss. You choose how much you work and how much you earn. You decide your dream and you achieve it. You decide what you want to achieve and you decide the action you will take to get there. You alone decide how fast you get what you want from Oriflame.

To be successful you need to take action daily towards your goal. Dream big, set goals and take small actions daily to achieve them. Keep doing the things that your upline tells you to do. Keep doing something that has worked earlier for yourself or others to reach higher and higher goals.

You can achieve anything you want. You need to write down what you want to achieve in Oriflame. You want to become a Manager, Senior Manager, Director? When you set your mind on a goal and start taking action, sooner or later you will reach there.

Once you decide your goal, take action! Take action even if its inconvenient or difficult. Take action even if you don't feel like it. Take action even if you dont think its going to work. As you continue to take action, you will be surprised by your results.

Think positive, feel positive and take action. The rewards you get will be worth all the effort. Your life will never be same when you become a Senior Manager or above in Oriflame India.

Welcome to the new world and wish you all success. I will be happy to know that this article helped you to be successful in Oriflame so do keep in touch and let me know of your progress.

Senior Manager

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

What Oriflame Consultants in India want?

What do Oriflame Consultants in India want?

So many people Join Oriflame as a Consultant in India each month.

I wondered what is the reason for so many people joining Oriflame so I decided to do a survey and ask them what was their reason.

What I did is everytime someone new joins my team I asked them what was their reason for joining.

I noted all their responses. Some people had 1 reason and some had many.

Oriflame Consultants in India

I want to share with you the reasons I got:

  • Get discounts on products
  • I love Oriflame products, I love recommending them to others
  • Save money on my purchase
  • I know many people who buy Oriflame so why not make money by selling
  • Build a Team and earn on their sales
  • Grow with Oriflame
  • Make an extra income
  • Become a Manager
  • Replace my salary and leave my job
  • Work from home as my baby is too small
  • Second income 
  • More time with family
  • More friends
  • I like colors
  • Be independent, have my own income
  • Financial freedom
  • Get free foreign trips
  • Be recognized on stage
  • Achieve someting great
  • Photo in Oriflame Newsletter
  • Purchase for self and family
  • Purchase for self and friends
  • Earn more than my Husband
  • Buy a new House
  • Buy a new Car
  • I have too much spare time
  • I have unutilized talent
  • I dont want to just sit at home

These are some reasons I got from Oriflame consultants all over India.

What is your reason?

Leave a comment below....


Mrs Jashmi
Senior Manager

Buy Oriflame Products in Chennai

Buy Oriflame Products in Chennai

I am Mrs Jashmi, Oriflame Senior Manager. I know many authorized Oriflame Consultants in Chennai. You can buy Oriflame products in Chennai from me

If you are wondering 'where can I buy Oriflame products in Chennai', your search is over. You can join Oriflame or buy Oriflame products in Chennai now.

Now you can easily get Oriflame products from Oriflame Chennai dealers.

Send list of Oriflame products by email on along with your name and address and I will forward it to someone nearest to you.


You can call me on 9820850522 and I will give you the contact number of Oriflame Chennai dealers in  mylapore, kodambakkam, parrys, adyar, T-nagar, etc. and then you can buy Oriflame products in Chennai, India.

You can also become a member in Oriflame if you want to earn 10-25,000 per month. 

Once you join Oriflame in Chennai you can circulate 10-20 catalogues and collect order and then place your Oriflame order online. You will get delivery at home.

As an Oriflame consultant in Chennai, you can make even more money by developing a team of Oriflame consultants under you.

For details call on how to become an Oriflame dealer in Chennai call me on phone number - 9820850522

Friday, December 16, 2011

Join Oriflame in Gurgaon

Most Ladies love Oriflame Products the very first time they use them.

At some point of time the thought of starting your own Oriflame business does cross the mind.

The thought of working from home and earning more that your salary is tempting.

Call Mrs Jashmi on 9820850522

If you want to 'try it out' it wont work for you.

If you are willing to learn from those who have already made it big in Oriflame and also willing to do what it takes to be successful then you can mint money in Oriflame.

Many people join Oriflame just to buy for themselves, friends and family. That's ok too.

What ever is your reason to join Oriflame, do mention it to your sponsor that that she can guide you.

If you like to join Oriflame make a lot of money or just a little bit more, you can call me on 9820850522.


Mrs Jashmi
Senior Manager
Oriflame Cosmetics India

Oriflame Consultants in Navi Mumbai

Oriflame Consultants in Navi Mumbai

Good News for all Navi Mumbai Oriflame fans and customers in Navi Mumbai.

Now you can get your favorite Oriflame products in Navi Mumbai in your own area from authorized Oriflame Consultant in Navi Mumbai.

Oriflame Consultant in Navi Mumbai - Jashmi 09920850522

Want to buy Oriflame Products in Navi Mumbai?

We serves customers in Vashi, Sanpada, Juinagar, Nerul, Seawoods, CBD Belapur, Khargar, Mansarovar, Khandeshwar, Panvel, Turbhe, Kopar Khairane, Ghansoli, Airoli, Thane.

Just let me know what products you want and your full name and address on my WhatsApp no 9820850522.

I can also recommend you products based on your skin type and needs. Ask me when you call me and I will guide you.

Become a Oriflame Dealer in Navi Mumbai

You are welcome to join my team of Oriflame Dealers in Navi Mumbai. As an Oriflame dealer you can make good profit by recommending products to people depending on their skin tybe.

You can also recommend wellness products and help people in loosing weight. As an Oriflame consultant in Navi Mumbai you can work from home and earn as much as your salary.

8 years back I left my job and today I am making more than 4 times my salary. If you are internet savvy I can teach you how to do the Oriflame business online as well.

To join Oriflame or buy Oriflame products you can send me an email on or call me or WhatsApp me on 9820850522.

Oriflame has a great potential in New Mumbai. Join Oriflame in Vashi, Navi Mumbai and make 25,000-50,000 per month. To earn you have to learn. You are welcome to learn from me  how to work with Oriflame in India.

Once you join my team and activate your account by placing your first order I will join you in my exclusive WhatsApp group where you will learn how to grow in Oriflame.

If you have patience to work with me for next 1-2 years and learn from me it is possible earn that much.

Have a nice day!

Mrs Jashmi
Oriflame Director

Mrs. Jashmi is an Oriflame Director. She is also an Oriflame Certified Beauty Expert. She has received many awards for her performance at Oriflame events in Mumbai. Managing Director of Oriflame Mr. Marcus Sandstorm awarded her the Senior Manager position in a special event in Mumbai. Ms Jashmi Travels all over India to train, coach and develop consultants who want to make it big in Oriflame.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Oriflame White Foaming Cleanser is on Discount in Catalogue 13

Oriflame White Foaming Cleanser is on Discount!

Oriflame Whitening Products

Get in touch with an Oriflame Consultant in your area.

Find an Oriflame Consultant in your city, by contacting,

Oriflame Manager Mrs Jashmi on 9820850522.

Enjoy the fabulous deals in Catalogue 13 in December!


Oriflame Manager

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Monday, December 12, 2011

Join Oriflame in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh

Join Oriflame in Varanasi

We have an growth in Oriflame business in Varanasi. Those who want to join Oriflame in Varanasi and take advantage of this opportunity can make lots of money.

Joining fees is zero and there is a Welcome Program in which you will get gifts as you do 100 points in your first 3 months with Oriflame.

Check out this video for details:

Also you can recruit others and develop a team of Oriflame Consultants and start getting monthly income from Oriflame.

To join Oriflame call or WhatsApp Mrs Jashmi on 9820850522.

If you have any questions, you can contact me and I will answer your questions and once you become an Oriflame Consultant who will explain you personally.


Mrs Jashmi
Oriflame Senior Manager

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Oriflame Chennai: Office Address & Contact Number

Oriflame Chennai Office

Oriflame has an Office in Chennai. Let me tell you Oriflame Chennai office address & contact number.

Oriflame Chennai: For existing Oriflame Consultants in Chennai
If you are a registered Oriflame Consultant you can go to Oriflame office and give your consultant number to the security and collect your coupon and when your coupon number is announced you can order your Oriflame products at the counter.

Oriflame Chennai: Join Oriflame or buy Oriflame Products
If you are want to become a Oriflame Consultant in Chennai or if you want to buy Oriflame products in Chennai, you can speak to Oriflame Manager Mrs Jashmi on 9820850522 and she will give you contact number of on Oriflame Consultant in Chennai who stays nearest to you.

Oriflame Chennai Office Address is as follows:
Doshi Building, No.4/25, 1st floor, Cenatoph Road, Teynampet, Chennai - 600 018

Tel:  044 - 42287502 (Please mention your Oriflame Consultant Number and Name)
Fax: 044 - 42287504

Click here to Join Oriflame Business
Click here to Buy Oriflame Products

or fill the form below to find and Oriflame Consultant near you who can help you join Oriflame or buy Oriflame products.

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Oriflame Chennai: 'What attracts people to Oriflame?

Oriflame Diamond Cellular Anti Ageing Cream

What I like most about Oriflame Diamond Cellular Anti Ageing Cream

The fact that Diamond Cellular Anti Ageing Cream comes with an entire range of products that bring about the flawless nature of your skin is what I like the most. As an Oriflame Consultant I have recommended Diamond Cellular Anti Ageing Cream to many customers and they have always had great things to say!

Diamond Cellular Cream is an exceptionally rich cream which targets the visible signs of ageing and helps you to reveal skin which defies its age.

It comes in 50 ml. bottle. MRP is 2699. Call me to find the offer price in this month. Product code is 13659.

3 Ingredients and their impact:
Diamond Elixir™ enhances skin luminosity and evenness.
Eternal Beauty Complex boosts cellular longevity.
Sparkling reflective pigments bring instant radiance.


Diamond Cellular is an innovative anti-ageing cream for women over 40 years of age to help fight ageing and strive for flawless skin.

Top 6 Benefits of Total Anti Ageing Solution from Diamond Cellular Range of Products:

  • Brilliant Complexion
  • Visible Lifting
  • Even Skin Tone
  • Intense Hydration
  • Cellular Protection
  • Visible Wrinkle Reduction

Diamond Cellular Anti-Ageing Cream is designed for women who demand the best. Women who love high quality, luxury and desire to achieve the best results using just one cream.

Oriflame Diamond Cellular Multi-Perfection Eye Treatment

INR 1,299 INR 1,499
15 ml

Oriflame Diamond Cellular Micellar Solution Cleanser

INR 1,399
200 ml

Oriflame Diamond Cellular Night Restorative Treatment

INR 2,799 
30 ml

Contact your nearest Oriflame Consultant or Call 9820850522 to order products or find a Consultant in your City/Area.

Oriflame Consultants can give you Free Home Delivery. To find a Consultant near you, get in touch with me.

Regards, Mrs Jashmi - Oriflame Director - 9820850522

Friday, December 2, 2011

Oriflame Products in Bangalore

How to Buy Oriflame Products in Bangalore

You can now buy Oriflame Products in Bangalore from Oriflame Consultants in Bangalore. Oriflame is not only about Cosmetics, but its Natural Swedish Beauty Products.

Oriflame products are only available from Oriflame dealers or consultants. You can easily find an Oriflame dealer in Bangalore. They are almost in all areas like BTM Layout, Brigade Road, Jayanagar, Marathahalli, R T Nagar, Whitefield, etc.

Oriflame Products In Bangalore

If you dont know anyone personally you can order your Oriflame products from following Oriflame Dealers. Phone numbers are given below:

9820850522 or 9820850475

Oriflame is growing its presence so if you want to Join Oriflame in Bangalore, contact Jashmi on 9820850522. Joining fee is just Rs 299 only.

Oriflame products are very good, moderately priced and suits Indian skin very well. You can also become a Oriflame consultant in Bangalore and buy Oriflame products from Oriflame Bangalore office or online.

I prefer online because I get home delivery. And anyway there is nothing for display at the Oriflame office and its a waste of time to stand in the line.

One of the benefit of joining Oriflame is you can do your Oriflame products online shopping sitting at your home in Bangalore and get home delivery.

Many people call me and ask 'Where can I get Oriflame Products In Bangalore?' If they have a small order once in a while I send them the products. If they have a big order above 5000 every month then I suggest them to join Oriflame.

Once you become an Oriflame dealer in Bangalore you can then show Oriflame catalogue to people and supply Oriflame products in Bangalore to your relatives, friends and neighbors and make handsome profit.

You can send an email to Mrs Jashmi on or WhatsApp me

Mrs Jashmi

Senior Gold Director

Oriflame Bangalore

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Optimals Multi Benefits Eye Cream by Oriflame

Oriflame's has a wonderful product in the Optimals range- Seeing is Believing, Multi Benefits Eye Cream.

Know your product: Optimals Seeing is Believing, Multi Benefits Eye Cream.

As you might know, Optimals range is for Optimizing the natural beauty of your skin. This product does that beautifully.

What does the Optimals Seeing is Believing, Multi Benefits Eye Cream do?
1. Visibly reduces puffiness
2. Brightens dark circles
3. Smoothens out fine lines

Gives you Bright and Fresh Eyes!

This is for any of your customers or friends, etc. who has dark circles or pigmentation problem or someone who has puffiness or shadows under eyes.

Oriflame is offering 40% off on Optimals Seeing is Believing, Multi Benefits Eye Cream on spending Rs 500 in Catalogue 12.

If you or your customes have any questions, call me on 9820850522



Senior Manager

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Oriflame Catalogue for November 2021

Oriflame Catalogue & Offers - Nov 2021

Dear Friends,

Thanks for following my blog and for the encouragement. I love to give you the latest news about Oriflame.

This month is very existing! I want to buy new products and there is lot if discounts on many range of products from Oriflame India. 

Oriflame Catalogue for November 2021 is about Being Fabulous! Now you can learn how to master the classic looks and be fabulous in this festive season of Diwali.

This month's Oriflame catalogue is dedicated to the confident woman. The confident women in you wants to lead a fashionable life. The confident women wants to look beautiful at all times and under all circumstances. 

To help you achieve this the current month Oriflame catalogue will help you master the perfect make-up looks for every occasion. Diwali is round the corner, get ready for the biggest and brightest days of the year. 

With Oriflame's great range of beauty products and cosmetics, you will surely get all the accolades that you deserve. Everyone is eager to check out the Top Picks for this Festive Season that are available at great discounts.

These Oriflame products will surely bring a smile on the faces when gifted with love and affection.

Oriflame pleanty Programe 2021


Offer Period: 1st to 30th November 2021

Place an order of 50 BP and qualify for the Bi- Flod Men Wallet

Place an Orderof100BP and  get Elegant Mosaic Flower Vase

Oriflame Online Flyer November 2021

Check out the products in the Oriflame Online Flyer for November 2021. These fabulous products are all end-of-line, so this is your only chance to grab yours before they're gone. While stock last.

Treat yourself to the best offers on your favorite products.

Validity: 11th (10:00 AM)- 12th November 2021

Terms & Conditions:

Offer valid in multiples
Offer valid till stock lasts
Available on online mode of ordering only

See the latest Oriflame catalogue for November 2021 and book your products.

For Oriflame Products Booking Call on 9820850522 or 9820850475


You can email me list of the products you required and your full address.

Get Free Home Delivery on Booking of Amt 1500 & above.

Posted by +Jashmi Waghela 

Oriflame Sr. Gold Director

Monday, November 21, 2011

What if you drop from your Oriflame level?

What if you drop from your Oriflame level?

One Oriflame Consulant from my team had a drop in her level in campain 9

Here is what I told her and after that she got back in the game and regained her level in Campaign 10.

"Nothing happens when you drop from your Oriflame Level.
If you are at 12% and you drop to 9%, you can get back in the game and regain your 12% level in next campaign.

You are a winner.

Failure in performance does not mean that you are a failure. Only successful people experience failures. People who do nothing, get nothing.

Crisis comes in everyone's life.

  • Some people have just passed thru a major crisis.
  • Some people are going thru a major crisis in life just now.
  • And some are about to enter a major crisis in life.
  • Its 100% predictable that there will be crisis in everyone's life.

Go back to basics and do what worked for you again and again

To pass thru a crisis you need to be mentally tough.

  • You need to be disciplined.
  • You need to be persistent.

When you do that you pass thru the crisis successfully. You become stronger, more focused, more determined."

What do you think about it? Let me know in the comments... I want to know your thoughts...

Ms. Jashmi
Oriflame Senior Director

Friday, November 18, 2011

Is Oriflame Best MLM Company in India?

Is Oriflame the Best MLM Company in India?

There are many Network Marketing Companies in India. How do we come to a conclusion which is the best Network Marketing company?
The Best MLM Company must have the best compensation plan. If you look at the Oriflame compensation plan, it gives more than 7 Crores in Bonus, Minimum 4 Crore income in top position, BMW car etc.

The Best MLM Company should have a good future and should continue forever. 
Oriflame has completed 15 years in India and is the No 1 Beauty Company in MLM Business. Oriflame is not only the Best MLM Company of India but of the world. In India Oriflame is growing 20-30% every year, including 2009, 2010 and 2011.Company has offices in Hyderabad - Andhra Pradesh, Bangalore - Karnataka, Chennai - Tamil Nadu, Delhi - NCR, Ahmedabad - Gujarat, Jaipur - Rajeshthan, Kolkata - West Bengal, Mumbai, Pune - Maharashtra, plus few other cities.

How to find the Best MLM Company:
  • Company should have good quality products: Oriflame has 900 products in international standard.
  • Oriflame is among the Best MLM Company in India, Asia and the World.
  • Oriflame is in the list Best MLM Company in India in 2011. See IDSA website for details.
  • Oriflame is the Best MLM Company with top leaders in Mumbai, Pune, Kolkata, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Ranchi, Jaipur, etc
  • Best MLM Company should have online sign up, online ordering, online reports, etc. 
  • Oriflame has all this new technology to support distributors.
  • Excellent training in SARPIO method which is specially designed for MLM business in Oriflame
Look at this Video how we enjoy during our foreign trips...!
Oriflame is the Best MLM Company to join because:
  • Oriflame has completed 45 years
  • Oriflame has a world wide presence
  • Oriflame is listed in Nordic stock exchange, etc.
  • Oriflame has a network of branches in India and the world.

Best MLM Company's opportunity should be very attractive. 
  • In Oriflame anyone can join for just Rs. 299. 
  • You can recruit others from day 1. 
  • You get 20% on product sale and upto 21% on group sales. 
  • There are many cash awards, cars, foreign trips, etc besides the commission.
  • Oriflame is best MLM Company and is growing in Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Andha Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, etc,

Oriflame is best MLM Company to join, best MLM Company to work for, best MLM Company for training from staff members, best MLM Company to work long term, best MLM Company with world wide presence and best MLM Company with website that is world class.

I hope this information was useful, if you want to work with me and build your future in Oriflame, please feel free to call me on below mobile.


Mrs Jashmi
Oriflame Director

About: Mrs Jashmi is a Director in Oriflame. She has the fastest growing team in Oriflame. She is a full time with Oriflame. Her team is spread all over India.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Oriflame Recruitment and Joining Offer 2020

Oriflame Recruitment Campaign 2020

Become an Oriflame consultant. Place your first order above 2000 and get started in Oriflame. All those who join Oriflame in during the campaign period will get products worth more than 4000 as gift!

Every few months there is a recruitment campaign. For example see this video:

Its very easy to sign up in Oriflame! 

Just call us on 9820850522 or WhatsApp you Name, Address, DOB, Email id on 9820850522 and we will guide you further.

Welcome Program 1

Qualify for Welcome Program Step 1 by placing accumulated personal orders of 100 BP during your first month as an Oriflame consultant and get any 1 Giordani Gold Lipstick at the total value of Rs. 749 for just Rs 100!

The qualifiers will get the product on first order above handling limit in the catalogue following the qualification

Welcome Program 2

Qualify for Welcome Program Step 2 by placing accumulated personal orders of 100 BP in your second catalogue in Oriflame and get Fashion Wallet value at of Rs. 1499 for just Rs 100!

The qualifiers will get the product on first order above handling limit in the catalogue following the qualification

Welcome Program 3

Qualify for Welcome Program Step 3 by placing accumulated personal orders of 100 BP in your third catalogue in Oriflame and get Fashion Hand Bag valued at of Rs. 2199 for just Rs 100!

Take advantage of this offer. For joining Oriflame call us on 9820850522 or WhatsApp you Name, Address, DOB, Email id on 9820850522 and we will guide you further .

Fill the form below for joining Oriflame as a Consultants in the following cities: Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Kolkata, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Pune, Nashik, Surat, Kanpur, Tiruchirapalli, Coimbatore, Lucknow, Nagpur, Jaipur, Visakhapatnam, Vijayawada, Warangal, Kochi, Patna, Indore, Meerut, Bhopal, Guntur, Vadodara, Ludhiana, Agra, Kakinada, Raipur, Madurai, Varanasi, Rajkot, Rajahmundry, Jabalpur, Jamshedpur, Allahabad, Amritsar, Asansol, Dhanbad, Hubli-Dharwad, Mysore, Mangalore, Bhubaneshwar, Amravati, Aurangabad, Srinagar, Bhilai, Nellore, Solapur, Thiruvananthapuram, Ranchi, Guwahati, Gwalior, Chandigarh, Jodhpur, Tiruchirapalli, Puducherry, Jalandhar, Dehradun, Sangli, Kozhikode, Belgaum

Posted by +Jashmi Waghela

To Order Oriflame Products or find an Oriflame Consultant near you call us on 09820850522 or email us on

Share your thoughts, questions, stories, etc. in the comments section below...

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Oriflame in CBD Belapur: Join or Buy Oriflame

Hi Guys,

Earlier it was difficult to find an Oriflame Consultant in Navi Mumbai but now things have changed. We have many Oriflame Consultants from CBD Belapur in our team. 

Now if you want to buy ORIFLAME PRODUCTS or you want to Join Oriflame in entire Navi Mumbai Vashi, Sanpada, Juinagar, Nerul, Seawoods, CBD Belapur, Khargar, Mansarovar, Khandeshwar, Panvel, Turbhe, Kopar Khairane, Ghansoli, Airoli, Thane, you can now contact us on 9820850522.

You can buy all type of Creams, Talcs, Nail paints, Lipsticks, Shampoos, Perfumes, Deodorants, Soaps, Scrubs, body wash, etc… Oriflame has 100% VEGETARIAN PRODUCTS. Oriflame products are launched in the market only after complete research in laboratory. There are exciting offers for Ladies & Gents every month.

You can get the latest month’s product catalogue (Rs. 50 only, delivered at your door step) from Oriflame Dealers in Navi Mumbai


You can see it Online by following this link:

Ms. Jashmi
Oriflame Director

Mobile: 9820850522

Mrs. Jashmi is an Oriflame Director. She is also an Oriflame Certified Beauty Expert. She has received many awards for her performance at Oriflame events in Mumbai. Managing Director of Oriflame Mr. Marcus Sandstorm awarded her the Senior Manager position in a special event in Mumbai. Ms Jashmi Travels all over India to train, coach and develop consultants who want to make it big in Oriflame.

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Oriflame in Borivali, Kandivali, Malad & Goragaon

Oriflame Consultant Mrs Jashmi

To Join Oriflame or Buy Products
Saibaba Nagar BorivaliMumbai
Phone: 9820850522

If you want to Buy Genuine Oriflame Cosmetics from an Authorised Consultant in Malad, Goregaon, Kandivali & Borivali you can contact me.
  • Select from a huge range of Beauty Products, Make-Up, Personal Care, Toiletries, etc. 
  • Oriflame Natural Swedish Cosmetics now available in Borivali East & West, 
  • Buy Oriflame in Kandivali East & West, Malad East & West and Goregaon East & West just call me on 9820850522.

Benefits of joining Oriflame

Join Oriflame, sign up as consultant and Be Your Own Boss

  • As a Senior Manager in Oriflame I can guide you properly and teach you how to earn 25,000 to 30,000 per month from Oriflame for lifetime.
  • Membership Of Cosmetic Company Oriflame is free with a order of Rs 2000. 
  • You can earn 20% commission on personal sales 
  • And earn upto 22% commission on team sales.
  • For Oriflame in Andheri west call Bhavna on 9324725887
Mrs Jashmi

Oriflame Director


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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Oriflame's Dadar Group is expanding... join them!

Join Oriflame in Dadar Group, It is expanding

In the able leadership of Mrs Rachna Gurav, Oriflame's Dadar group is expanding. Mrs Rachna works for a MNC and in her free time helps her team grow in the Oriflame business. 

People living in Dadar, Prabhadevi, Worli, Matunga, etc recognize Oriflame as a know brand. And being an International brand the quality of products is unquestionably pure so there are many customers and fans of Oriflame, especially in Dadar east and Dadar west area.

Being a consultant in Oriflame is very profitable because it has a wide variety of cosmetics, perfumes, creams and daily use items like soap, deo's, shampoo's, face wash, shower gel, etc.

Usually people start to PURCHASE ORIFLAME COSMETICS & JOIN AS CONSULTANT when they see that there is profit in being an Oriflame consultant. However the profit is more when you start to build a team like Mrs Rachna Gurav, in addition to collecting orders from friends!

Rachna started in Oriflame Mrs. Jashmi who is a Senior Manager in Oriflame. She took 5 catalogues and circulate them in her friend circle. Some ordered products and some wanted to become a consultant. In a 3-4 months time Rachna developed a team. 

Everyone is welcome to join Rachna's team and learn the Oriflame business from her. To get in touch with Rachna for products or for joining Oriflame email her on or fill the form below: 

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Oriflame Gold Director


Sunday, November 6, 2011

Oriflame MLM Business in Mumbai

Join Oriflame MLM Business in Mumbai?

Oriflame is a legal MLM Business in India and in the world. Oriflame is also in the IDSA list of MLM Business in India. As an Oriflame MLM Business leader in India you can earn unlimited income and also get opportunity to travel all over the world.

We give excellent MLM Business training to all MLM Leaders who join our team. Oriflame MLM Business model is like Amway with 20% on personal sales and 3% to 21% on group sales.

Oriflame is among the best MLM Business opportunities in India. Oriflem is spreading its MLM business in Bangalore, Chennai, Delhi, Gujarat. Guwahati, Hyderabad, Chennai, Kerala, Jaipur, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Lucknow, Maharashtra, Mumbai, Madurai, Orissa, Pune, Punjab, Surat, Kolkata, Kanpur, Navi Mumbai and rest of India.

Facts about Oriflame in India:

Call Jashmi on 9820850522 or Fill the form below:

Posted By +Jashmi Waghela one of the fastest growing leader in Oriflame Cosmetics India

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