Saturday, June 30, 2012

7 Easy Tips to Join Oriflame & Start Business

Try these 7 Oriflame Business Tips! 

To help you get a successful start, I would like to give 7 Easy tips to start your Own business by a small investment of your time, effort and you can earn thousands of Rupees by working from home.

Watch this Oriflame Opportunity Video then read all the basic Oriflame business tips and tricks below.

                                                                        1 STEP
File up Oriflame joining  form. Please open click on this link  Oriflame Joining Form  
 And join Oriflame & get your business started and to know more about Oriflame from me and see my video on how you can start earning through Oriflame catalogue.  

Make list of 30 people to whom you wish to show very existing Oriflame catalogue like your friends, relatives, neighbor etc. Meet them personally  show them current month catalogue and give free advice about Oriflame products  like skin care , body care, hair care make-up, fragrances etc, than you  keep that catalogue with them for at least 1 day to get more amount of order from them. 

Meet again your friends and collect good amount of order from them and this time you can show current month very existing joining offer. And how they earn maximum amount in just few hours of work. 

Calculate your total order collected order from you friends and neighbor, relatives etc. & your personal use products from current month catalogue. 

Login in to Oriflame website & place your order of Oriflame products. (weekly one order). VERY Important while placing 1st order book 20 catalogue for next month to get more order and new prospects. Watch this Video...

Again meet your Oriflame customers and delivery products and give them tips how to use products. And give them new next month catalogue. Take 5 to 20 reference from your customer to whom they want to share this opportunity for buying or joining Oriflame & earning unlimited income. And do the same thing with that reference.

This is step where you will get your welcome program gifts for your last month less effort. While putting your next month 1st order you can book your welcome program gift.after 30 days of completion of 100 business points.  

Next tips for successful Oriflame business you will get once you join my group and be a part of my facebook group.

Warm welcome and best wishes for success and prosperity with Oriflame. 

Posted  by Mrs +Jashmi Waghela 
Oriflame Director

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  1. I liked the 7 tips you shared for new Oriflame consultants. Its so nice to know that its so easy to join Oriflame in India.


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