Tuesday, February 4, 2014

10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend

10 Valentines Day Gift Ideas for your Boyfriend 

If you are looking for Valentines Day gift ideas that will win the heart of your boyfriend then here is a list of 3 gift ideas that you can get on a good bargain.

First is Oriflame's Signature Heritage EDT which is for a man who always travels in style because it is not where you go but how you get there that's important.

The MRP of Signature Heritage is Rs 1890 but in the month of February it is available for Rs 1390 only.

The second gift idea for this Valentine's season is ECLAT Lui Edt
INR 1,599
75 ml
34  Points

The third gift for your boyfriend is Oriflame's Eikon EDT. It comes in a 75ml bottle full of masculine sensuality.

The fourth gift idea is Eikon It is available at a discount of Rs 200. MRP is 1990 and you get it for 1790 only!

Possess Eau de Parfum
INR 2,559
50 ml
54  Points

Rival from Oriflame. You boyfriend is a winner, who has the drive to push things forward and be a champion.

Giordani Gold Original Eau de Parfum
INR 1,919
50 ml
40  Points

Tycoon Eau de Toilette
INR 1,599
75 ml

Intense Oud Eau de Toilette
INR 1,279
75 ml
27  Points

Incognito for Him Eau de Toilette
INR 1,119
50 ml
23  Points

Giordani Gold Man Eau de Toilette
which is at INR 1,999 but it is available at a discount in February month you get it at INR 1,599
75 ml
34  Points

Possess Man Eau de Toilette
INR 2,719
75 ml
57  Points

Answer these questions about your boyfriend:

  • Does you boyfriend love challenge?
  • Does he come out on top time after time?
  • Is he attractive?
  • Is he the man who does it with style?

If yes, gift him a Perfume from Oriflame

How to buy Oriflame products?

  • Oriflame products are available through Oriflame Consultants in India. 
  • Call on 09820850522 to find a Oriflame consultant near you.
  • To order by courier, sms your full name, address and product name on 09820850522

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    Monday, February 3, 2014

    Oriflame Online Flyer 1st- 7th August 2018

    Online Flyer 1st- 7th August 2018

    These fabulous products are available to you at an all time low price, so this is your only chance to grab them before they're gone.

    This new online flyer is starting on 1st August at 10 am in the morning. Most Oriflame consultants are ready to place order as soon as online ordering starts.

    Oriflame online flyer brings a lot of excitement. Every month Oriflame consultants in Mumbai, Thane, Pune, etc wait eagerly for the Oriflame online flyer. And the Oriflame online flyer 1-7 May 2018 is not an exception.

    Oriflame Online Flyer 1st- 7th August 2018!

    Oriflame Online Flyer 1st- 7th August 2018

    • Oriflame Pure Colour Intense Lipstick Pretty Purple

      49% Off
      Rs. 214Rs. 109
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      • 30823
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    • Love Nature Lip Balm - Strawberry

      42% Off
      Rs.309Rs. 179
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    • Love Nature Lip Balm - Raspberry

      42% Off
      Rs.309Rs. 179
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      • 31077
      BP: 3
    • Oriflame Pure Colour Nail Polish Mini Serene Green

      50% Off
      Rs. 177Rs. 89
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      • 30804
      BP: 2
    • Professional Blending Brush

      52% Off
      Rs. 186Rs. 89
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      • 24146
      BP: 1
    • Glacier Anti-perspirant Roll-on Deodorant

      29% Off
      Rs. 209Rs. 149
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      • 32173
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    • Love Nature Body Lotion Energising Mint & Raspberry

      30% Off
      Rs.469Rs. 329
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    • Love Nature Cleansing Gel Aloe Vera

      38% Off
      Rs.355Rs. 219
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      • 32408
      BP: 4

    Oriflame online flyer brings a lot of excitement for Oriflame consultants in India. And the current month online flyer is not an exception.

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    Sometimes there is an online flyer even when you are not expecting a online flyer. Oriflame always surprises me.

    Place your order while stock is available. These fabulous products are all end-of-line, so this is your only chance to grab yours before they're gone.

    Join the Oriflame Community on Google Plus for updates!

    Join the Oriflame Community on Google Plus for updates


    New Oriflame Flyer

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    Validity: 1st- 7th August 2018
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    Oriflame Online Print flyer Validity: 1st- 7th August 2018

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    Online ordering will start from 10:00 AM
    All the products are ONLY available through online ordering
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    There are many good products in this Oriflame Online flyer for 1st - 7th August 2018. Enjoy shopping.

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