Friday, January 25, 2013

Oriflame Business Planning Session

Oriflame Business Planning Session

Have you done your Oriflame Business Planning Sessions yet? If not contact your upline Manager or Leader today?

Goal setting is crucial for success in Oriflame or any other business. I strongly recommend all Oriflame consultants to sit with their immediate Manager or Senior Manager or Director at the beginning of every month to do the business planning for the month. 

Every month you must set your goals and plan your month so you can keep moving forward. You can do it yourself and then share with your upline leaders. If you are in my team, feel free to call me. I will know that you are serious about growing in your business and I will be able to guide you better.

Set clear goals for all the following

So take the time to think of where you want to be at the end of this month and also talk to each of your group members and help them set their goals each month to more forward in the Oriflame business plan.

When you do this every month you will reach higher levels in Oriflame faster. You must have a burning desire to become a Manager or Senior Manager in Oriflame. Once you decide, nobody will be able to stop you. Set your deadline by when you will become Manager or Senior Manager in Oriflame. Declare it to everyone. Some people might laugh at you, but some people will support and encourage you.

Motivate yourself to achieve something big

Think about what motivates you and remind yourself daily.
  • Recognition? 
  • Being Independent? 
  • Having your own Identity? 
  • Standing on your own feet? 
  • Money? Position? Title? 
  • Making New friends? 
  • Learning new things?
  • Foreign Trips?

Acknowledge yourself for your achievements

Focus on your strengths and keep building on them. Don't focus on negative people. They will try to stop you but you will be unstoppable because you have the power of positive thinking and I am there to support you at every step.

Make it happen for your family and for yourself. Make it big in Oriflame. It's worth it and you can do it.

Very soon you will be able to do Business Planning Sessions on the Oriflame website. This is great news. We are so thankful to Oriflame for building such a wonderful and useful website. See the below video to know more about it...

Oriflame Business Planning on Oriflame App

Feel free to call your immediate upline or call me or whatsapp me if you are in my team I will guide you personally.

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