Thursday, October 28, 2010

Oriflame India : Step 1 Training in English

Oriflame Step 1 Training in English

Every month many new people join Oriflame and thus we have created this Step 1 Training video for the benefit of all the new Oriflame dealers in India. You will learn about Oriflame cosmetics, skin care, catalogue circulation and much more in this YouTube video.

One of the benefits of beining a Oriflame member is you get all the training you need to progress online.

Oriflame Step 1 Training Video - English

Also you must share your experience and knowledge with the Oriflame consultants who join your team. You can send them the link to this post and help them grow in Oriflame.

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Oriflame Getting Started Training Video - English

For all new Oriflame Consultants we have this very special training that is very helpful in giving the new Oriflame consultant a good start. Its a great video for those who are just getting started in Oriflame. Hope you will find this video to be very useful

This video has amazing tips to help you start your new business with Oriflame

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What did you learn? how did it help you?

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  1. want to join ur e-group....want to attend the training program.........inform me the details and upcoming evens..........prosenjit,


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