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Oriflame Cosmetics: 10 Business Habits for Success

Oriflame: Top 10 Business Habits for Success

If you are thinking about starting your own Oriflame Cosmetics Business then its time to set your habits right. In Oriflame, you are your own boss so you really need to have the self discipline to work 2-4 hour per day and form the right habits for Success in Oriflame

Yes I can teach you how to earn 25,000 or more per month from Oriflame Business Opportunity but you need to do the work. When you learn and practice the secrets that I teach, you it really shows that you really want to reach your goals.

I have a little story to share from my early days in Oriflame. My upline told me a Secret of Success in Oriflame. Circulate 20 catalogues every month and talk to 3 people a day.

This sound simple but this is the Secret of Success in Oriflame. I took these and other things my upline leader told me and reached higher levels faster that others because I took action.

I formed these 10 habits for success in Oriflame 

  • I formed the habit of planning my Oriflame business activities at the beginning of every month
  • I formed a habit of buying 20 Oriflame catalogues of next month before this month got over. 
  • I formed habit of making new friends and sharing the Oriflame opportunity with them 
  • Habit of showing the Oriflame catalogue to 3 new people a day
  • Habit of doing the meditation and reading positive affirmations daily. If you are in my whatsapp group you have got this, right?
  • Habit of building relationships and guiding new consultants in my team
  • Habit of talking to my upline leader daily, asking questions and sharing my experience of the day. Are you doing this?
  • Habit of exploring the Oriflame website and going through online training modules 
  • Habit of increasing my product knowledge by watching videos of various Oriflame products
  • Habit of using only Oriflame products for my family and replacing other company products with Oriflame skin care, hair care, personal care products
  • Habit of doing 150 or 200 business points personally and getting extra BC benefits per month
  • Habit of avoiding negative people who discourage me and meeting positive people who encourage me

I teach the same Oriflame business tips to get more Success and Wealth with Oriflame consultants who join my team to make big money..

Recently I did a training for Oriflame Cosmetics Dealers in Delhi I told them the same thing. Your personal development is key to success. You have to develop new habits. It has been said that it takes 21 days to develop a new habit!

If you want to grow in Oriflame business you must be prepared to hold yourself accountable to follow the steps I teach you from time to time. I will tell you several things that you need to do daily.

It will take 3-4 hours, when you do that daily you can see your earning from Oriflame increasing every month. From 10,000 to 25,000 to 50,000 and more.

Write down your goals and read them everyday. Share your goals with me and post them in your house where you will see it everyday. When you share your goals and dreams with others it becomes more real for you.

Have a successful day,

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+Jashmi Waghela

Oriflame Director

Mrs. Jashmi is an Oriflame Director. She is also an Oriflame Certified Beauty Consultant. She has helped many Oriflame Consultants from her team to reach Manager & Senior Manager Level. 

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