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Training for Oriflame Consultants in India

Training for Oriflame Consultants in India

Last Month I was in my Oriflame office in Mumbai. I did a Training for new Oriflame Consultants. I made some videos so that so that all Oriflame Consultants in India can benefit from the training.

New Oriflame Consultants Training Part 1

Usually people buy Oriflame products and fall in love with Oriflame skin care, wellness and cosmetics. We continue to use these beautiful Oriflame cosmetics and share our experience with our friends. The best way is to share the latest Oriflame catalogue with friends and colleagues.

New Oriflame Consultants Training Part 2

Once you join Oriflame in Pune, Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore or any other city as an Oriflame Consultant. You should be clear of your purpose of joining Oriflame. Then share the Oriflame catalogue and collect orders. Now lets understand the Oriflame point system. You get points for your orders as well as for orders placed by people under you.

New Oriflame Consultants Training Part 3

You get commission based on your total BP or Oriflame Business points in a month.
200 Points - 3%
600 Points - 6%
1200 Points - 9%
2400 Points - 12%
4000 Points - 15%
6600 Points - 18%
10000 Points - 22%

New Oriflame Consultants Training Part 4

As a Oriflame distributor in Mumbai, Delhi or any other city you should also build your knowledge about skin care, cosmetics, wellness and about Oriflame products in general. You should try out 2-4 new Oriflame products each month so that you can share your experience with others and also recommend products more confidently. For your family you should buy Oriflame personal care, hair care products and perfumes.

New Oriflame Consultants Training Part 5

Sometimes you can just give the Oriflame catalogue to someone. And whenever possible, you can suggest or recommend products to customers, friends, relatives and colleagues. For this you should study the Oriflame catalogue properly as well as try out some products yourself and your family members.

New Oriflame Consultants Training Part 6

When you circulate 5, 10 or 20 catalogues every month, some people will buy from you in the very first month. Some will buy Oriflame products in the next months. And some people will want give you a big order and some will give you a small order. Your job is to just show them the latest Oriflame catalogue every month. Some people will also want to join Oriflame as an Oriflame consultant. Invite everyone to join Oriflame. Only some people will become a Oriflame member. That's fine. Just keep doing your work and slowly and steadily you will grow to higher levels in Oriflame.

A couple of Oriflame Consultants in Mumbai who participated that day called me to say that they benefited the most from the exercise on Goal Setting. I recommend that you do this exercise.

Take a fresh page on your note book or diary and write down what you want in each area of life under the following headings:

  • Health - how do you want to look and feel? 
  • Wealth - how much you want to earn and save each month? where do you want to invest your money?
  • Relationships - which relationships you want to improve, enhance and relish more that present?
  • Career - What's next for you in your job or profession? And want's next for you  in Oriflame? Want to be a Manager, Senior Manager or Director or Diamond Director ?
  • Vacation - where would you like to travel with Oriflame or otherwise? Goa, Paris, Stockholm?
  • Education - What would you like to learn now? What skill you'd like to develop further?
  • Spiritual - how much time you want to invest in spiritual practice or meditation for peace of mind, joy and fulfillment?
  • Society - What would you like to do for society? charity or volunteer work?

Write down everything that comes to mind. Putting things on paper help your mind focus on it. It means you are serious about it.

Writing it down helps your mind gather resources, manage time, conserve energy and utilize your skills and talents fully, to reach your goal.

You can also write down why you want these things to strengthen your decision with reason, this gets you in touch with the intension, motivation and desire.


Mrs Jashmi

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