Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Benefit of doing 150 Points (Business Class)

Do you know about Oriflame Business Class?

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Today I am going to answer an email from Priyanka. She has 2 questions, 1 about Oriflame Welcome Program and 2 about Oriflame Business Class. I was happy to know that Priyanka has completed 102 points in her first month in Oriflame! 

Regarding her question about Welcome Program gift- since you have just joined in Oriflame this month and completed 100 BP, you will get your welcome program gift when you place your first order in next month. 

Benefit of doing 150 Points (Business Class):

  • You will get any 1 product of your choice at 50% discount in the next month.
  • You can get products that are going to be launched in advance
  • You get samples and business tools at a discount.
  • This is known as Oriflame Business Class.
  • The Oriflame Business Class offer is different every month. You can check out the details every month in the 'Current Month Offers' page on the Oriflame website.
See this presentation to find out how you can do Oriflame Business Class every month:

Benefit of doing 200 Points or more:
  • You get 3% commission on group sales.
  • Next levels are 6%, 9%, 12%, 15%, 18% & 21%
  • Have a look at Points Table in the Price List for more details.

Hope this answers your question. Feel free to write to me on jashmiw@gmail.com if you have any other questions.

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On Tue, Mar 19, 2013 at 5:05 AM, Priyanka  wrote:
Hi Jashmi,
Please guide me about following query. My details are given below.

I just wanted to know that as of now I have completed 102 pts in my first month. So, how to avail the offer of step 1: lipstick & foundation. Also, what are the benefits if I complete 150 pts. & 200 pts in this month.


  1. Really Thanks for the Information..

  2. Hi Jashmi..Nice informative article..I have a question..Where can I see my total earned points in my login.In case I complete 200 points and there is no network chain below to me, will I get 3% fixed income? If not what are the pre-requisites.


    1. On login you can see immediately. And you can get 3% commission but if you want to make it big in Oriflame then you have to build a team.

  3. hi
    i wanted to know about business class.. and what is the meaning of "Get any 2 product at 40% from March 2016 catalogue; which can be availed in any single order placed over the handling fee limit, that is, Rs. 1500/-". do we have to purchase a single product costing Rs. 1500/- or a accumulated order of Rs. 1500/-. please help

    1. If you do 150 points in any month then you can get any 1 or 2 products at 40% or 50% discount. That is your reward. It depends on the offer in that month.

  4. Hi Jashmi.. I have a same question..Where can I see my total earned points in my login.In case I complete 200 points and there is no network chain below to me, will I get 3% fixed income? This is my first month

  5. Hi Jashmi
    I am interested to join in oriflame.. kindly let me know what's the difference between consultant and selling person..is there any fixed salary ya everything is depending upon sell.. how to join.. because I am from Kolkata. But I currently live in HYDERABAD.
    Please help.

  6. Hello, if i do 200BP in month, will my percentage increase by the next month? and if i am on 3% alone how will they calculate for the commission?


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