Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Hair gel for women

Hair gel for women from Oriflame

There are many hair gel available for men but for women there are very less.

Style gel gives you a star look but damages your hair as well. But there is one gel which not only styles your hair but also nourishes your hair.

Women are always worried about their hair for any occasion but now there is no worry about hair.
You can style your hair in just few minutes.

This hair gel is Oriflame HairX styling flex style gel.

Its long lasting. It contains panthenol which is very good for hairs. It smoothens hair,gives a shine and gives your hair volume. This gel moisturizes hair. Other hair gel make your hairs rough but this gel does not.Its product code is-18898

To improve your look, use Oriflame HairX extreme volume mousse.This product gives your hair volume for all day. Apply this to your wet hair after shampooing and conditioning. Take a small amount of mousse in your hand and work through your hair from top to downwards. It does not damages your hair. It makes your hair smooth and bouncy. Its product code is-18872 

To keep your hair look good even longer use Oriflame HairX Styling Ultimate Hair Spray.
It holds your hair and gives a sweet fragrance. Apply this spray after any style. And your style will stay as it is. Its product code is-20374
How to give you hair a perfect look for any occasion:-
11.      After shampooing and conditing apply HairX styling extreme volume mousse. And blow dry it.
22.      After drying apply HairX styling flex style hair gel and give your hair any style.
33.      Make a side section of your hair. In the small section, take a tail comb and make a small part of it and tie a        small clear rubberband on it. Do this twice or thrice.
44.      After doing this, take the back section of your hair and with the help of tail comb, take small part of your            hair and backcomb it. Do this till the last part of your hair.
55.      Now take other section of your and do it as above.
66.      Then apply HairX Styling Ultimate hair spray.
77.       Perfect party look is now ready.

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  1. Wowwww, now we women need not worry about our hair as Oriflame offers hair gel for women, which not only style our hair but also nourish and long lasting, smoothen hair, shine & volume.

    Thanks & Regards,
    Mrs. Minal S. Patel
    Oriflame Manager

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