Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oriflame Consultant in Vasai - Sanjana

Oriflame Consultant in Vasai shares her story

Today I am going to share with you a success story from an Oriflame consultant in Vasai. 

"I am thankful for this opportunity for sharing my Oriflame story. My name is Sanjana. I joined Oriflame in September 2011 as a Consultant and today I am a Manager."

Since joining Oriflame I am experiencing such excitement, I cant express in words. I love meeting new people, help them make a good start in Oriflame, guiding them step by step is great fun. Above all I love earning more money and supporting my team to make an extra income. Money is always welcome. Its fun to work in Oriflame.

Personally I am using many Oriflame Products. Here are my favorite Oriflame products:

  • Diamond cellular - For me it is the best restorative treatment. 
  • Milk&Honey Soap - The best soap for its long lasting effect over skin 
  • Perfumes - Oriflame has the best perfumes I have ever used. They are much long lasting and have an awesome fragrance.

If you believe in team work you can join my Oriflame Core Team in Vasai and start your journey to unlimited Fun, Money and Friends!

New Consultants can join my Team anywhere in Mumbai, Thane or Navi Mumbai, I am giving Oriflame product delivery all across Mumbai, both western and central line. I am recruiting Consultants all over India and guiding them personally, over phone and online. 

To the best of my compatibility I will assisting you personally to be successful in Oriflame. 

This was the story of Sanjani. If you want to join Oriflame in Vasai and become a success like her call us on 09820850522

To order products in Vasai sms product codes, your name and address on 09820850522.

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Sunday, March 24, 2013

How to Get Your Oriflame Password

Dear Friend,

If you have forgotten your Oriflame password you can do the following things:
  1.  Search your inbox. When you join you get an email with your id and password.
  2. Search your junk mail for the same as sometimes the email goes into junk folder.
  3. Go to www.in.oriflame.com and enter your id and click on forgot my password. You will get an email with your id and password.
  4. If you have not entered your email while registering, send an email to customer service and tell them to update your email id. Please mention your consultant id, your name and explanation of your request/problem in your email. They will do the needful. See the link for costomer service contact details :http://in.oriflame.com/customer-service/show.jhtml?tag=Contact
  5. You can also visit the nearest Oriflame branch and sort this out.
  6. If you dont know your id number, you should contact the person who joined you in Oriflame.

If you found this useful, you can say thanks in the comments section below!

If you have any other question please feel to write to me on jashmiw@gmail.com

Have a great day!

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Oriflame Director

On Sun, Mar 24, 2013 at 9:42 AM, Prathibha wrote:
Respected Madam,

           I, Prathibha K.J. (ID#:  5430781), one of the member of
your prestigious company. I have made a new friend of me join your
company, but that person, (Name: Nalini N., ID#: 5598220) has not
received her password to login to the website and place order of your
products. So, I hereby ask you to kindly guide me on how to get my password.

Thanking You,
Your's Faithfully,
Prathibha K.J.

Thursday, March 21, 2013

Oriflame Bhubaneswar Service Center Launch Offer

I am really happy to share with you that Oriflame starts its Service Center in Bhubaneswar and has given a special offer for Oriflame Consultants in Bhubaneswar as below:
  Oriflame offer for Bhubaneswar consultants. Get DeMarco Body Spray (code: 8131) & Volare Body Spray
  (code: 2038) for FREE with an order of Rs 1800.

  • Offer Period - 21st March 2013 from 9:30 AM - 12:00 Mid Night
  • This offer is ONLY valid for Bhubaneswar warehouse
  • Offer is not valid in multiples.
Lets Celebrate! Now for those who are searching for Oriflame products in Bhubaneswar and for those who wanna join Oriflame in Bhubaneswar, it will be so easy.

Call me to find a Oriflame Consultant in Bhubaneswar or any other city / town in Odisha
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Oriflame Director
9820850522 jashmiw@gmail.com

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Benefits of doing 150 Points (Business Class)

Do you know about Oriflame Business Class?

Hi Everyone, Thanks for following my blog.

Today I am going to answer an email from Priyanka.

On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 5:05 AM, Priyanka  wrote:
Hi Jashmi,
Please guide me about following query. My details are given below.

I just wanted to know that as of now I have completed 102 points in my first month. So, how to avail the offer of step 1: lipstick & foundation. Also, what are the benefits if I complete 150 points. & 200 points in this month.

 She has 2 questions, 1st question is about Oriflame Welcome Program and 2nd question is about Oriflame Business Class. I was happy to know that Priyanka has completed 102 points in her first month in Oriflame! 

Regarding her question about Welcome Program gift- since you have just joined in Oriflame this month and completed 100 BP, you will get your welcome program gift when you place your first order in next month. 

Benefit of doing 150 Points (Business Class)

  • You will get any 2 product of your choice at 40% discount in the next month.
  • You can get products that are going to be launched in advance
  • You get samples and business tools at a discount.
  • This is known as Oriflame Business Class.
  • The Oriflame Business Class offer is different every month. You can check out the details every month in the 'Current Month Offers' page on the Oriflame website.
See this presentation to find out how you can do Oriflame Business Class every month:

Benefit of doing 200 Points or more 

  • This is also known as Oriflame super business Class offer:
  • You can get any 3 products of your choice at 40% discount when you become a Super Business Class Consultant of Oriflame
  • You can get in advance  the products that are going to be launched in next month 
  • You can also get samples and business tools at a discount.
  • You get 3% commission on group sales.
  • Next levels are 6%, 9%, 12%, 15%, 18% & 21%
  • Have a look at Points Table in the Price List for more details.

Watch this video to know more about Oriflame business

To conclude I would say that Oriflame gives you amazing benefits of doing 150 Points called Business Class and 200 Points called as Super Business Class. All Oriflame consultants in Bangalore, Hydrabad, Chennai and other cities of India should take maximum advantage of this offer and grab the gifts.

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Say Yes To Your Dreams

Hope this answers your question. Feel free to write to me on jashmiw@gmail.com if you have any other questions.

Have a great day!

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How to Register in Oriflame

How to Register in Oriflame

If you want to register in Oriflame you are welcome! I will tell you how to register in Oriflame. Its very simple. Just follow the steps below:

  1. SMS or WhatsApp your details on 9820850522 - Full Name, Address, Date of Birth, Email and Mobile no
  2. We can then create your id
  3. Then check your email and activate your account
  4. Keep in touch and learn from me how to place orders online, how to become a manager, etc.
If you still have any questions just call or WhatsApp me on 9820850522 or Sachin on 9820850475

Oriflame Membership

Also read this - How to get success in Oriflame 

How to Register your email id with Oriflame

See the below email from Pragati.

Please write to Oriflame customer service department of your nearest branch:

See the link below for details:

Please mention your consultant id, your name and explanation of your request/problem in your email. They will do the needful 

If you have any other question please feel to write to me on jashmiw@gmail.com

Have a great day!

Warm Regards,

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On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 4:08 AM, Pragati  wrote:
Hi Madam,

       I am a member of oriflame but I have not registered my email id.

Can you please suggest me how can I do the same now?

Consultant no : 5597730

Thanks and Regards,
Pragati Baldawa.
Notice: The information contained in this e-mail
message and/or attachments to it may contain
confidential or privileged information. If you are
not the intended recipient, any dissemination, use,
review, distribution, printing or copying of the
information contained in this e-mail message
and/or attachments to it are strictly prohibited. If
you have received this communication in error,
please notify us by reply e-mail or telephone and
immediately and permanently delete the message
and any attachments. Thank you

Oriflame SM Club in Surat

Hi Friends, We had a SM Club Training on Module 5 & 6 in Surat on 18th March.

If was for all Consultants who are at 9% and above. Many Oriflame Consultants who were qualified took advantage of this event. This event is going to help in growing Oriflame in Surat. If you want to share your experience, leave your comments below in the comments section below...

For those Oriflame Consultants who could not make it to this training and for those who are new in Oriflame, I have a short training below

take advantage of this training...

If you have any questions about Oriflame, please send me an email on jashmw@gmail.com.

Have a great day!

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Sunday, March 10, 2013

Need Oriflame Products in Mumbai?

Do you need Oriflame Products every month?

Hi friends, Today I will try to answer the question Koshika as asked in the email below. She is wondering if she should become a consultant or remain a customer. I was a Oriflame customer before I took interest in the business aspect so I can tell you both sides of the coin.

Oriflame Products in Mumbai

You can become a Oriflame Consultant for getting discounts on Oriflame products but if your order is less than 1250/1700 then there are costs like order threshold fee and courier fee that you have to cover as well as travelling cost if you are going to office to collect the products.

When you travel to get your Oriflame products in Mumbai, besides money you spend valuable time. Besides travel time you have to wait for a long time to get your products because of the rush in the office.

Unless you are taking it as a business, you can not benefit from becoming a Consultant in Oriflame. So it is better to buy Oriflame Products from a Consultant in Mumbai when your order is less than 1500 per month. Buying from a consultant will save you time & energy.

If anyone is interested in doing Oriflame business, I always encourage them.

If you learn from me how to circulate catalogues, how to recommend the right products, how to support new people in joining Oriflame, how to guide them, etc. you can make good money in Oriflame. The key when you want to earn money is not in product selling but in building a team.

The decision is up to you. If you are ready to do the Oriflame business I will recommend you to join otherwise its better to buy from a Oriflame Consultant.

You can post your questions on my facebook page

Have a great day!

Warm Regards,

Posted By: +Jashmi Waghela
Oriflame Director

On Sun, Mar 10, 2013 at 6:07 AM, Koshika <> wrote:
Jashmi, can I also become Oriflame consultant like you? what I want to know is, would there be any loss of mine if I am not able to sell the products to other people, but just use it for my own consumption? I mean, would there be any annual membership renewal fee etc.? or any other such expense?

I use Oriflame products. I use to get them from one of Oriflame consultant in my college. now she has moved from here. how do i get the products? I do not want to join Oriflame for business purpose, but would want to continue having the discounts that gal got me.