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Oriflame EcoBeauty Products Review

Oriflame EcoBeauty Products Review

It is said that nature has all the answers, indeed! Oriflame presents to you the whole range of eco-beauty products crafted with natural and organic origin. This paraben-free, mildly fragranced range covers everything you need for your routine skin care.

This range of EcoBeauty products by Oriflame is crafted scientifically and meticulously with all vitamins and nutrients required for a naturally healthy and radiant skin. Moreover, each EcoBeauty product contains two key ingredients carefully selected for their unique effects on the skin.

The Oriflame EcoBeauty regime includes - cleansing milk, face cream, serum, toner and eye cream.

Oriflame EcoBeauty Cleansing Milk

Description and Key Ingredients

The rich creamy cleansing milk rules out all the makeup and impurities from your skin, including the eye makeup. The combination of organic Sunflower seed oil and organic Cornflower water soothes, protects and conditions the skin respectively.

How to use

Take a small quantity of the cleansing milk on a cotton pad and wipe over the face and neck. You can also gently use it over the eyes for removing the eye makeup if you are wearing any.

It can be used both, in the morning as well as in the evening.

Oriflame EcoBeauty Toner

Description and Key Ingredients

As the rose brings a cheerful smile on the face, so does the Oriflame EcoBeauty Toner infused with Rosewater, Chamomile water and antioxidants. It results in the refreshing, soothing and supple looking skin. Rosewater helps in toning the skin and Chamomile's sugars help in moisturising the skin.

Apply this mildly fragrant toner on cleansed skin using a cotton pad. Ideal to use after EcoBeauty Cleansing Milk.

Oriflame EcoBeauty Serum

Description and Key Ingredients

The EcoBeauty toner is formulated to give a radiant, revived and refreshed skin instantly with the ingredients like Evening Primrose Oil and moisture-rich Aloe Vera extract.It is light and cooling serum enriched with antioxidants.

How to use

Take a little amount and apply it all over face and neck. Ideal to use before face cream or overnight treatment.

Oriflame EcoBeauty Face Cream

Description and Key Ingredients

Formulated with Arctic Lingonberry and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oil for intense moisturisation. Also charged with natural oils rich in antioxidants, Vitamin E and essential fatty acids to replenish the skin. An overall formula for a velvety, flawless and glowing skin.

How to use

Gently apply on face and neck until completely absorbed. Use it morning post cleansing, toning and application of eye cream and serum.

Oriflame EcoBeauty Eye Cream

Description and Key Ingredients

EcoBeauty Eye Cream, "An instant pick-me-up for tired skin" makes your delicate skin, around the eyes smoother and radiant. It is rich in anti-oxidants, Arctic Lingonberry and Sea Buckthorn Seed Oils aiding in re-energising the skin around the eyes and reducing the signs of fatigue. They are also rich in two essential fatty acids (Linoleic and Alpha-Linolenic Acid) which are important for a healthy and moisturised skin.

As said, eyes are the doorways to your soul, so go ahead and nourish your tired looking dull skin around the eyes with the Oriflame EcoBeauty Eye Cream!

How to use

Only dab a little amount on your eye contour area every morning and evening, avoiding eyelids and inside your eyes.

How to buy Oriflame Eco Beauty Products 

The Oriflame EcoBeauty Range delivers spell-bounding results the natural way and are suitable for all skin types.

To Order Oriflame EcoBeauty Products or find an Oriflame Consultant near you call or WhatsApp us on 09820850522 or email us on

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