Monday, October 25, 2010

Direct Selling in India: Why do Mom's find Oriflame Convenient?

Direct Selling in India

Why do MOM's Find Oriflame convenient?

Many home makers like to run their own little beauty business with Oriflame from home.

They spare three hours per week and arrange an Oriflame home demonstration. They find it fun to invite their friends and enjoy a beauty evening with them.

Oriflame Consultants demonstrate a facial or a make up session. All this is free of charge. There is a display of Oriflame products so that you and your friends can touch and feel the new products.

They can even get answers to their questions as well as recommendations for Oriflame products that will be right for your friends. There is a gift given to the hostess as a special thank you for welcoming Oriflame into your home. The home demonstration is easy and fun and can be quite rewarding to you and your friends.

Since every women is a potential customer, moms feel there is a great potential for running a small but effective business with Oriflame where there is little effort and great rewards.

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Posted by +Jashmi Waghela


Mrs Jashmi
Oriflame Gold  Director
About Mrs. Jashmi Mrs. Jashmi is an Oriflame Manager. She is also an Oriflame Certified Beauty Expert. In April she received an award for her performance at an Oriflame event in Mumbai. 

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