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Oriflame Love Nature Facial Kit Tea Tree

Oriflame Love Nature Facial Kit - Tea Tree

Skincare routine has become inevitable in these times. It may be due to global warming, stressful lifestyle and pollution in cities. Oriflame Love Nature Facial kit helps you deal with these problems.

Looking good is every person's desire however they wished to have a longer day! The busy lifestyles may result in neglecting your skin care but the amazing results of 'Oriflame.

You'll love to make Love Nature Facial Kit part of your daily routine. Love Nature Facial kit is ideal for any age group with combination to oily skin type.

Love Nature products provides moisturiation and is suitable for problematic skin. Oriflame Love Nature products help in reducing darkness to some extent by purifying the skin and controlling excess oil leaving it radiant and healthy-looking. It is dermatologically tested.

The Oriflame Love Nature Facial kit contains 4 items. A cleanser, a scrub, a face massage cream and a face mask; all with tea tree oil extracts. Tea tree oil is well known for its antibacterial properties and hence helps target blemishes and purify oily skin

Procedure of use Oriflame Love Nature Facial Kit

Lets see how you can do this facial at home by yourself. The first product to use in this kit is the Love Nature cleansing gel which comes in a 100ml tube pack. 
Love Nature cleansing gel

It is a gel-based foaming cleanser which not only removes impurities but also helps in controlling excess sebum. It helps to achieve a blemish-free skin and removes excess oil without leaving your skin feeling dry. 

Apply Love Nature cleansing gel to wet skin in a circular motion on cheeks and criss-cross motion on the nose and then rinse with water.

Similarly available in tube pack of 100 gms is the Love Nature scrub which aids in exfoliating the skin off dirt and dead skin cells. Though it is a scrub, its particles are soft and not harsh or abrasive to the skin. Massage it on the face for about 4-5 minutes and then rinse off with water.

Love Nature Face Massage Cream is a light yet effective moisturiser which seeps into the skin easily without giving a greasy look. 

Massage Love Nature Face Massage Cream  on the face for 10-15 minutes and then gently wipe it off.
Oriflame Love Nature face lotion

The final step is using the Oriflame  Love Nature face mask or lets say the 'purifying' mask. It does dry after 10-15 minutes of application but it will not crinkle, unlike other mud/clay masks. 

Oriflame Love Nature face mask forms a jelly-like (soft) layer when dries and leaves your skin soft and supple post wash. It will hydrate and revitalize your skin.

Apply Oriflame Love Nature face mask gently covering the entire face, be cautious while applying around the eyes. Leave it on for 1-15 minutes until it dries and then wipe it off with wet tissue and voila! experience a fresh, soothing, charming face!

Thus use 'Oriflame Love Nature Facial Kit - Tea Tree' to pamper your skin and get your entire skin care sorted out a healthy way! You can buy Oriflame products online or from an Oriflame Consultant in India.

How to buy Oriflame Love Nature Facial Kit Tea Tree

If you love Oriflame products and you want to do the Oriflame business you can become a Oriflame consultant and you can order all Oriflame products for yourself and your customers.

Buy Oriflame Love Nature Facial Kit

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