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Oriflame Catalogue August 2019 India

Oriflame Catalogue August 2019 India

How are you guys? Have you seen the latest Oriflame Catalogue for the month of August 2019?

In the Oriflame Catalogue for August 2019 you will see that the cover page is featuring Oriflame's first Lash wrap technology mascara - TheOne no compromise mascara!

This mascara is water resistant so it withstands the rain your sweat and even your tears. It has an extraordinary length and volume and it is also easy to remove makeup remover.

The innovative technology allows you to gently cover every lash and stop it from running to your cheeks. lol.

Offer on perfumes for him and her in Oriflame August 2019 catalogue

  • 400 off on Oriflame Possess for her perfume for women
  • 20% off on Oriflame Incognito perfume for him and her

Want to download the Oriflame catalogue on your mobile?

Click here and Download the Oriflame Catalogue for August month in PDF format 

Oriflame Catalogue August 2019 in Video format

Want to see the Oriflame catalog online?

Click and See the Current Month Oriflame Catalgoue Online

Oriflame gives you the best beauty products because it has a mix of the best ingredients with the latest technology to make Oriflame products unique and exceptional.

New products in August 2019 catalogue

  • Oriflame Sparkle lip Glaze love nature face gel mask and face scrub made from cucumber
  • Oriflame Novage advanced skin renewing treatment which gives you Salon like results for your skin.
  • Oriflame TheOne everlasting Precision concealer nail polish 
  • Oriflame TheOne quick dry top coat 
  • Oriflame TheOne no compromise mascara

Enjoy shopping from Oriflame August 2019 Catalogue!!!

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Oriflame Products on Discount in Oriflame August 2019 catalogue

There are many products that have up to 40% of between 1st August to 15th August 2019. Following are the products

  • Oriflame The one Quick dry top coat
  • Oriflame The one long wear nail polish
  • Oriflame The one everlasting Foundation
  • Oriflame Everlasting Precision concealer
  • Oriflame Silk beauty white glow body wash
  • Oriflame Seminal protecting intimate wash
  • Oriflame Hair X dandruff rescue shampoo
  • Oriflame Headache smooth and sleek styling hair cream
  • Oriflame Feet up comfort nourishing foot cream
  • Oriflame Feet up comfort softening foot cream

I am sure you will love this Oriflame Catalogue of August 2019 for the wonderful offers and new products

Hope you enjoyed the post, let me know your thoughts, questions, stories, etc. in the comments section below...


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