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90 Days Challenge to Become Oriflame Manager

90 Days Challenge to Become Oriflame Manager

The 90 days challenge is for all Oriflame consultants in India. If you are not yet a member of Oriflame you can also join Oriflame and take the 90 days challenge to become a manager in Oriflame.

If you do all the things mention in this post and the videos below it will change your life forever in a positive way. So take notes as you read this and watch the videos below...

It is said that when the student is ready the teacher arrives. Maybe it is not a coincidence that you landed on this page. Maybe the Universe has a better plan for your future. Whatever is the case I will to guide you to the best of my ability the same way I have been guiding Oriflame consultants in Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Kolkata, Nagpur, etc since last 8 years.

My Oriflame success story

I join Oriflame more than 8 years back. I was using Oriflame products regularly and one day I thought of joining Oriflame so that I can get discounts on my purchases.

Then my up line leader called me one day and shared how she was making more than 1 lakh per month from Oriflame. I was surprised to know this because I was making much less in a full time job and she was making so much money by working from home. From that day I decided to take the Oriflame business opportunity seriously.

Even new Oriflame consultants can do wonders when they make a decision like this. It doesn't have to take a long time. Success loves speed so once you join Oriflame you can become manager in 90 days by making a plan and working on it. Those who do not take the necessary steps consistently, month after month, will surely get success.

That month I took the 90 day challenge to become a manager in Oriflame. You have to make a commitment yourself just like I did.

90 Days Challenge to Become Oriflame Manager

You have to do a Certain things on a daily basis for 90 days. When you do these activities daily, you will surely get the results.

  • Talk to 3 new people everyday about the Oriflame opportunity.
  • Show the Oriflame catalogue to 3 new people daily and collect orders
  • Share your experience of talking to people with your upline leader daily and learn something new by asking questions.
  • In addition to this you have to read all my emails that I send, be activate my WhatsApp group, read my articles and comment on them and watch my YouTube videos.
  • Whatever information you want you can just call me up and I will guide you. 

If you just do these 3 things you will become a manager in the next 90 days. The most important is task is talking to your upline leader everyday because she can give specific guidance according to your situation and your goals. If you are in my team, talk to me daily.

Master the art of Catalogue circulation

Please take notes while watching the below video by our coach Sachin Bangera and share it with all new Oriflame consultants in your team...

Once you see this video please get in touch with me so that I can guide you in making a plan to reach Manager level in Oriflame with 90 days.

You need to decide, when you want to start your manager level and in 90 days you can easily reach at that level. After watching this Video I know you all  are very exited to become manager in Oriflame.

Think like a businessman or business woman

Oriflame is a business opportunity. You have to learn the business. You have to invest your time, your money and your efforts in this business just like any other business.

Have to learn to be friendly with people. You have to learn more about Oriflame products. You must try few products for yourself and your family every month can have confidence on them and you can recommend them to others.

You have to be very positive because sometimes you get good response and sometimes it may not be that great. You should have a never give up attitude to get success in any field.

Watch this video and learn more about the Oriflame business

To become a manager you have to think like a manager.

You have to become a positive optimistic hard working creative and an enthusiastic person. Become attractive in the eyes of people around you. use Oriflame skin care and beauty products to look beautiful.That's our business isn't it?

Every month you have to make a goal sheet and stick it somewhere in your house such that you can see it everyday. You have to keep reminding yourself of your goal.

Success is about doing a certain things daily so that over a period of time you get the result that you want. Many people go to job everyday and at the end of the month they get a salary. In Oriflame we are working from home so we have flexibility but we should also be determined and disciplined to do our daily activities to grow other business.

How to recruit new Oriflame consultants or members in your team.

Make fresh list of people with whom you had never shared your Oriflame Business plan. You can check your Mobile phone, face book, Twitter, email, WhatsApp, Skype, Hike, Viber, etc to find more people with whom you can share Oriflame Business Plan.

Once you make fresh list of the people with whom your exited to share Oriflame Business plan. You simply need to invite them for one-to-one meeting. You can text something like, 'when we can meet for coffee' or  'lets meet for get together next week' or 'lets go for lunch' or 'what time your going for evening walk, lets meet' etc.

Once you send this type of massage, wait for their reply. Once they reply give them an idea for what purpose you are meeting them. You can say I have a good business plan, I have something interesting for you, I got nice business idea and I want to share with you etc.

Once they are ready to meet than its very easy show Oriflame Business plan and give them some of Oriflame Products for test and try, like skin care  range or you can give wellness products for testing.

Show them this video or send them this video on WhatsApp and ask them to join Oriflame.

Then you can give them the Oriflame catalogue and once they have an order of 2000 or more then sign them up in Oriflame and teach them how to place their order in Oriflame website

Becoming a person who attracts money and success

In the next 2 to 5 years you will become like the kind of people you associate with and the books that you read. If you talk to me daily in one or two years you will get the kind of success that I have got because I am ready to share everything that I have learnt in the Oriflame business in the last 8 years.

Talking to people about the Oriflame opportunity, sharing the catalogue with new people and serving the customers is part of our daily routine. Is nothing but certain activities repeated daily such that it becomes a habit. 

So recommend you to do some meditation an affirmation everyday so that our mind is calm and focused on our goals. We have to reprogram our self and get rid of negative programming of the past.

We become what we think about most of the time. If you think about our goals dreams and ambitions, we will achieve them. I recommend that you read the book think and grow rich. It's a wonderful book on positive thinking and manifesting your goals. 

Oriflame is not just about money. It's about becoming a person who attracts money. It is about growing as a person and becoming a better human being. Someone who is confident, determined and unstoppable.

Support new consultants in getting started in Oriflame

Watch this video and take notes

Hope you learned a lot in this post and you have questions just write a comment below and I will answer your questions.

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