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We are inviting Guest Posts by Beauty Bloggers who would love to write for us. If you would like to contribute to our site you can submit a guest post related to beauty or cosmetics and get paid for it.

We have some basic rules for Guest Bloggers :

  1. Beauty Bloggers can send us a post related to beauty and if your post meets our standards we will post it along with your introduction and link to your blog at the end.
  2. We will accept Guest Posts that review Oriflame Products from women for women's products and from men for men's products.
  3. We will only accept guest posts from guest bloggers who have a blog related to beauty. Its better to let us know about your blog first and then write your guest post.
  4. Before you submit an article, you must make sure that the content is original and unique with minimum 500 words and at least 1 picture. It should not be a copy of some post from the internet.
  5. When you become a contributor we will give feedback (if any) only once. After that if you send a guest post that we do not find up to the mark we will not put more effort on giving feedback.
  6. Ready to right for us? Send your blog post on
  7. Contact us on WhatsApp Jashmi 9820850522, Sachin 9820850522

We really appreciate your desire to contribute to this site. Thanks for visiting this page. We hope to see you as a guest author to this blog.

We will promote your guest post to our readers by email, twitter, our facebook page, etc.

Jashmi and Sachin at Manali


  1. Greeting. I recently bought the Ecollagen wrinkle correcting cream SPF15. Its the second time Im using the product. However, I was very concerned about the smell this second time round. It did not have the nice scent of the usual product. the seal was still on when I bought it and it expires on 0118. Have you ever received any complaint of this nature? I stopped using this particular bottle because I am concerned there is something wrong.

  2. could you please let me know if i can share a product review video with you

    1. Yes you can. Just get in touch with me on 9820850522.


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