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Oriflame Business Tips for Consultants

Oriflame Business Tips for Consultants

Dear Oriflame Consultants,

Yesterday during a business planning session with a Consultant from my team. She asked me for some Oriflame business tips for getting more success in the Oriflame Business Opportunity. I think the laws of success apply to all human endeavors and Oriflame is not an exception. 

Set your Goals in Oriflame

When you take on something its important to set your goals for the next 1, 2 and 5 years in that field. This is true for your Oriflame Business as well. You must set and write down your goals for your Oriflame business. This is the first step. 

Your goal may be to be a business class consultant by doing 150 points or to become a Manager in Oriflame or a Senior Manager in Oriflame or to earn 10,000 or 25,000 per month or more, or to become financially independent, or get recognized for your skills and abilities and talent. When your goals are written down somewhere, your subconscious mind starts working on it.

How Oriflame Point System works

  • You need 600 Oriflame business points for reaching 6% level
  • You need 1200 Oriflame business points for reaching 9% level
  • You need 2400 Oriflame business points for reaching 12% level. This is where you become a Manager in Oriflame 
  • You need 4000 Oriflame business points for reaching 15% level
  • You need 6600 Oriflame business points for reaching 18% level
  • You need 10000 Oriflame business points for reaching 22% level. This is where you become a Senior Manager in Oriflame
This is the overview of the Oriflame business plan in India. There are other important levels in Oriflame. I will guide you further once you become a Manager in Oriflame.

Have a never give up attitude

What ever is your goal, keep working towards it till you reach it. If something does not work, find another way to do it. When you do this you will reach your goal. There can be more than 1 way of reaching any goal. If you decide to reach somewhere, you will find a way. If one door is closed, you will open another.

Use your creativity and imagination

When you want success and you are willing to do anything for it, you will be more creative, your imagination will take charge and you will find an answer to any question or problem you face. You commitment drives you to be more creative and innovative and reach your goals even if resources are scarce.

So write down your goals, be 100% commited to your goals and have a burning desire to achieve them. When you get ideas, write them down too and implement them instantly. Take action fast and you will reach your goals sooner than you can imagine.

Become a Master in the Art of Circulating Catalogues

Watch this video:

Sometimes you will get very good results, you will get many orders and people will join under you and sometimes you will feel as though you are facing a wall. Here is how people who have become successful in Oriflame deal with the initial challenges in the Oriflame business. 

In life all of us go through times when you face a challenging situation. All of us have to face a difficult situation from time to time. Things happen unexpectedly to everyone. When such things happen successful people stand tall and fight back with the situation. 

Successful people don't give up easily. The face the challenges. The take charge of the situation. And they find a way to win the game. This is because successful people look at things different way. Look at the challenges as an opportunity to test your skills and abilities. 

Successful people learn from every situation.

Even if you look back in your life, You will remember that even though things were difficult and maybe even seemed impossible, you found a way of dealing with the problem and you came out of it. And when you look back you are happy that brought something better out of you. It made you stronger. Similarly when you become a Manager you will laugh at the challenges you faced in the early days as an Oriflame consultant.

Challenges in life bring out our best. New doors open for you, new opportunities got created out of difficult situations. You met people who help you in overcoming the problem. Once you are in my team, you are part of a support system. 

It's easy to be positive when times are good. If you can be positive in a difficult situation, when things are really bad, it shows the strength of a character. There is a mark of a successful person. 

Be Resourceful like water. 

When there is an obstacle, water goes under it, around it, above it, water finds a way. 

What you are going through is not the challenge but the way you look at it is the challenge. Once you change your point of view there is no challenge big enough. 

When you look at challenges as opportunities it cannot stop you from achieving your goal. Big goals can make you use your creative abilities reach the destination. 

Problem solving is fun. That's the way successful people look at problems. Big challenges will bring big opportunities and open bigger doors. 

Sometimes, you may feel that you can't do it, it's not for you but as soon as you cut those thoughts and focus on your goals, you are back on track. 

You just need to destroy all negative thoughts and limiting beliefs. Just chop them off as they arise. Whenever you old Paradigms comes you, just recognise it and destroy it.

Take care of a mental Garden

Only put positive seeds of thought in your mental Garden. Get the weeds of negative thoughts out of the garden every single day. 

Remind yourself of your goal and meditate on your goals everyday. This will give you energy. Hope you inspired by what I have said. 

Share this with as many women entrepreneurs as possible. Share This with Oriflame Consultants in your team too. 

Ms. Jashmi 

Oriflame Gold Director 

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