Thursday, April 3, 2014

Organic Skin Care Products in India

Why use Organic Products?

Organic cosmetic and skin care products are free from 

  • synthetic ingredients, 
  • chemicals, 
  • heavy metals, 
  • dyes.

Organic products are known to be safe as they don’t include any toxic chemicals; they are prepared with pure organic produces.

People with the sensitive skin type can opt for organic skin care products as they have the potential to reduce irritation caused due to chemicals.

Organic skin care products are available in India. They offer extra nourishment to your skin and keep it fresh and young. They aim to maintain the health and radiance of the skin.

Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold range has brought yet another organic product which contains milk and honey extracts. This Organic Personal Care Products provides a natural and ecological way to achieve beauty.

Oriflame Milk & Honey Gold shower cream will make you feel fresh whole day.

  • It contains natural extracts of honey. Honey’s softening and smoothing properties have been used since ancient times to pamper and improve sin’s appearance.
  • It also contains Organic milk extracts which softens and moisturizes, locking in moisture when used in conjunction with Honey.

Its product code is-15579

Your shower becomes an oasis of luxury as you cleanse and condition your skin with this sumptuous shower cream.

Oriflame has a wide range of Organic products that are available in India through Oriflame consultants.

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  • organic personal care products 
  • organic hair care products 
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Click here to check out the Oriflame catalogue online and to Order Oriflame Products or find an Oriflame Consultant near you call us on 09820850522 or email us on

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  1. Hi, Great post. After reading this blog, I am planning to start using organic products. Is there any way to find the difference between organic and conventional products. Thanks for sharing useful information. Keep blogging.

    Sathish from Organic Skin Care Products

  2. Choosing beauty products is really a big deal. Thanks for sharing this information. It’s really help to save time for searching right products. Keep blogging.
    Baby Care Products Online | Personal Care Products Online


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