Wednesday, July 24, 2013

How to work with Oriflame in India

Learn how to work with Oriflame and make it big!

I have been in the Oriflame business for several years now and from my observation of hundred of people I have made some conclusions. I can tell anyone who wants to join Oriflame and make money out of it, how to work in Oriflame to get the desired success.

The key success in Oriflame is to have a large customer base and develop a team of consultants and train them to do the same. Here is how I learn the secret by years of experience.

What I have noticed is most people join Oriflame for buying products. I started as a customer. I loved Oriflame products. If anyone is buying Oriflame products regularly, at some point in time a thought comes to mind - 'why not join Oriflame?'

So my number 1 observation is that most of the time its the customers who turn into Oriflame ConsultantsFrom this observation I made a conclusion - have lots and lots of customers. 

The key to have lots of customers buy Oriflame Products from you. 

Watch this video on how to circulate Orifalme catalogue

My sponsor told me 'circulate 20 Oriflame Catalogues every month.' At first I told myself, it sounds so simple. But the fact is that Oriflame business runs on catalogue circulation. Period! When I realized this and started doing what my sponsor told me, my Oriflame business kicked off.

When my customer base started expanding, I started invited my customers to become a Oriflame Cosmetics dealer and I explained them the benefits. Some of them were happy to do their Oriflame sign up immediately, some joined after a while and many are still my loyal customers because they place small orders not so frequently and they are happy to get service.

The fact that Oriflame has products that everyone uses daily like shampoo, deo, perfume, cleanser, shower gel, soap, etc. makes it a profitable venture for Oriflame dealers because everybody is a potential customer.

This secret might sound to you as very simple but many Oriflame Distributors take this lightly and do not get expected results and as soon as they start circulating catalogues and building a customer base they start to see the results.

You dont have to be a MBA for getting success in Oriflame. If you love Oriflame products and if you love sharing it with others you can become a top earner in Oriflame.

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