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In Oriflame you can Dare To Dream Anything

Oriflame - Dare to Dream

In Oriflame you can dare to dream anything and achieve it. Here is the Oriflame theme song for all Oriflame consultants. You can watch the video and read the lyrics of the song below.

Dare To Dream Lyrics

Here I’m standing out
Waiting for my time
To be all that I can be
It’s so easy to forget
life is in my hands
And I can change it if I want
Nothing’s impossible – no more
If you only dare
If you dare to dream
If you just believe
You can make anything come true
If you dare to dream
Trust in what you feel
and create something real change in your destiny
and nothing’s impossible
if you dare to dream
Everything might start if two empty hands
That’s just the way it’s got to be
Things are gonna grow before you even know
It’s like flying without wings
Anything’s possible right now
If you only dare
It doesn’t take a miracle
Just the mind made up
Even there’s a hundred miles to walk
You gonna walk a hundred more
If you dare to dream
If you just believe
You can make anything come true
If you dare to dream
Trust in what you feel
and create something real change in your destiny
and Oriflame is the way
and nothing’s impossible
Oriflame is the way
If you dare to dream
Dare to dream

Oriflame Dare to Dream

I have seen Oriflame consultants in Navi Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai & Hyderabad dance on this song

Everyone has dreams and goals in life


Scientists have discovered that those who write down their goals and dreams achieve those dreams at a significantly higher level. This is because when you write them down it means that you are serious about it.

And if you read your dreams daily from your diary or put a display or printout or stick pictures representing your dream in your bedroom, such that you can see it everyday then you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams.

Share your dream and goal with a friend, a guide, a mentor, coach someone you look up to, someone who believes in your ability, then it is hundred percent likely you will achieve your goal. The is way the our brain works. 

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What you think become your reality

Whatever we keep thinking about most of the time and whatever we imagine, becomes our reality.

When you keep thinking about your goal your subconscious mind starts to bring solutions, ideas, people and resources to help you achieve your goal. You start seeing Opportunities and Pathways that you never saw before.

You are from now you will have results in your life, what kind of results depends on what you think about most of the time during the day right now. 

Right down your goals on each important area of life - health, money,  time, family, business, vacation, education, etc. Be bold while you write your goals. Write down what you really want to happen. 

And one year from now you will be surprised how things changed in your life and you ended up achieving your goal. 

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