Thursday, October 28, 2010

Join Oriflame India in Hyderabad

Join Oriflame Consultants in Hyderabad for a bright future.

It is a day when we go all out to share the Oriflame Opportunity with the world.
Welcome to Oriflame Hyderabad. There is a lot of scope for Oriflame products in Hyderabad.

You can buy Oriflame products in Hyderabad from our Oriflame consultants there, you just neet to call us on 9820850522.

Oriflame is a direct selling company or MLM. In Oriflame, we do not allow anyone to open an Oriflame shop in Hyderabad. Once you become a Manager or Director you can however open a service center of Oriflame

There are hundreds of Oriflame dealers in Hyderabad who are making 5 - 10 thousand or more per month from the Oriflame business. You can do the same. I can teach you how to do that. Just stay in daily touch with me and earn money by working from home. 

You don't have to stock any product so there is no investment as such. You just need to buy 20 catalogues and circulate them every month. 

How to join Oriflame in Hyderabad

You are welcome to take the Oriflame membership in Hyderabad in my team and work with my guidance. Like many other men and women you can also get good success with my guidance and support. 

Oriflame agents in Hyderabad get orders from their customers by showing the Oriflame catalogue. 

  • To sign up in our team of Oriflame Dealers in Hyderabad you can call us on 9820850522 or 
  • SMS your Full Name, Address, Date of Birth and Email on 9820850522 

  • If you just want to buy products you can call me or WhatsApp me and I will give you contact number of one of the Oriflame dealers in Hyderabad in my team and she will help you out.

    • SMS your Full Name, Address, and Product codes on 9820850522
    You will get order and people will join Oriflame under you. As you keep doing the same every month, your team will grow and you will reach higher levels in Oriflame.

    Have you attended Prospecting Day before? If yes, then you know that it is a way of giving the Oriflame opportunity to others. 

    What did you learn on your Prospecting day? How did it help you? Want to share your experience? Just email me or leave your comments below...

    Posted by +Jashmi Waghela

    If you have any questions regarding Oriflame, send me a mail -

    Mrs Jashmi
    Oriflame Director


    1. Hi I would like to join oriflame , not to earn or something but i want to use oriflame products for me and my family. any help ?

    2. Hi Geetha,

      Just mail me on



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