Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Your Job vs Oriflame Business Opportunity

Your Job versus Oriflame Business Opportunity

The Oriflame business opportunity has the potential to fulfill all your dreams. You can make unlimited income, have lots of fun, travel the world and make great friends with Oriflame.
  • In a job people ask you your education and experience. When you join the Oriflame business opportunity we ask you what are your dreams and goals.
  • In a job you have to work a set number of hours. You can do Oriflame at your own pace and time.
  • In a job you have a boss. In Oriflame your are your own boss.
  • In a job your pay is fixed. In Oriflame sky is not the limit.
  • In a job you get a increment. In Oriflame you can double your income in 1 year.
  • Job gives you security and a dull life. Oriflame gives you challenging and exciting life.

Have you given Oriflame your best shot?

  • You have no idea how much you can earn if you put the same amount of time, energy and effort in Oriflame as you put in your job.
  • I left my job after I built the Oriflame business to a level where I was earning more than my salary.
  • I'm with anyone who wants to walk that path and get success like I got.
Oriflame Business Opportunity


Mrs. Jashmi
Oriflame Senior Manager

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