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Oriflame Sponsor Benefits July 2018

Oriflame Sponsor Benefits July 2018

What I like most about Oriflame is that film gives you a reason to be excited every month. This month again Oriflame has announced the new Oriflame sponsor offer starting on 1st July and will end on 10th of August 2018.

What is The Oriflame sponsor offer?

The Oriflame sponsor offer means that you can sponsor anyone in Oriflame in your downline and support them in learning the Oriflame business and getting the welcome program gifts. Venue Do this you get Oriflame sponsor gifts worth 1000's of rupees.

New Oriflame sponsor program is announced every 2 or 3 months. This is a time when Oriflame Consultants from all over India Mumbai Delhi Bangalore Hyderabad all out to recruit new Oriflame Consultants in their team.

Oriflame Sponcer program for July 2018

Sponsor Two people main qualifying welcome program one and get royal blue small handbag valued 1899 at just rupees 200.

Four people and support them to qualify welcome program step 1 and get royal blue handbag and royal blue small handbag valued 4098 at just rs 200

And I feel that Oriflame consultants should take maximum of the Oriflame sponsor program and get maximum gifts for themselves. 

This time Oriflame has brought the royal blue collection which is branded as your armour for luxury and Elegance in this summer. 

The marketing team in Oriflame give some exciting name for each sponsor program. They are very creative. However for Oriflame Consultants in Pune Ludhiana Jaipur Nagpur Aurangabad, Kolkata Noida Gurgaon and other cities sponsor program for Oriflame means that they will get new purses bags and accessories. 

Even if you are a new consultant in Oriflame you can easily recruit team and support them to complete hundred points and get the sponsor gift. If you recruit 4 new people you get more gifts. Which is exciting.

The real benefit of sponsor program of Oriflame

What is more exciting is that start to progress in the success plan of Oriflame. You read the 6% level which is the beginning of cheques from Oriflame.

For those who are already at 6% level move to the 9% level and so on to 12% manager-level then 15% manager level, 18% manager-level and 22% senior manager-level & beyond.

How to recruit more people in Oriflame

Oriflame is a business of catalogue circulation. The more catalogues you recirculate the more orders you get and the more people join in your team. 

Watch this video for more details

Is that the more you share about this oriflame business opportunity two people in a circle people will join in your team.

There are many benefits of joining Oriflame you can share those with the people around you so that they can see how it is beneficial for them.

Watch this video to see some of the benefits of Oriflame that you can friends family members relatives neighbors colleagues and even strangers.

Terms and conditions of Oriflame sponsor program

You can check out the details terms and conditions on the Oriflame website however the main points are as follows
  • It is a voluntary program
  • It's only for Oriflame consultants in India
  • The offer is valid in multiples only when is join people in multiples of 4
  • You can pick up your gifts in the next month with an order of 1500 and above.

It is my desire that each and every Oriflame consultant you take advantage of the Oriflame sponsor offer and get the sponsor gifts from Oriflame. 

I wish you all the best and lots of success in the Oriflame sponsor offer for July 2018.

Oriflame Director

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