Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Oriflame Nail Care Products I Love

Oriflame Gives You Food for Your Nails

Now-a-days all women take care for their nails due to increased awareness. Every girl wants her nail to be perfect. She takes care of her nails like her child. She applies nail paints regularly. So this post is for all the women who take care of their nails.

A powerful woman should be two things: determination and gorgeous nails for total confidence when it's time for a triumphant handshake !!!

To take care of your nails, you have to follow some easy steps....

  1. Remove your nail polish with Oriflame nail polish remover, leaving the skin around your nails to be smooth and soft. 
  2. Then remove any left over stains and make your nails whiter by applying Oriflame nail whitener then wait for about 3 minutes to peel it off. The product code of Oriflame Nail Whitener is-24696

Oriflame Nail Whitener

3. To keep your nail polish longer, apply Oriflame Beauty Crystal Base & Top Coat. It contains diamond powder for a hard wearing finish. The product code is-18927

4. Apply your nail polish and wait for 60 seconds. After this apply Oriflame Beauty Crystal Base & Top coat again.

5. To keep your nails stronger and harder apply Oriflame Beauty Nail Shield. Its a hardener, strengthener, protector and ridge filler, all in one. It has strengthening calcium and vitamin E. The product code is-18935
Oriflame Beauty Nail Shield

 6. As we need food for living, our nails also needs food for its nourishment. Oriflame provides a product called Oriflame Beauty Nail food which revitalizes and nourishes weak nails. It contains nourishing natural berry oils. Its non-   greasy and absorbs quickly. Apply Oriflame Beauty Nail Food thrice a week. Its product code is-18937
Oriflame Beauty Nail food

No matter how much work you may have, you and your nails can withhold anything when you take care of them! Have long lasting nails at the flick of a finger !!!!!

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