Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Eye make up for women

Eyes are an important part for a women's look.
Even for college, girls do make up on their eyes.
For any occassion, women do lots of make up on their eyes.
So an eye make up for any occasion is very easy. Just
a few steps for your eye make up.

1. Apply some Oriflame pure colour pressed powder on your eyes.
   It will give shine to your eyes and it will mix with the eye shadow

the product code is-23208

2. Then apply Oriflame Beauty wonder liner above eyes. It will give your eyes little thickness. Due to this your eye will look beautiful and attractive. Ultra Black Liquid eye liner with a multi-dimensional applicator helps create different effects for different looks. Intense black colour and precisionapplicator will add long lasting, striking drama, in intense black packaging.Its product code is-21648
3. After eye liner apply, Oriflame Beauty Kohl pencil. It will give your eyes little depth. The intense black adds dramatic definition. Its product code is-23858

4. Your base of eye make up is now ready. Now choose eye pencil and eye shadow according to your outfit. For example, if your outfit is of blue colour then

5. Apply Oriflame very me Double Trouble eye pencil, Its perfect for  lining your inner lash line.

Turn up the heat with double the colour in one pencil for the hottest looks.Its product code is-20424
6. Then apply Oriflame Very me SOft N' Glam eye shadow. This will give your eyes a beautiful look. 
  The eye shadow duo that’s as versatile as your mood. Its product code is-26820
7. Then apply Oriflame  Beauty Wonder Lash waterproof mascara  Waterproof mascara that defines, lengthens, separates and volumes without smudging, smearing or running. Flake-proof complex for flake-free lashes. Its product code is-15027
8. Your look is now ready…. It will be like this.

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