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7 Easy Tips to Join Oriflame & Start Business

Try these 7 Oriflame Business Tips! 

To help you get a successful start, I would like to give 7 Easy tips to start your Own business by a small investment of your time, effort and you can earn thousands of Rupees by working from home.

Watch this Oriflame Opportunity Video then read all the basic Oriflame business tips and tricks below.

                                                                        1 STEP
File up Oriflame joining  form. Please open click on this link  Oriflame Joining Form  
 And join Oriflame & get your business started and to know more about Oriflame from me and see my video on how you can start earning through Oriflame catalogue.  

Make list of 30 people to whom you wish to show very existing Oriflame catalogue like your friends, relatives, neighbor etc. Meet them personally  show them current month catalogue and give free advice about Oriflame products  like skin care , body care, hair care make-up, fragrances etc, than you  keep that catalogue with them for at least 1 day to get more amount of order from them. 

Meet again your friends and collect good amount of order from them and this time you can show current month very existing joining offer. And how they earn maximum amount in just few hours of work. 

Calculate your total order collected order from you friends and neighbor, relatives etc. & your personal use products from current month catalogue. 

Login in to Oriflame website & place your order of Oriflame products. (weekly one order). VERY Important while placing 1st order book 20 catalogue for next month to get more order and new prospects. Watch this Video...

Again meet your Oriflame customers and delivery products and give them tips how to use products. And give them new next month catalogue. Take 5 to 20 reference from your customer to whom they want to share this opportunity for buying or joining Oriflame & earning unlimited income. And do the same thing with that reference.

This is step where you will get your welcome program gifts for your last month less effort. While putting your next month 1st order you can book your welcome program gift.after 30 days of completion of 100 business points.  

Next tips for successful Oriflame business you will get once you join my group and be a part of my facebook group.

Warm welcome and best wishes for success and prosperity with Oriflame. 

Posted  by Mrs +Jashmi Waghela 
Oriflame Director

Oriflame July 2018 Catalogue

Oriflame July 2018 Catalogue !

Are you ready to enjoy the monsoon with Oriflame? Then get ready to grab the best deals of the month from the Oriflame catalogue for July 2018. You can also make the most from other Oriflame offers in July 2018

Click here -> Oriflame Catalogue August 2018

This Oriflame catalogue is about the Urban Beauty. Its time to relive the many interesting shades of a woman's life with Oriflame.

  • Don't forget to make the most of the Oriflame Sponsor Offer for July 2018

If you want to see the Oriflame Catalogue online you can see it in this video below.

There are many things that I enjoy about being part of Oriflame. Enjoying the various seasons, trying out new products, making new friends, helping women fulfill their dreams, etc.

This month, I am really happy to share with you that Oriflame will be giving you the best of the best deals which you can only find the Oriflame July 2018 Catalogue. You can now share your joy in many more ways.

Hope you have a wonderful time shopping beauty products with Oriflame! Click below to see the Online Catalogue

Oriflame catalogue for July 2018 Online 

Oriflame Catalogue can be downloaded in the PDF format easily from this link.

Oriflame July 2018 Catalogue in  PDF Format

Oriflame catalogue for July 2018 is amazing

With this catalogue you can add some tropical flair to your summer style. Oriflame has also introduced Oriscan in this catalogue. With Oriscan you can easily scan the products from the catalogue and find out more about the products from YouTube videos and more. Its exciting.

  • On page 4 and 5 of the Oriflame catalogue for July 2018 you will find how to get the day look and the night look with TheOne products. TheOne peach perfector can make you look pretty as a Peach.
  • It is on  offer and when you spend 650 Rupees in this Oriflame catalogue you can get 2 units of TheOne express peach perfector at 40% off. There are many products 35% percent of Oriflame Catalogue.
  • Yet another amazing offer is that when you buy manicure - pedicure kit you will get bamboo nail brush for free. So this is amazing. There are some great summer finds in this Oriflame catalogue.
  • Oriflame consultants in India are really happy with this catalogue. So many of them are ready to buy Oriflame products online and they are just waiting for the month of July to begin.

To buy any Oriflame product you can call us on this number - 9820850522.

Oriflame Perfumes on offer in July 2018

There are some of the most amazing fragrances from Oriflame that are on offer in this catalogue.

  • Oriflame has many perfumes for men and many perfumes for women so you can choose from a variety of products. The Oriflame Perfume's are also very affordable.
  • I cant think of going out without putting on an Oriflame perfume.
  • One of my favorite product range is Giordani Gold.
You can try the Oriflame Glacier perfume in this catalogue. You just have to rub your wrist on the try me circle and you can feel this fragrance.

Skin care products from July catalogue

There are love nature products at 20% off so make full advantage of this offer. Love nature body lotion is at 50% off. One of the product all females love to buy from Oriflame is the intimate wash as it helps in naturally balancing the pH level and helps you feel fresh and confident.

  • Oriflame has some of the wonderful hair care products. Oriflame shampoo is on offer. Those who are colouring their hair can use this opportunity and buy this wonderful product for themselves.
  • One of the products that I am using daily is NovAge. This product can give you a smooth and wrinkle free complexion and a 33% wrinkle reduction when you use this product. It is clinically proven and it gives a brighter looking skin and dark spots can be reduced by 50%.
  • This is the best product from the skin care range that Oriflame has to offer to the world. You can watch this NovAge video more information.

  • I feel that every lady should have the NovAge bright sublime set for herself. When you buy this set you save 2500 rupees and you can take good care of your skin and look younger.
  • Everybody knows about the Diamond cellular range of Oriflame. In the June catalogue you're getting 700 rupees count on this product. 
  • Royal velvet products are again on discount the current month catalogue.
  • Sometime back I had written about Optimals hydra products. This month you can get optimals Hydra moisture boosting serum at 30% off. I think it's a great deal you can afford it should buy this product.
  • Now for all college students I would recommend Pure Skin range. Whoever is above 15 years of age and who is having oily skin should use this products. This month if you buy one you will get 20 % discount and if you buy two or more of these products from pure skin range then you will get 30 % discount. I think this offer has never been seen before. It is worth grabbing this offer. 
  • Oriflame has a lot of products for men in the North for Men range. There are many amazing products for men in this range. Oriflame consultants in Mumbai Delhi Bangalore Chennai get a lot of orders from their male customers.
  • Now let's talk about Wellness buy Oriflame. In Oriflame we believe that it is very important to improve your health. To have good health and it is very important to have a combination of natural nutrients with the fusion of Science and nature. Nutrition shake high in protein, rich in fibre, serving 65 calories only. It has natural flavours and nutritional ingredients. It is gluten free and free from artificial colours and preservatives.

How to grow your Oriflame Business

Please go through these articles and watch the training videos as well

Wellness is very important in Oriflame

Please take the Oriflame shake with Omega 3 supplements in the morning. This is a healthy breakfast which I recommend all the women in india. I also recommend Swedish beauty Complex Plus for working women so that they can beat the stress improve the skin condition, endurance, and make the immune system strong.

  • An Oriflame wants all women to have great health, great beauty and lots of money to have a happy and successful life. So make Wellness shake and Omega 3 a part of your healthy breakfast everyday.
  • In this Oriflame Catalogue there are some special time offers valid from 1st to 15 July and others a valid from 16th till 31st July 2018. You can check them out on the last page of the Oriflame Catalogue for this month. 
  • I hope that this month to be a very prosperous and Happy month for all Oriflame Consultants in Delhi hyderabad Chennai ludhiana pune bangalore and rest of India. If you want to order anything from this month catalogue contact me whatsApp me. Yoyo online shopping with Oriflame blast and treat yourself with respect.

The current month Oriflame catalogue is about the Urban Beauty. Its time to relive the many interesting shades of a woman's life with Oriflame.

With the start of the rainy season, you will get a chance to put your hands on the new You Dazzle Umbrella. That's not all, the rest of the You Dazzle Collection is also as exciting. Check out the latest products and exclusive unbeatable offers from Oriflame Catalogue for July 2018!

Hope you have a wonderful time shopping beauty products with Oriflame! Click below to see the Online Stitch in Catalogue for June 2018

Oriflame Flyer for June 2018

Please feel free to call me to buy products from Oriflame July catalogue.

For buying products you can call me or Message  me

Mrs. Jashmi on  09820850522 

Posted by Mrs. +Jashmi Waghela
Oriflame Director

Join Oriflame in & get gifts with 4000

Dear Friends,

Oriflame Joining is free. When you Place your 1st Order of 2000 & above and start your journey with Oriflame. Plus you will get gifts worth 4157 in the first 3 months.

Would you like to get the gifts mentioned below?

Welcome Program 1 : On Completion of 100BP with in 30days of Joining you will get your Giordani Gold Jewel Lipstick any one shade of your choice plus Milk & Honey Gold Nourishing Hand & Body Cream total value Rs. 1077 for Rs. 100.

Welcome Program 2 : On Completion of 100 Bp in 2nd Month You will get Giordani Gold Eau de Perfume valued Rs 1890 for Rs. 100!

Welcome Program 3 : On Completion of 100Bp in 3rd Month you will get Ritu Kumar Hand Bag any one color valued Rs 2190 for Rs. 100!

Would u like to know how u can Join Oriflame & fulfill your Dream with Oriflame ?

For Joining you can call me or File up below mentioned Joining form

Posted By: +Jashmi Waghela
Oriflame Director

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

MLM Business Opportunities in India

Oriflame - Best MLM Business Opportunity in India

Oriflame is a big name when it comes to MLM Business in India. In my last post I explained you why Oriflame is the Best MLM Company to Join & Work. Today I will explain you how to succeed in any of the MLM business opportunities in India. 

You intention or goal is very important. Lets say you join Oriflame with the intention to make lots of money. If that is your intention, no matter what challenges come your way; you will be successful in dealing with them and be successful. This is true for any business but especially true in MLM. Have a intention to be a successful Oriflame consultant and become a Manager with Oriflame with my guidance.

Here is the Presentation: Oriflame MLM Business Opportunity in India

This PowerPoint is from MLM Leader Mrs JASHMI - who is a Director in Oriflame.

What do you need to be successful in MLM Business?

You must have a goal. I was very clear that I want to earn at least 5,00,000 per month from Oriflame. I started with a small goal of earning 25,000 per month. I achieved it in 3 months and then I set another higher goal. A small goal is easy to achieve. You must have a specific goal for the money you want to earn per month from Oriflame. A specific goal can motivate you and motivation is very powerful. It helps you achieve your goal faster.

Its important dream big but begin with a small goal in mind, say earning 10,000 per month. You will get success faster and success will increase your confidence. For 10,000 per month you need to become a Manager. That's possible in 3-6 months. You need to recruit 6 people and teach them to do the same.

Once you become Manager, your belief will be high. You can then help your 6 directs to become Manager. When you do that you will become Senior Manager. As a Senior Manager you can earn an income equal to or grater than salary form a full time job. You can earn 50,000 per month or more. How would your life be different when you start earning that kind of Income?

Oriflame is a long term Multi Level Marketing Business. Set goals, work on them, have patience and stick to the process. Keep recruiting and you will be successful like hundred's of other Managers, Senior Manager and Directors in my Oriflame team. As a Director you can earn in Lakhs. Lets not talk of higher levels right now. Lets take the first step now...

Want to get started with Oriflame which is one of the best MLM business Opportunities in India? Joining fee is zero and you can call me on 09820850522 to join Oriflame.

MLM Business Leader Mrs Jashmi
 Mrs. +Jashmi Waghela

Oriflame Director

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MLM Business in Surat, Gujarat

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

MLM Business in Surat, Gujarat

Oriflame is among top MLM Companies in Surat, Gujarat

I am really happy after visiting Surat. 200 People attended the Oriflame MLM Business Opportunity Meeting in Surat last week and their Lives Are Not The Same Anymore.

I've seen people from a lot of cities in my life......but I've never seen people so excited about MLM Business as in Surat. Oriflame Consultants and guests were screaming at the top of their lungs. The energy in the room was fantastic. And when they saw how they can benefit from Oriflame MLM Business in Surat, they we're fired up.

MLM Business Leader Mrs Jashmi in Surat, Gujarat, India
Even though I joined Oriflame in 2010, I feel its just a beginning. Everything I've seen until now has been a preparation for some thing big. If you've been searching for an MLM Companies in Surat that can make you financially free then Oriflame is worth taking a look.

Oriflame is growing its MLM Business in Surat, Baroda, Rajkot, Ahmedabad and other cities in Gujarat. Get in the game. This is the Right time. Call me Right now. Join the team Today.

WHY Oriflame?

  1. Oriflame is a industry leader.
  2. Its a product based company.
  3. Oriflame Completed 12 years in India
  4. Joining fee just 299
  5. Unlimited income!
  6. Exciting Bonus, with out time limit.
  7. People LOVE Oriflame Products
  8. Oriflame products are being used EVERYDAY 

Are YOU are looking for legitimate MLM Companies in Surat with a sustainable business? Watch This Presentation and See How you can get Started in Oriflame with Mrs Jashmi Or you can call Mrs Jashmi directly on 09820850522.

Here's my short introduction:

I was working with a financial institution. I started Oriflame part time. I reached the Manager level and took the Oriflame Academy Training. In this training I learned how to grow further. In 6 months I become a Senior Manager and then Director. I attended the Train The Trainer Program and I now Train my team myself. My team is spread all over India.

Posted by  Mrs. +Jashmi Waghela

Oriflame Director

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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Oriflame Dealers in Pune

Are you looking for Oriflame Dealers in Pune?

Now you can contact Oriflame Consultants in Pune to buy Products or to Join Oriflame Call 09820850522and now watch this presentation...!
View more presentations from JASHMI W

This presentation is a guide for anyone who want to join Oriflame in Pune. If you want to be a successful Oriflame Consultant in Pune then pay attention to each and every word of the presentation and absorb it. There is a lot money to be made an as Oriflame distributors here in Pune because it is a growing city with young working couples. Its a best place for Oriflame dealers for building a team. Even you can join Oriflame in Pune for Rs 299. Once you get your Oriflame Membership, Pune is full of call center, IT companies and working couples whom you can show the catalogue and get orders.

They need Oriflame Products because it is a known brand and has good quality products. Pune is a place to grow in Oriflame India, Pune is full of opportunities for Oriflame Consultants. You can build your team of Oriflame consultants and start earning monthly cheques from Oriflame. Pune is where I reached Senior Manager level in Oriflame. Pune is the place where I have a big team. My team in Pune can support you and even I can continue to guide you from time to time. This presentation has tips and success formulas for all Oriflame consultants in Pune.
Oriflame Dealers in Pune

Posted by  Mrs. +Jashmi Waghela

Oriflame Director

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Oriflame Membership Pune

Oriflame Membership in Pune is available!

Please go through this presentation and then you can contact me on the below number to join Oriflame and if you are only planning to by less than 2000 worth of products per month or alternate month then I would suggest you to just buy Oriflame Products in Pune from a Consultant like me.
This is a Training I did for Oriflame Consultants in Pune
This presentation from JASHMI is a guide for anyone who wants to be a successful Oriflame Consultant in Pune.

Oriflame Dealers in Pune who do the work seriously have a monthly income more that people who work in a full time job.

Many times women want to work from home especially after a baby. For them Oriflame is a good option. 
Oriflame Member


Mrs. +Jashmi Waghela