Thursday, March 13, 2014

Oriflame Milk and Honey Shampoo


As the name suggest that this shampoo is blended with an enhanced mixture of milk and honey together. My personal experience was sufficient to analyze its mesmerizing affect. I had a tough day as I was travelling whole day and when came back home, I was really tired but when I observed my hair it was as conditioned as feather and looked like as if my day is just going to start. This shampoo enriches as well as nourishes your hair by original honey extracts and milk proteins strengthen the root cores, which leaves my hair untangled, bouncy and radiant for longer period of time.

So if you are looking for luscious nourishes and glamorous shine in your hair.....this product is awaiting your mass response...Its contents are derived from nature Hence, it provides herbal strength, exquisite texture and natural fragrance along with Vitamin A and proteins to hair....Since this shampoo comprises of naturally derived substance like milk and honey extracts thus, it doesn't cause any unfavorable affect to hair texture. To attain a best result of this shampoo buy it along with its inseparable conditioner. They both are completing partners.  As on one hand milk and honey shampoo strengthen roots, enriches it with protein and vitamin A, gives gentle nourishment to hair, on the other hand conditioner focuses more on external appearance. It keeps hair smooth, untangled and radiant.

You all must have heard the saying that ……….Hair is a most valuable asset for any women and it act as jewel in their personality …..I would want to make addition to this phrase that if your jewelry are not given correct maintenance service and polished on time its value tend to depreciate Hence it loses its shine and value. Therefore, in order to keep its value intact assets need to be taken care with adequate services, to sustain its charm and radiance. Comparatively, Oriflame Milk and honey shampoo and conditioner act as recovery product to your hair and provides hair with correct nutrients like an asset. It nourishes polishes, softens, strengthens and retains natural shine in your hair. We usually forget to value what we have and strive for things which we don’t have always value your assets not your liabilities.

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