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Oriflame Incognito Perfume for Him and Her

Oriflame Incognito Perfume for Him and Her

Oriflame Incognito perfume for him and her is a new and refreshing fragrance. I love Oriflame perfumes. And I have included incognito in the list of best Oriflame perfumes of all times.

Oriflame has an amazing collection of perfumes for men and women. Incognito perfume is a welcome addition and both ladies and gents love this perfume. In fact many of my regular customers from all over India have shown a lot of interest in Incognito perfume.

In the Incognito for him and her perfume the top note is ground Physalis, the middle note is cedar leaves and the best note is Pancholi.

One of my customer from Chennai who regularly buys the Love Potion perfume from me told me one day 'A good perfume gives identity to your personality'.

I also believe that it is true. When you experience the fragrance of perfumes like Incognito it gives you a deep sense of confidence, sophistication and luxury. It gives a new charm to your personality. Perfume loves will agree with me, isn't it?

When you are wearing a perfume it gives you a invisible form of respect from others. Successful people are obsessed buy perfumes because it give them a undue advantage in dealing with others.

If you try this fascinating Incognito Perfume you might fall in love with it and it might even become your obsession. If you imagine yourself as a Spy then the Incognito perfume can make you feel like one.

Oriflame Incognito for Her Review

Incognito perfume has a wonderful blend of notes. Incognito perfume for women can make man crazy when you wear it. But it is very subtle so the conscious mind may not even notice.

The Incognito for her perfume is for a young lady. It can be a good gift for your wife or your girlfriend. It can be a wedding gift or an anniversary gift. It is a very good perfume for ladies.

The Incognito perfume is a blend of floral and fruity fragrance coming from praline, lily of the valley and physalis.

Oriflame Incognito for Him Review

The Incognito perfume for men has a mystical charm that you will find difficult to resist. It's a wonderful gift idea for the Raksha Bandhan festival and if you are in some other country and you want to send this as a gift to someone you care for, I can help you in that. I have many customers overseas who send gifts to their loved ones in India.

The best thing about the Oriflame Incognito perfume for men is that it has the right amount of intensity and the right mix of notes.

The Incognito perfume for him is among the top 10 perfumes for men from Oriflame. It can be a good gift if you want to give a perfume for your boyfriends birthday. Your boyfriend will use it day and night and will remember you every time he touches the perfume.

Incognito perfume is a good perfume for everyday use and in the price range of 1000 to 1500 the Incognito perfume is a very good perfume for this price.

Packaging of Oriflame Incognito perfume for him and her

The Incognito perfume comes in a beautiful bottle and the box also impressive. If you are giving the Incognito perfume as a Raksha Bandhan gift to your brother or sister then I can give you a gift packing for this that is apt for this occasion.

How to order Incognito perfume in India

You can order this Incognito perfume for him or her from me. If you are a Oriflame consultant you can also buy it online from the Oriflame website and I can help you become a member in Oriflame but it will be useful only if you regularly buy Oriflame products in India.

If you are not an Oriflame consultant then you can place your order with me and you will get free home delivery.

Payment can be done online or through Paytm app.

To Order Oriflame Products or find an Oriflame Consultant near you call or WhatsApp me on 09820850522 or email us on

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