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Set your skin free with the range of exclusive Oriflame Sun zone lotion, which comes in a kit of 3 tubes. These 3 magnifying lotions consist of various range of SPFs. It nourishes, moisturizes as well as defends your sun sensitive skin from bright sun. The haute curry spring summer, collection from Oriflame brings sun-zone UV protector kit with high SPF of 50.

This sun-zone kit comes in the combination of 3 tubes and each tube has its own significance. Let’s talk about each in detail and believe me girls it assures you proper UV protector shield. 

1.      The very first tube contains UV protector cream for face and other exposed areas. It will protect your skin against Ultra violet damage as it is dermatologically tested with high SPF zone of 50. It prevents the damage of cells and tissues from harmful sun rays. Further formulated with skin softening actives. This month it offers a discount of 20% on its purchase.

·        High SPF of 50 against UV rays.
·        Dermatoligically tested                                                
·        Cellular protection technology
·        Long lasting

·       Non sticky
·       Water resistant\ sweat resistant
·       Color free formula
·       Fast absorbing texture.
2.    Second tube in the kit contains sun-zone lotion for face and body. It has a light texture and non sticky formula that melts into the skin, moisturizes and provides moderate sun protection against UV rays with SPF 15. This month Oriflame offers you a discount of 30% on purchase.

·       Medium SPF of 15
·       Moderate formula
·       Dermatoligically tested
·       Cellular protection technology
·       Long lasting

·                                               *  Non sticky
·                                                *  Water/sweat resistant
·                                                 *  Color free formula
·                                               *      Skin absorbent

3    3.   Upper two tubes describe few remedies to safeguard your skin and body under sun. However it is important to hydrate your body and face, when you are not under influence of sun. Oriflame takes care of small of the smallest requirement of our body and face, at all times. First time Oriflame has launched After Sun cream, which is the 3rd tube in this kit. It would give your skin an instant relieve feel of this intensively re-hydrating formula with natural aloe-Vera. Leaves your skin visibly recovered from stress of sun exposure, soothed and calm. It is an intensive balm for face and body, which has hydrating and body formulation.

·         Relieves Discomfort
·         Calms redness
·         Soothes skin
·         Dermatoligically tested


·        * Rich in Hydrating and calming formulation
·        * Aloe Vera
·         *Gentle on skin
·        * Prevent skin dryness
·        * Prolong tan

Go scarf less this summer and face the sun with Confidence. Grab the kit this summer and feel the difference……

Signing Off……Ghazal Srivastava


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