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Biz tips for Oriflame Consultants in India

Biz tips for Oriflame Consultants in India

Let me give you a few business tips that has made many people successful in my Oriflame team which is spread all across India.

People don't believe that they can get success in Oriflame or become a manager in Oriflame in the beginning. This is due to negative programming of the past.

Oriflame Business Tip No 1

Reminding yourself of your goal, reading affirmations and doing meditation will reprogram your mind for success. You have to act like the person you want to become. Start acting like the person you wish to become from today in everything you do and every decision you make. This is the biggest tip I can give you today.

Ask yourself, how would you talk, walk, dress and act when you achieve your goal of becoming a manager? Think about this for the next 24 hours. When you do this you will have a positive energy that will be contagious to others and others will respond to you more positively.

Oriflame Business Tip No 2

Master the Art of Cataloge Circulation. Watch this video several times to understand this and then implement it in your Oriflame business.

Oriflame Business Tip No 3

First of all you should plan your month and then you should do your best to reach your monthly goal you have set for the month.

In Oriflame more than 50% of the sale happens in the first few days and then the last few days of the month. The Oriflame products that are on offer in the current Oriflame catalogue may not be an offer in the next month so Oriflame Consultants and customers get excited to see the Oriflame catalogue each month.

Many Oriflame consultants and VIP customers also place huge orders in the last moment. Just by sharing the catalogue to few more people in the last few days also people can get more and more orders.

Oriflame Business Tip No 4

If you have new consultants in your team you should guide them so that they can complete their welcome program by doing or completing their hundred points and get welcome program gifts.

If you are near 150 points, then you should complete it because you get two products at 40% discount in the next month as per the business class offer. This is big profit because in addition to that you get 20% additional discount. And if you can do 200 points then that is called super business class and you get 3  products at 40% off. Smart Consultants make sure they do at least 150 points to get these additional benefits.

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Oriflame Business Tip No 5

Look at your group points, if you are near 600 points then you should complete that the help of the consultants in your team and reach 6% level in Oriflame. This is the first major success for an oriflame consultant.

If your aim is 9% level then you will complete 1200 points. And if your goal is to become a manager this month then you will complete 2400 points.

Lastly it is important to plan your next month. Decide how many points we will do personally. How many group points you will do with your team? What activities you are going to do, online and offline? How much will invest in tools like catalogues, etc.

You can also help the people in your team to set there goes for next month so that keep making progress higher levels in Oriflame.

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