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How to do Oriflame Business Online

How to do Oriflame Business Online

Today I am going to share with you how to do the Oriflame business online. Eight years back when I joined Oriflame I made a list of people I knew and I started circulating catalogue to them and I started getting orders. But I wanted to grow faster and earn more...

So I was wondering how I can get more orders and how I can recruit more people in Oriflame? That's when I decided to build my own home on the internet. That is my website or to be more precise a Blog. My husband helped me design a simple and beautiful blog.

I started writing articles about Oriflame on my blog.

I keep updating it with the latest offers in Oriflame, new products that are launched in Oriflame and I updated the blog posts whenever there is a new online flyer in Oriflame and also in the beginning of the month when the new Oriflame Catalogue is launched.

After sometime my beauty blog started to becoming more and more popular.  The visitors to my blog started increasing. And people started to call me to buy Oriflame products and to become a member of Oriflame.

Many of these people became my good friends and my Oriflame business took off. Every now and then I try to put some interesting information on my blog for my readers so that they can benefit from this information. That is the reason that people keep coming back to my blog again and again, month after month.

How can you do the same? 

Just watch this video of a training done by Sachin on how to do Oriflame business online.

Part 2

I welcome ideas and feedback from blog readers

Many of my readers give me a very good feedback about my blog and encouraged me. Sometimes some of my readers also gave me ideas for new articles and I really appreciate them till date. You are also welcome to share with me ideas for topics that you would like me to write about.

I have written many reviews of Oriflame skin care products and many times there are requests from Oriflame consultant to write a review on a some new product of Oriflame.

I welcome ideas and I am really thankful to all my readers for making website and my YouTube Channel so interesting and useful for Oriflame consultants in India.

I want to inspire lots and lots of women in India.

When I am able to help women in starting the Oriflame business and be financially independent I feel very good. I love to work with those who tell me that they want to join Oriflame to be financially independent and have their my own identity. Many of my team members are now earning very well from Oriflame.

In Oriflame we get recognized for our efforts. I have seen it many times that a working woman or a simple house wife joins Oriflame and slowly her income starts increasing. And sometimes her income exceeds her husband's income also. Many husbands are then even more proud of their wife!

After this many men also start contributing in the Oriflame business with their wife and when they get involved in the business and work as a couple, it starts to grow even more. This is the most exciting time in the life of an Oriflame consultant.

How to go for Foreign Trips with Oriflame

When you become Gold Director you get the opportunity to travel to foreign countries. For a foreign trip with Oriflame, you can qualify as a couple and you can take your husband along with you to a foreign country.

Oriflame sponsored trip is really amazing. I have travel to many countries with Oriflame including Denmark, Sweden, Turkey, Greece, etc and I am telling you it is really beautiful and amazing experience to go in an Oriflame conference.

And all this was possible because I expanded my business beyond the people that I know personally. I expand my online presence with my website as well as my Facebook page. I hope you are inspired by my success story.

I want you to challenge yourself and walk on the path on which I have traveled. I welcome you to my team. I am ready to guide you if you have a big dream and you are ready to put the time, money and effort to reach your goal.

How to develop your own website or blog?

Nowadays it is very easy to develop your own blog. All it takes is an expert guidance form someone who has done it. If  you want to create your own website / blog I would suggest that you take my 1 year long Blogging Training.

In this training I and my team will teach you for 1 full year how to develop your blog and grow your Oriflame business online. It is a step by step training. I feel is very easy to learn and also very cost effective service. You can contact me if you are interested in this.

Social Media Training from Oriflame

There is also some basic training available online in the members section of the Oriflame website regarding social media marketing. Just login to your account and click on the training tab then click on social media training.

You can download the social media modules:

  • How to prospect on Facebook
  • How to promote yourself on Facebook part 1
  • How to promote yourself on Facebook part 2
  • How to create an event on Facebook
  • How to use Instagram for Oriflame business

The social media training will help you to grow your Oriflame business using tools like Facebook and Instagram. Before you do that check out the guidelines for consultants in India from Oriflame.

Grow your business using Facebook

The next thing that I would recommend to you is developing your Facebook page. Just look at my Facebook page and create a similar page. Just take help of one of your family members or someone from your friend circle for this. Make sure you adhere to the guidelines Oriflame in this regard. Do not put the word Oriflame in the title or link.

You can grow faster on Facebook using Facebook Ads. To grow your business you will have to learn new things and spend some money, time and effort in it. With Facebook ads you can find people who are interested in Oriflame products and also those who want to join Oriflame. When you take the below training you will learn how this works exactly. Just check the below link and register for this training. When you apply what you learn in your business, you can get amazing success in Oriflame.

To turn your dreams into reality you have to take action. Your life will more forward as you keep taking actions that help you progress on the path to success.

Hope you found this post informative. If you have any questions please write a comment below or email me on

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