Thursday, January 24, 2013

Oriflame Cosmetics in Ahmedabad: Double Benefit

Dear Oriflame Consultants,

I know you love to get updates from me. I want to remind you that Oriflame Cosmetics gives you Double Benefit for doing 150 points!

Oriflame Dealers in Ahmedabad will Get Business Class offer - 50% discount on any 1 product + New products in advance. This is an amazing offer.

If you are already an Oriflame Dealer its time to take full advantage of this offer!! If you are planning to join Oriflame Cosmetics business, you are welcome to join the family.

Remember - Oriflame is a very profitable business if you take it seriously. If you are ready to learn, I will teach you everything step by step.

Watch this presentation to know how to do 150 points every month in Oriflame.

Once you are in the team you will get complete guidance on how to become Manager in Oriflame. Just keep in touch with me at least once a week so I can guide you step by step.

Posted By:
+Jashmi Waghela
Oriflame Director

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