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Think Big And Grow Fast in Oriflame

Think Big And Grow in Oriflame

In this post I am going to share with you one of the topmost secret of success in Oriflame (or for that matter in any field of life.) I have trained hundreds of Oriflame consultants in the last 8 years. Many people in my team are now at Manager, Senior Manager, Director level and above.

When I see my the people who are doing the Oriflame business successfully, I see that there is a common element. I have noticed that people become successful because they have a ability to think big. And people who think big are bound to do very good.

People who think big, want to know 'how to become a manager in Oriflame' and then reach higher levels like senior manager and director. I guide them accordingly.

When I tell them that you can become a manager in Oriflame they don't doubt themselves. They tell me, "why not? I will do it. Tell me what do I have to do?" They are ready to be coached and willing to learn the process by which an Oriflame consultant becomes a Manager.

Believe in Yourself

Those who think big believe in themselves. We can see themselves as a Manager. When you believe that you can do it, then you can turn any dream into reality.

The losers think what if I fail and the winners think what if I succeed? Just by changing your thinking you can change your beliefs and your reality.

When you believe that you can become a manager your mind will find a way to do it. When you believe it's possible your mind goes to work to make it possible. By transforming your mind you can transform your life.

When you believe in yourself and think positive you can turn challenges into opportunities.

How to Believe in yourself?

If you surround yourself with people who believe in themselves you will also start believing in yourself.

Some of the best people you can associate with are your up line leaders who are already successful in Oriflame. They can guide you the best because they know how it works and how to get success in Oriflame.

Be aware of your self talk

You can accomplish whatever you think of. When you talk to yourself, do you talk positive and do you motivate yourself or you talk down to yourself?

You have to be very aware of your self talk. It can make or break you. Banish all the negative thoughts with reason and logic.

Take stock of environment and see who is lifting you up and who is putting you down.

When We Think Big, We Become Big.

When we visualize the big future our mind starts to work to make our wildest dream into reality. Our mind works in this way.

We should always think big.

  • Create within yourself a belief that you can do it. 
  • Believe in your abilities. 
  • Believe that you can do it. 
  • Believe that you can become a manager. 
  • Believe that you can become a Senior Manager and Director someday.

Belief is the thing that differentiates successful people from unsuccessful people.

Watch the People who are successful do what they are doing. This formula for success.

When you believe in yourself you can over come any challenge. Because your mind will trigger thoughts and ideas to solve the problem. Ultimately you will come up with a way to overcome problem.

Your positive self talk will help you when you are in a fearful situation or when there is a setback. Positive self talk will help you to come out of this and seek opportunities for growth and development.

Successful people don't allow setbacks and fears to stop themselves. 

Everyone has their share of setbacks in life. You have to break through the fear by reminding yourself of your strengths.

One of the best things you can do to remove the fear is take action. Do the thing you fear and the fear will disappear. Action brings you out of the problem.

Catch yourself when you are giving excuses to yourself. Successful people do not give excuse to themselves or others.

With the right attitude you can come out of any problem and even achieve challenging goals.

Think big and inspired positive thoughts in others. 

Don't sell yourself short do not convince yourself that you are not born to be great. Because you are born to be successful.

Think about your greatest assets or qualities. List all the qualities, strengths and skills you have and remind yourself of them whenever you want to motivate yourself.

Positive language creates a positive picture in your mind. 

Always be optimistic and use positive words. Your brain starts to work the moment you say something.

When you think big your language will be positive and your brain will work to accomplish the thing you have in mind.

People who think positive see the glass is half full not half empty.

There is an opportunity hidden in every challenge. 

Every problem is an opportunity to use your creativity to grow fast. When you have a never give up attitude you are helping everyone in your team to be like you. Your actions and positive words have an encouraging and motivating effect on them.

Failure is an opportunity to develop yourself. You can learn from every experience because failure is never final. You just need to do it with a different approach and success is yours. Study successful people and see how they do it. If they can do it, you can also do it.

I am sure that you have been through times when you had a challenging situation in life or experienced a setback and you over came it. The fact that you are still alive and reading this means that you have bounce back many times. You learned from the mistakes and got success in that activity or goal.

Treat yourself as a precious person. 

How you think about yourself will determine how you act and that will determine how others react to you.

Believe and act that you are precious person. Just like you are precious, other people are also precious. When you treat them with such respect, they will love you.

Sell yourself to yourself. 

Write some good points about yourself in your diary. Do some positive self talk everyday. Read some positive affirmations everyday.

Be in a positive environment. Talk to someone who is really positive and who is successful in Oriflame.

Imagine how you want your life to be then take  steps in that direction. Set goals in all aspects of your life. Short term goals and long term goals keeps our eyes on the price. Give us energy.

What you read, the TV serials that you watch, the people you meet, the people you talk to on phone, or chat with on WhatsApp, have an influence on your mind.

Negative People who give excuses all the time, have a negative influence on our mind. Stay away from people who put you down and tell you that you are not capable.

Negative people are dangerous. 

Don't get influenced by their thinking. Don't accept their thinking and programming. Stay away from them because they can stop you from dreaming big and thinking big and acting big.

Surround yourself with successful people. Talk to people was successful every single day and learn from them.

Be enthusiastic and do everything with excitement. 

Have a positive tone and body language. Put life in everything that you do. Be enthusiastic when you share about Oriflame products Oriflame offers Oriflame opportunity. Act enthusiastic and you will feel enthusiast.

When you talk to others, start with a good news. Take every opportunity to give good news. Focus on the good.

Genuinely give compliment to other people. Make their day. Be generous with praise. Make people happy and make them feel good about themselves. They will love to be around you when you do that.

Always be in Action and visualize your goals. 

Implement your ideas quickly. Excellent ideas count only when you act upon them so always be in action to achieve your goals.

Set goals for yourself every month. Write down your plan to achieve that goal. Visualize your successful future everyday. What is important is where you want to go. Your goals are important.

There is no perfect time to implement a big idea, just do it. We always start with an idea because thoughts are the blueprint of success.

When we visualize our goals it means that we are ready to actualize them. Every night you must spend some time in visualizing your future.

Don't doubt that you will achieve the goal or not. Just decide that you will do it and solve the problems that come on the way.

Make mistakes and learn from them mistakes to grow fast. Don't try to be a perfectionist. And don't fear doing something wrong. Just do it the way you know to do it. With time you will get better and better.

Act with compassion and empathy. 

Recognize people for their achievement. Appreciate people for their qualities. To understand other people get into their shoes. You can earn respect by be giving respect to others.

Every person is able to achieve great things. Some people may not be able to realize their own greatness and capability. You have to make them realize their capability. Never give up on other people.

Every person is capable of doing great things if you just encourage them enough. If you believe in them they will start believing in them self.

Observe the routine of successful people. Notice your body language and the world they use. Ask for tips and experiment with them.

Stay connected to the Source of Power

Your upline leaders are a source of power. Be connected with them on a daily basis as frequently as possible.

When negative people in your downline pull you down, call you up line and get empowered.

Constantly nature and empower your mind. Keep learning new things.

Be around people who are happy and you will become happy.

Be around people who are successful, and you will become successful.

To Order Oriflame Products or find an Oriflame Consultant near you call us on 09820850522 or email us on

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How to do Oriflame Business Online

How to do Oriflame Business Online

Today I am going to share with you how to do the Oriflame business online. Eight years back when I joined Oriflame I made a list of people I knew and I started circulating catalogue to them and I started getting orders. But I wanted to grow faster and earn more...

So I was wondering how I can get more orders and how I can recruit more people in Oriflame? That's when I decided to build my own home on the internet. That is my website or to be more precise a Blog. My husband helped me design a simple and beautiful blog.

I started writing articles about Oriflame on my blog.

I keep updating it with the latest offers in Oriflame, new products that are launched in Oriflame and I updated the blog posts whenever there is a new online flyer in Oriflame and also in the beginning of the month when the new Oriflame Catalogue is launched.

After sometime my beauty blog started to becoming more and more popular.  The visitors to my blog started increasing. And people started to call me to buy Oriflame products and to become a member of Oriflame.

Many of these people became my good friends and my Oriflame business took off. Every now and then I try to put some interesting information on my blog for my readers so that they can benefit from this information. That is the reason that people keep coming back to my blog again and again, month after month.

How can you do the same? 

Just watch this video of a training done by Sachin on how to do Oriflame business online.

Part 2

I welcome ideas and feedback from blog readers

Many of my readers give me a very good feedback about my blog and encouraged me. Sometimes some of my readers also gave me ideas for new articles and I really appreciate them till date. You are also welcome to share with me ideas for topics that you would like me to write about.

I have written many reviews of Oriflame skin care products and many times there are requests from Oriflame consultant to write a review on a some new product of Oriflame.

I welcome ideas and I am really thankful to all my readers for making website and my YouTube Channel so interesting and useful for Oriflame consultants in India.

I want to inspire lots and lots of women in India.

When I am able to help women in starting the Oriflame business and be financially independent I feel very good. I love to work with those who tell me that they want to join Oriflame to be financially independent and have their my own identity. Many of my team members are now earning very well from Oriflame.

In Oriflame we get recognized for our efforts. I have seen it many times that a working woman or a simple house wife joins Oriflame and slowly her income starts increasing. And sometimes her income exceeds her husband's income also. Many husbands are then even more proud of their wife!

After this many men also start contributing in the Oriflame business with their wife and when they get involved in the business and work as a couple, it starts to grow even more. This is the most exciting time in the life of an Oriflame consultant.

How to go for Foreign Trips with Oriflame

When you become Gold Director you get the opportunity to travel to foreign countries. For a foreign trip with Oriflame, you can qualify as a couple and you can take your husband along with you to a foreign country.

Oriflame sponsored trip is really amazing. I have travel to many countries with Oriflame including Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Greece, etc and I am telling you it is really beautiful and amazing experience to go in an Oriflame conference.

And all this was possible because I expanded my business beyond the people that I know personally. I expand my online presence with my website as well as my Facebook page. I hope you are inspired by my success story.

I want you to challenge yourself and walk on the path on which I have traveled. I welcome you to my team. I am ready to guide you if you have a big dream and you are ready to put the time, money and effort to reach your goal.

How to develop your own website or blog?

Nowadays it is very easy to develop your own blog. All it takes is an expert guidance form someone who has done it. If  you want to create your own website / blog I would suggest that you take my 1 year long Blogging Training.

In this training I and my team will teach you for 1 full year how to develop your blog and grow your Oriflame business online. It is a step by step training. I feel is very easy to learn and also very cost effective service. You can contact me if you are interested in this.

Social Media Training from Oriflame

There is also some basic training available online in the members section of the Oriflame website regarding social media marketing. Just login to your account and click on the training tab then click on social media training.

You can download the social media modules:

  • How to prospect on Facebook
  • How to promote yourself on Facebook part 1
  • How to promote yourself on Facebook part 2
  • How to create an event on Facebook
  • How to use Instagram for Oriflame business

The social media training will help you to grow your Oriflame business using tools like Facebook and Instagram. Before you do that check out the guidelines for consultants in India from Oriflame.

Grow your business using Facebook

The next thing that I would recommend to you is developing your Facebook page. Just look at my Facebook page and create a similar page. Just take help of one of your family members or someone from your friend circle for this. Make sure you adhere to the guidelines Oriflame in this regard. Do not put the word Oriflame in the title or link.

You can grow faster on Facebook using Facebook Ads. To grow your business you will have to learn new things and spend some money, time and effort in it. With Facebook ads you can find people who are interested in Oriflame products and also those who want to join Oriflame. When you take the below training you will learn how this works exactly. Just check the below link and register for this training. When you apply what you learn in your business, you can get amazing success in Oriflame.

To turn your dreams into reality you have to take action. Your life will more forward as you keep taking actions that help you progress on the path to success.

Hope you found this post informative. If you have any questions please write a comment below or email me on

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Free Membership in Oriflame

How to get Membership in Oriflame

Its easy to get membership of Oriflame in India. Let me explain you how to become a member in Oriflame in a just a few steps. All you have to do is send us your details and then we guide you further.

Just SMS or WhatsApp your Full Name, Address, Email and Date of Birth on 09820850522.

Further process will be explained to you as soon as we get your SMS / WhatsApp.

Once you join us, you can become successful by taking guidance of senior Oriflame Consultants, Managers & Directors, who have become successful by the SARPIO method in Oriflame. If you are ambitious, willing to learn from me, I and my core team members will guide you. 

Free Membership in Oriflame

Oriflame is an international beauty products company, present in 60+ countries.Join Oriflame For Free. Anyone above the age of 18 years can become a Oriflame Member in India.

Just fill the Oriflame Membership form

There are many Oriflame Consultants (also called dealers or agents) all over India, in cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Guwahati, Hyderabad, Indore, Kolkata, Lucknow, Ludhiana, Pune, Surat, Thane, etc. However everybody has different level of experience. If you want to be successful you need someone who has lots of experience in Oriflame.

When you take your membership in Oriflame company, you are not along. You are with me, I will guide you. The more questions you ask, the more you will learn. The fact that I have been working since 2010 means that I have lots of experience in making people successful. 

I am more than happy to share the knowledge I've gained in my so many years of experience in helping new Oriflame Consultants to start their business in Oriflame and become a Manager. I have told you everything about Oriflame membership. Once you join I will tell you how to grow in Oriflame, make lots of money and fulfill all your dreams.

There are new products in Oriflame catalogue every month - from January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, & December. Information about current offers, online catalogue is available to all members on the Oriflame website and this Oriflame blog.
  • All Oriflame products, including eyeliner, night cream, face wash, foundation, moisturizer, makeup kit, deodorant, handbags, kajal, lipsticks, are available for purchase with distributors of Oriflame India pvt ltd.

Membership in Oriflame MLM will be done online once your details are with us. Then you will get your Oriflame id and password and I will teach you how to place your order. Oriflame multi level marketing is genuine and exciting. Watch this video...


Oriflame natural Swedish cosmetics members can do all the work online - you check out the online catalogue / flyer, place order online, see downline reports online, etc. 

Oriflame compensation plan is very good. It is available with me in ppt or pdf form for those who are interested. Oriflame products in India have a great range in prices so that everybody can afford it. Each product code in the list of products for skin care, makeup, Wellness, Perfume, etc. is unique.

After review of Oriflame ranking, you can fill registration form for becoming representative in India. 

Note: Oriflame skin care, soap, shampoo, tea tree face wash, toner, whitening cream, watches, under eye cream, sunscreen, are not for sale in shops or stores.

To join Oriflame send us your details - Full name, address, email, mobile no and date of bith on WhatsApp no 9820850522 or 9820850475 or email me on and we will do your Oriflame sign up in few hours.

You can call me or whatsapp me on 9820850522.

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Oriflame Gold Director,
Mrs Jashmi
Oriflame Gold Director
About Mrs. Jashmi Mrs. Jashmi is an Oriflame Director. She is also an Oriflame Certified Beauty Expert. In April she received an award for her performance at an Oriflame event in Mumbai.

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Join Oriflame in Kolkata, West Bengal

How to join Oriflame in Kolkata, West Bengal

If you like Oriflame products and you would like to join Oriflame in Kolkata and recommend products to other people as a Oriflame consultant then you can become an Oriflame consultant and make money by working from home.

To become a member of Oriflame you need to give your full name, address, date of birth, mobile number and email id on 982 0850522 by sms or WhatsApp

The Oriflame membership is free. To become a member you need to place your first order what rupees 2000 or more. 

How Oriflame distributors in kolkata become Successful

If you are serious about doing the Oriflame business then I can guide you. I have a Oriflame WhatsApp group in which you will get lots of audios, videos and articles that will help you to become a successful Oriflame distributor in Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, etc.

Oriflame is like any other business. The more time, effort and money you put into it the more you can earn from it. You can earn Rs 5000, 10000, 15000, 20000 or more than that also.

In Oriflame you have to be aggressive, hard working and you must have some goal in life. You have to be passionate about it. Oriflame Dealers in Kolkata who are successful use only oriflame products in their home. They use Oriflame products themselves and they recommend Oriflame products to others. Those who are excited about the Oriflame opportunity make the amount of money.

What do you want to achieve in the Oriflame business?

In the Oriflame business you can get whatever you want, you can buy a new house, you can buy a new car and you can send your children to the best school. One Oriflame agent in Kolkata has also sent her son for foreign education.

Anything is possible in the Oriflame business. If you have a dream and goal then Oriflame opportunity is your access to fulfilling that dream.

The Oriflame opportunitie is available all across West Bengal kolkata, 24 Parganas, Dum Dum, Durgapur, Howrah, Siliguri and all other cities

There are many people who have become an Oriflame consultants in Kolkata and earning good money from Oriflame now. I am willing to teach everything become successful you should be ready to take action do whatever it takes to become a manager senior manager and director in Oriflame.

Join Oriflame in Kolkata today!

You can subscribe to my Oriflame YouTube channel. There are many videos in which you will learn how to do the Oriflame business properly. There are videos about how to use the Oriflame products as well.

If you are interested I can teach you how to do the Oriflame business online on Facebook and other social media. You can join this webinar now to find out how you can grow your Oriflame business using Facebook ads.

To Order Oriflame Products or find an Oriflame Consultant near you call us on 09820850522 or email us on

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Earning and income examples given in this blog are only for illustration purpose. The level of success anyone can get in Oriflame for any other business will depend on the work they put in. No matter what business you do there is always a risk of failure and nobody can give a guarantee of success. We do not give any assurance that you will get the success that others have got because it depends on many factors. 

The testimonials for income statements are not representative of what people earn on average in this business. This business is suitable for you have the skills required to get success in this. You have the skills abilities and resources to do the business then it to get involved in the business and you are responsible for the results you get. 

Products and services on this website are for informational purposes only. We recommend that you take professional advice before taking any business decision. While purchasing any product having to any service from this website agree that you are responsible for the success and failure of your decision.

Privacy Policy is committed to protect your online privacy. The information you provide while buying any product or service from this website is only used to serve you.

We will send you information about new products or offers by email and other means of communication only with your permission and you can discontinue it whenever you want. We do not share your personal information with any third party.

We might be using cookies to give you a good customer experience and by continuing to use our website you are agreeing to its use. We do not provide any service or sell products to any one below the age of 18. We do not collect any sensitive data about you. And you only retain your data necessary to fulfill the services we provide.

This is website for Blog may include third party links and by clicking on this link when you go to websites then their privacy statements will be applicable.

Terms and Conditions

Our privacy policy is part of and subject to this terms and conditions. All over audio and video content are for entertainment and informational purposes only. No claim is made on the intellectual property rights of the owners of third party social media contents reading videos audios images and text.

All content on our website is owned by us or our content suppliers. You agree not to copy content from a website without our permission. You understand and agree that you will indemnify defend and hold us and our associates harmless for any liability, loss, claim an expense including reasonable attorney fees arising from your use of this blog or your violation of these terms and conditions.


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Oriflame Novage Advanced Skin Renewing Treatment

Oriflame Novage Advanced Skin Renewing Treatment

With the Oriflame NovAge advanced skin renewing treatment you can get salon like results for your skin in 10 minutes.

This treatment from Oriflame is a two-step peel and neutralize skin renewing treatment that you need to do for 4 weeks. In this treatment the dead and dull cells are removed effectively.

This micro exfoliation leads to turnover and renewal. This intensive peeling solution is powered by glycolic and lactic acid which micro exfoliate dead and dull cells from the surface of the skin.

The neutralizing solution with hydra active terminates appealing action and restore the skin pH level and influences the skin with essential hydration.

Complete Practical Demo of Oriflame Novage Advanced Skin Renewing Treatment

Benefits of Oriflame Novage Advanced Skin Renewing Treatment

  • refines the texture of the skin
  • Brighten the skin tone
  • Helps diminish the appearance of dark spots, acne scars and enlarged pores
  • Reduces lines and wrinkles
  • Brighter looking skin

What is the time required for the NovAge advanced skin healing treatment?

Approximately this clinically proven treatment will take 10 minutes once in a week for 4 weeks

The NovAge advanced skin renewing treatment compliments your usual NovAge routine perfectly.

How to use Oriflame Novage Advanced Skin Renewing Treatment

This two step treatment need to be used once in a week for 4 weeks

Step number 1 is cleansing.

For this we can use Oriflame NovAge using cleansing milk from film NovAge ultimate lift range or if you are using Oriflame NovAge ecollagen range then use NovAge refining foaming gel cleanser anything using NovAge bright sublime set clean your skin with NovAge bright sublime brightening cleanser.

Step number 2 of NovAge Advanced skin renewing treatment is peeling

Open the peeling solution from the Twist off tube pour one vial of peeling solution on a cotton pad and gently wipe over the face beginning with the forehead before moving to the cheeks, nose chin. About the eye area, lips and nostrils. Leave for 10 minutes.

Step number 3 of NovAge advanced skin renewing treatment

Pour the neutralizing solution from the twist off tube onto a clean cotton pad and wipe liberally all over the treated areas. You need to apply this solution immediately and as soon as 10 minutes of peeling solution is over.

Step number 4 is applying eye cream.  

If you are using Oriflame NovAge ultimate lift set then apply NovAge ultimate lift advanced lifting eye cream or NovAge ecollagen wrinkle smoothning eye cream or bright sublime advanced brightening eye cream.

The final step number 5 is night cream.

Here you can use NovAge ultimate lift overnite lifting and contouring cream aur NovAge ecollagen wrinkle smoothening night cream or NovAge bright sublime advanced brightening night cream.

I advise you to read the product leaflet carefully before using NovAge advanced skin renewing treatment.

I also recommend you to use NovAge range of products for your daily skincare regime.

Please note: Avoid going out in the sun for 24 hours after this treatment.

Facts about Oriflame Novage Advanced Skin Renewing Treatment

Oriflame Novage Advanced Skin Renewing Treatment

Did you know? Over 60% women who were previously using microdermabrasion treatment now considering using the NovAge advanced skin renewing treatment to get Salon like results for their skin at home.

The NovAge advanced skin renewing treatment products come in a wonderful packaging. Will contain a tubes for 4 series of treatments.

The MRP of NovAge advanced skin renewing treatment is 2999. You can buy this product from Oriflame consultants in India.

How to order Oriflame Novage Advanced Skin Renewing Treatment

You can order any of Oriflame skin care products from me and get expert skin care advice as well as applicable discounts and offers given in the current month Oriflame Catalogue.

You can feel free to Call or WhatsApp me on 9820 850 522 and let us know your full name and address on which you want us to  courier this product to you. Payment can be done by online transfer or by Paytm.

Review of Oriflame Novage Advanced Skin Renewing Treatment

I have recommended advance screen during treatment to many of my customers who are using NovAge products all across India. Many of them have now experienced this product.

Sunita from Calcutta says that it is very easy to use and now it to travel for microdermabrasion treatment as this is a wonderful replacement for it which can be easily done at home.

Another regular customer from bangalore mrs Kamath who regularly buys NovAge ultimate gift set from me says that this product efficiently brighter looking skin even in the first time use.

Yet another customer who regularly buyers from me, kavita from Mumbai, says that this product goes well with the NovAge bright sublime said that she is using and has really helped her to give a even skin tone that looks even more bright.

Hope you got a lot of information about Oriflame NovAge advanced skin renewing treatment from this post. I am a certified beauty consultant from Oriflame so if you have any questions you can feel free to call me.

Offer on NovAge Products

You can order oriflame NovAge advanced skin renewing treatment all the novel ultimate lift set or NovAge Ecollagen set NovAge bright sublime set from me and get discount as given in the latest Oriflame Catalogue.

To Order Oriflame Products or find an Oriflame Consultant near you call us on 09820850522 or email us on

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Oriflame Incognito Perfume for Him and Her

Oriflame Incognito Perfume for Him and Her

Oriflame Incognito perfume for him and her is a new and refreshing fragrance. I love Oriflame perfumes. And I have included incognito in the list of best Oriflame perfumes of all times.

Oriflame has an amazing collection of perfumes for men and women. Incognito perfume is a welcome addition and both ladies and gents love this perfume. In fact many of my regular customers from all over India have shown a lot of interest in Incognito perfume.

In the Incognito for him and her perfume the top note is ground Physalis, the middle note is cedar leaves and the best note is Pancholi.

One of my customer from Chennai who regularly buys the Love Potion perfume from me told me one day 'A good perfume gives identity to your personality'.

I also believe that it is true. When you experience the fragrance of perfumes like Incognito it gives you a deep sense of confidence, sophistication and luxury. It gives a new charm to your personality. Perfume loves will agree with me, isn't it?

When you are wearing a perfume it gives you a invisible form of respect from others. Successful people are obsessed buy perfumes because it give them a undue advantage in dealing with others.

If you try this fascinating Incognito Perfume you might fall in love with it and it might even become your obsession. If you imagine yourself as a Spy then the Incognito perfume can make you feel like one.

Oriflame Incognito for Her Review

Incognito perfume has a wonderful blend of notes. Incognito perfume for women can make man crazy when you wear it. But it is very subtle so the conscious mind may not even notice.

The Incognito for her perfume is for a young lady. It can be a good gift for your wife or your girlfriend. It can be a wedding gift or an anniversary gift. It is a very good perfume for ladies.

The Incognito perfume is a blend of floral and fruity fragrance coming from praline, lily of the valley and physalis.

Oriflame Incognito for Him Review

The Incognito perfume for men has a mystical charm that you will find difficult to resist. It's a wonderful gift idea for the Raksha Bandhan festival and if you are in some other country and you want to send this as a gift to someone you care for, I can help you in that. I have many customers overseas who send gifts to their loved ones in India.

The best thing about the Oriflame Incognito perfume for men is that it has the right amount of intensity and the right mix of notes.

The Incognito perfume for him is among the top 10 perfumes for men from Oriflame. It can be a good gift if you want to give a perfume for your boyfriends birthday. Your boyfriend will use it day and night and will remember you every time he touches the perfume.

Incognito perfume is a good perfume for everyday use and in the price range of 1000 to 1500 the Incognito perfume is a very good perfume for this price.

Packaging of Oriflame Incognito perfume for him and her

The Incognito perfume comes in a beautiful bottle and the box also impressive. If you are giving the Incognito perfume as a Raksha Bandhan gift to your brother or sister then I can give you a gift packing for this that is apt for this occasion.

How to order Incognito perfume in India

You can order this Incognito perfume for him or her from me. If you are a Oriflame consultant you can also buy it online from the Oriflame website and I can help you become a member in Oriflame but it will be useful only if you regularly buy Oriflame products in India.

If you are not an Oriflame consultant then you can place your order with me and you will get free home delivery.

Payment can be done online or through Paytm app.

To Order Oriflame Products or find an Oriflame Consultant near you call or WhatsApp me on 09820850522 or email us on

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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Oriflame Possess Perfume for Men & Women

Oriflame Possess Perfume For Men & Women

The Oriflame Possess perfume for men is for the born leader. Use this perfume to attaining your ultimate power, achieve your biggest victory and take your rightful place among heroes.

The poses men is a wonderful perfume for men. It has a bold and charismatic fragrance. Is a combination of freshness, elegance and sophistication in it.

Oriflame Possess Perfume For Men

The man who uses this perfume will evoke lasting sensation of masculine power, confidence and victory.

Ingredients of Oriflame Possess Perfume For Men

  • Head note of Possess perfume for men is fruity with unripe grapefruit coriander seed and pineapple.
  • The heart of possess perfume is woody with laurel leaf oil orange, blossom and lavender.
  • The base of this beautiful perfume for him is oriental with patchouli,  orris powder and Leather.

The Possess perfume gives you charisma of a man who craves to conquer the world.

Oriflame Possess Perfume For Women

Watch this video about Oriflame Possess Perfume For Women and let me know what you think about it in the comments!

I like this Oriflame possess video a lot. It also reminds me of Oriflame Grace Perfume for Women.

Oriflame Possess Perfume Offer

The MRP of Oriflame Possess Perfume For Men is 3399 but it is available at an offer price of Rs 2599 only for a limited period.

Take full advantage if it an order it today. You can pay by PayTm and get it dilivered straight at your home. We send the courier same day or within 24 hours.

Oriflame Perfumes for Women

Facts about Oriflame Possess Perfume

Possess is one of the most intoxicating perfumes from Oriflame that men all over India love using.

In Oriflame you can find a sent to transform your mood and your day Oriflame has a diverse collection of inspiring fragrances crafted by some of the world's leading perfumers.

Best Raksha Bandhan Gift for Your Sister

Oriflame Possess perfume for her in my view is one of the best Raksha bandhan gift for your sister.

You can buy this Possess perfume for men and women only from Oriflame consultants in India.

It is one of the best gifts to give to your husband or boyfriend on his birthday or anniversary.

Oriflame Possess Perfume for Men & Women can be a very good wedding gift set. I can say with utmost honesty that Possess Perfume from Oriflame is one of the best perfumes of all times.

Posted by +Jashmi Waghela

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Thursday, July 5, 2018

Oriflame EcoBeauty Products Review

Oriflame EcoBeauty Products Review

It is said that nature has all the answers, indeed! Oriflame presents to you the whole range of eco-beauty products crafted with natural and organic origin. This paraben-free, mildly fragranced range covers everything you need for your routine skin care.

This range of EcoBeauty products by Oriflame is crafted scientifically and meticulously with all vitamins and nutrients required for a naturally healthy and radiant skin. Moreover, each EcoBeauty product contains two key ingredients carefully selected for their unique effects on the skin.

The Oriflame EcoBeauty regime includes - cleansing milk, face cream, serum, toner and eye cream.

Oriflame EcoBeauty Cleansing Milk

Description and Key Ingredients

The rich creamy cleansing milk rules out all the makeup and impurities from your skin, including the eye makeup. The combination of organic Sunflower seed oil and organic Cornflower water soothes, protects and conditions the skin respectively.

How to use

Take a small quantity of the cleansing milk on a cotton pad and wipe over the face and neck. You can also gently use it over the eyes for removing the eye makeup if you are wearing any.

It can be used both, in the morning as well as in the evening.

Oriflame EcoBeauty Toner

Description and Key Ingredients

As the rose brings a cheerful smile on the face, so does the Oriflame EcoBeauty Toner infused with Rosewater, Chamomile water and antioxidants. It results in the refreshing, soothing and supple looking skin. Rosewater helps in toning the skin and Chamomile's sugars help in moisturising the skin.

Apply this mildly fragrant toner on cleansed skin using a cotton pad. Ideal to use after EcoBeauty Cleansing Milk.

Oriflame EcoBeauty Serum

Description and Key Ingredients

The EcoBeauty toner is formulated to give a radiant, revived and refreshed skin instantly with the ingredients like Evening Primrose Oil and moisture-rich Aloe Vera extract.It is light and cooling serum enriched with antioxidants.

How to use

Take a little amount and apply it all over face and neck. Ideal to use before face cream or overnight treatment.

Oriflame EcoBeauty Face Cream

Description and Key Ingredients

Formulated with Arctic Lingonberry and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil for intense moisturisation. Also charged with natural oils rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to replenish the skin. An overall formula for a velvety, flawless and glowing skin.

How to use

Gently apply on face and neck until completely absorbed. Use it morning post cleansing, toning and application of eye cream and serum.

Oriflame EcoBeauty Eye Cream

Description and Key Ingredients

EcoBeauty Eye Cream, "An instant pick-me-up for tired skin" makes your delicate skin, around the eyes smoother and radiant. It is rich in anti-oxidants, Arctic Lingonberry and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oils aiding in re-energising the skin around the eyes and reducing the signs of fatigue. They are also rich in two essential fatty acids (Linoleic and Alpha-Linolenic Acid) which are important for a healthy and moisturised skin.

As said, eyes are the doorways to your soul, so go ahead and nourish your tired looking dull skin around the eyes with the Oriflame EcoBeauty Eye Cream!

How to use

Only dab a little amount on your eye contour area every morning and evening, avoiding eyelids and inside your eyes.

How to buy Oriflame Eco Beauty Products 

The Oriflame EcoBeauty Range delivers spell-bounding results the natural way and are suitable for all skin types.

To Order Oriflame EcoBeauty Products or find an Oriflame Consultant near you call or WhatsApp us on 09820850522 or email us on

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Friday, June 22, 2018

Oriflame The One Express Peach Perfector

Oriflame The One Express Peach Perfector

One of the new and improved launches by Oriflame is The One Express Peach Perfector which is popular and admired by a majority of Oriflame consultants in Delhi, Gurgaon, Noida, etc. The One Express Peach Perfector shall win your heart too.

Oriflame The One Express Peach Perfector is a tinted gel moisturizer with a lightweight finish. It gives you a peachy and natural glow. It is formulated to bring out the best in your complexion no matter what.

Ideal for all skin tones, The One Express Peach Perfector is formulated to bring out the best in your complexion. No more disparities between dark and fair skins. It blends with any skin tone and gives a smooth, natural and glowing look to your face.

The soft gel-like texture of The One Express Peach Perfector spreads evenly over your face, giving you an instant glow and its perfect shade will enhance your complexion.

I have one customer who buys Oriflame products from me regularly and she give me very good feedback about The One Peach Perfector and Oriflame Nutrishake which is a wellness product.

Oriflame The One range has man more products. Wacth this video...

Usage and Benefits of The One Express Peach Perfector

The One Express Peach Perfector by Oriflame can be applied during the day after using SPF or can be directly worn alone/with your favorite foundation in the evening as well.

Of course, the radiant look furnished by the Peach Perfector makes the use of foundation/makeup compact redundant, but you can always make your choice!

Using your fingertips, gently apply dots of Express Peach Perfector on your face and neck and then blend it evenly until it is absorbed by the skin. 

Just a little amount will go a long way for any Oriflame cosmetics product! It has a wonderful fruity(peachy) fragrance which gives a soothing experience and moisturizes your skin in all weathers. It also aids in hydrating the skin making it look healthier.

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Packaging of The One Express Peach Perfector

With an attractive combination of black and rust color on its exterior, Oriflame The One Express Peach Perfector comes in a tube pack, which makes it easy to use and safe to carry and handle.  

A 30 ml lightweight, easy to carry, attractive and compact size will neither take up enough space on your dressing shelf nor in your travelling kit!

Final Thoughts

Oriflame The One Express Peach Perfector is an all-rounder product giving your skin both health and beauty. It does not contain any shimmering particles and thus gives a natural look than a made-up look to your face.

A little quantity which works amazing on all skin tones in any season for any age.
So go ahead and wake up your dull looking skin to a radiantly, healthy and peachy one!

Hope you found this useful.

To Order The One Express Peach Perfector and other Oriflame Products or find an Oriflame Consultant near you call us on 09820850522 or email us on

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Saturday, June 2, 2018

Oriflame Skin Expert App

Oriflame Skin Expert App

Oriflame has launched a wonderful Skin Expert App that you can use for recommending products to your customer. Oriflame consultants are finding it to be a wonderful tool for recommending #Oriflame products to friends and family.

You can click here to download Oriflame Skin Expert App from Google Play.

Watch this video on how you can benefit by using this App

Success with Oriflame Skin Expert App

I have a Oriflame Consultant in Nagpur who is using the Oriflame Skin Expert App daily. She is meeting at least 3 new people everyday. She asks the questions and enters the answers in the Oriflame Skin Expert App and then the app recommends Oriflame skin care products to the customer.

Its so easy. She has got many orders for Oriflame Novage Ultimate Lift Set by using the Oriflame Skin Expert App. She was so happy when she called me to share her story.

You can get many new customers by using this app. It is an interesting and fun way to introduce others to Oriflame.

Hope you found this useful. You can join Oriflame Facebook Group to get regular updates.

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Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Oriflame Love Nature Haircare Products

Oriflame Love Nature Haircare Products

Tresses are the crowning glory of every human. Modern day stress and pollution results in problems like hair loss, premature graying and other such hair issues. Hair troubles also are a result of nutrient lack/loss.

The Love Nature Hair care Range by Oriflame brings a solution to all your hair worries in a natural harsh-free and economic way. All the Check out the concise description of this range and remember that if you become an Oriflame consultant you can order these products online. Click here to find out how to Join Oriflame anywhere in India

Watch this video on Oriflame Love Nature Range

Love Nature 2 in 1 Shampoo For Dandruff Control

Dandruff can be a cause of various reasons but Love Nature Dandruff Control Shampoo is your remedy. A mild shampoo with Tea Tree Oil and Burdock Root Extract which effectively remove dandruff and prevent it from re-occurring.

Tea Tree Oil removes the flakes, cleanses the scalp and purifies and moisturize the hair. Burdock Root Extract provides minerals and essential oils which prevents the cause of dandruff. It is a biodegradable (which does not negatively affect the aquatic environment) and silicone-free product.

Love Nature Shampoo & Conditioner for Colored Hair

Colored Hair is easily prone to damage due to the use of harsh chemicals even though the color is 'ammonia free.' Love Nature Shampoo and Conditioner for colored hair contains Rosehip and Linseed Oil and are 100% Natural products which are also biodegradable and silicon-free.

The Rosehip acts as an antioxidant and retains colour for a longer time. Linseed Oil is rich in Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids which nourishes the hair and makes them softer and stronger. It's popular among Oriflame consultants in Chennai

Love Nature Shampoo for Oily Hair

This shampoo is formulated with the blend of Lemon and Nettle Leaf. Lemon is known for a variety of hair benefits. The anti-fungal properties of lemon help in keeping the scalp healthy, its acidic properties cleanses the scalp off dead cells and other deposits. It also helps to control the production of excess oil in the scalp.

Nettle Leaf is used in Ayurveda since long. It has astringent qualities and hence helps in reducing oiliness in scalp and hair and tightening the hair follicles which controls extra sebum from being secreted onto the scalp. This shampoo makes your hair soft and provides shine to them. 

Love Nature Shampoo and Conditioner for Dry Hair

Formulated with Wheat and Coconut Oil, the Love Nature Shampoo and Conditioner for dry hair will provide shine, softness and strength to your dull frizzy hair. The Wheat proteins penetrate deep into the scalp and strengthen the roots thereby reducing hair fall.

Coconut Oil is used for years for its long lists of benefits to hair. It provides luster, shine, softness and strength to hair. Coconut oil promotes a healthy scalp and protects against lice, dandruff etc. It also helps to prevent hair breakage and split ends. Again a biodegradable and silicon-free product, one which you shouldn't miss on!

Love Nature Coconut Hair Oil 

Pollution and stress have a mighty effect on the hair moreover in modern days the use of colours and styling products has increased which worsens the damage done to your hair. The Love Nature Coconut Oil is made of 100% coconut oil which provides necessary nourishment to your hair and scalp.

It repairs damaged cells, cleanses the scalp and prevents hair breakage, split ends and hair loss. This oil gives your hair bounce and luster.    

Love Nature Hot Hair Oil for Dry Hair with Wheat and Coconut Oil

A wonderful product for dry and damaged hair. Hot oil opens the pores in the scalp and allows the oil to penetrate deeper and faster. A non-greasy, lightweight treatment which thoroughly moisturizes hair and protects from future damage.

Take some hot water and immerse the Love Nature Hot Oil tube in it for one minute only. This will warm the oil inside and allow it to flow easily. Then remove from water and break the seal by twisting its cap. Massage on scalp and hair and leave it for 30 minutes. Wash with shampoo and use 
conditioner if required.

You can buy all these Oriflame products from Love Nature range online as an Oriflame dealer

So go ahead and give your mane the care of Love Nature Hair products. You can buy Oriflame Love Nature Hair care Products in Mumbai, Delhi, Gurgaon, Nagpur, Pune, Baroda etc from our Oriflame consultants, just call us on 9820850522 and we will connect you with the Oriflame dealer nearest to you.

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