About Me

About Mrs Jashmi Waghela

My purpose is to guide women and men who want to make it big in Oriflame. Anyone who believes in himself or herself that you have the ability to reach the top is welcome to learn from me. I started as an ordinary Oriflame consultant and today I am a Gold Director in Oriflame.

The story of my journey in Oriflame...

I am Mrs Jashmi. I joined Oriflame because I liked Oriflame products. I was working with a bank at that time. We had very long working hours.

My husband was also working in a MNC as a Training Manager. Financially we had everything in life.

Jashmi and Sachin during Hong Kong & Macau Trip

I quit my full time safe and secure Bank job...

Sachin told me one day that if I wish I can work from home in Oriflame since my job was very stressful. He assured me that if I take it seriously, its possible to earn more than my salary in a business like Oriflame. He was confident because he had very good experience in this industry.

When I started circulating catalogues in my friend circle I got good orders. Some people would even laugh at me that I had left my bank job for doing Oriflame. I never bothered about negative people.

I was determined for success in Oriflame...

I started inviting people for joining Oriflame. I started building my team. Some people joined Oriflame and some did not join. Then with the help of my husband I launched my website. That was the turning point in my business.

Then the 2nd turning point was my introduction with my upline leader. One day I got a call from my Upline Leader Manisha. She started guiding me from that day onwards. I started conducting Oriflame product demonstrations and this helped me grow my business even faster.

Then I became an Senior Manager in Oriflame...

In just 10 months or so I started earning more than my salary. I wondered if by working in Oriflame for just a few months I can get more money than my full time job then what will happen if I continue to put my efforts in Oriflame for the next 2-5 years. I could imagine that I would make lots of money if I just continue to gave my full time in Oriflame.

Today I am a Director with Oriflame and my life style and the quality of my life is just amazing. I have time to do what I love to do and I am more than willing to guide women who want to work from home like me. Thanks Oriflame for transforming my life.

Jashmi Waghela
Jashmi and Sachin in London

Now I am guiding those who want to get this kind of success in Oriflame

I am reachable on jashmiw@gmail.com if you wish to work with me and get the kind of success I got with Oriflame! You can also call or WhatsApp me on 9820850522.

Mrs Jashmi
Oriflame Director