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Oriflame Online Flyer 14th - 17th May 2019

Oriflame Online Flyer 14th - 17th May 2019

Yesterday I was pleasantly surprised when Oriflame Online Flyer for 14th - 17th May 2019 was announced. I was not expecting it.

These fabulous Oriflame products are all end-of-line, so this is your only chance to grab them before they're gone. Products will be available only till stock last so place your order online on the Oriflame website.

Video of Oriflame Online Flyer 14th - 17th May 2019

Oriflame Weekend Sale  - Upto 70% OFF

  • The ONE Nail Buffer 40% Off
  • Spirit Wallet 50% Off
  • Oriflame Pure Colour Lipstick 49% Off
  • Professional Foundation Brush 44% Off
  • Pure Colour Nail Polish Mini 44% Off
  • M&H Gold Moisturising Shower Cream 42% Off


There are many attractive products in the Oriflame Online Flyer with UPTO 50% discounts.

Oriflame Online Flyer 21st - 22nd July 2018 Video

How to benefit from Oriflame Online Flyer for Today!

Oriflame online flyer has started today. We know that Oriflame consultant in India eagerly wait for the online flyer. Sometimes even after waiting for many days there is no announcement about the online flyer. But today Oriflame has given a surprise to Oriflame consultant in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Calcutta, etc.

Everybody is excited about the Online Flyer. 

Most people have collected a significant amount of order for the products from the Oriflame catalogue and now added products form the online flyer too. Now most Oriflame dealers will place their order online. There is a big jump in sales always happens online flyer.

Make the most out of the Online flyer today

Today is the day to make the most of this online flyer opportunity. If you are a manager in Oriflame then you should inform everyone in your team about the online flyer.

Don't just send them a WhatsApp message. We get so many messages everyday so it is easy to miss important things so I don't want you to only rely on WhatsApp message if you are serious about the Oriflame business.

Call the Oriflame members in your team and speak to them personally. This shows that you care for them. This makes you stand apart from other Oriflame managers who don't inform that teammates about important updates on Oriflame.

Communication is one of the most important things in life.

You need to be in communication with each and every person in the team. Oriflame is not only about money.

  • Oriflame is about about helping each other. 
  • Oriflame is about encouraging each other. 
  • Oriflame is about empowering women. 
  • Oriflame is about teamwork. 
  • Oriflame is About making new friends and nurturing relationships. 
  • Oriflame is a journey towards your goals. 

Hit your goal for this month

May have thought of a goal for this month. It may be reaching 6% level or 9% level or 12% level or 15% level or 18% level or 22% level. The Oriflame online flyer that has come today can be used as a tool to go 1 step further to your goal. Off course month end is the time when all last minute sale happens but it it better to be proactive and reach your goals early in the month.

Oriflame is all about moving forward and accomplishing progressive goals in life. 

Most people join as a Oriflame consultant and go on to become a manager in Oriflame. Those who reach the manager level can then work towards the senior manager level. From this level onwards the real journey of Oriflame starts.

Now you start to earn really great income from Oriflame. To reach this level you need dedication and commitment. You have to think positive and everyday you have to take some action. If you are in my team, you must be getting assignments in the whatsapp group. You must complete all assignments daily. You must dedicate a few hours for achieving your goals in Oriflame.

New consistently keep taking action day by day closer and closer to your goal. The next Big level is the oriflame Gold director level. This level you start to get the opportunity to qualify for international trips with Oriflame

Oriflame Online Flyer 1st - 7th July 2018!

Oriflame Online Flyer 1st - 7th July 2018

Oriflame India is out with yet another online flyer from 1st - 7th July 2018. In this special online flyer there is a huge discount on products. 

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Watch this video


Please Note:
Offer valid till stocks last
Online ordering will start at 10:00 AM
All the products are ONLY available through online ordering

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Thursday, April 24, 2014

Oriflame Espionage and Voyager Perfume for Royal Men

Oriflame Espionage and Voyager Perfume for Royal Men

Men are not born with royalty and sophistication…. It is suppose to be acquired in their own unique charm. Like wildlife is incomplete without a roar of lion, similarly a man is not a perfect man if he doesn't wear an adequate fragrance. 

So, all my guys’ friends out there who are set on mark to face some eye opening facts are warmly invited to attend my session with the help of this article. 

I firmly believe that fragrance and a royal good perfume aids men to create their charm and . Fragrance is a very prominent part to build a man’s persona.

This summer Oriflame brings impeccable selection of perfumes launched exclusively for men. All sensational men out there who wish to turn charming faces in an unusual attractive manner towards them are compelled to try this perfect mixture of liquid called Oriflame ESPIONAGE perfume. 

Oriflame Perfumes for Women

Its stakes are very high but you have got it under control save the day ….and win the girl. This essence gives man a sense of accomplishment and confidence. For the man’s mystery there is only one scent called ORIFLAME ESPIONAGE.


ESPIONAGE EAU DE TOILETTE IS derived from its evocative, aromatic clary sage tones and marine breeze accord heart. Its strong smell sets the scene for covert operations, later it slides into urbane amber….which fills a man with sense of perfection.  

This perfume is for those men who are young and full of blood and have a chocolaty appearance this is the perfect aromatic mixture….go and get it and enjoy girl’s attention and a bucket full of compliments.

All guys this is  a golden opportunity which Oriflame has provided you this summer. Just go and grab these perfumes and acquire refreshing look this season.

Signing Off
Ghazal Srivastava….

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