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Oriflame NovAge Supreme Intelligent Cleansing Gel Review

Oriflame NovAge Supreme Intelligent Cleansing Gel Review

Today, In this article I will tell you about Oriflame NovAge Supreme Intelligent Cleansing Gel. Oriflame believes in the power of natural ingredients. With the support of Science Oriflame products creates the most effective results.

No matter what your skin type or age, you will find in the different ranges of Oriflame products that suits your skin.

About Oriflame NovAge Supreme Intelligent Cleansing Gel Review

The Oriflame Supreme NovAge supreme Cleansing Gel is an innovative cleanser that tones and cleans all skin types. Also, This product replaces the old NovAge Cleanser and toner.

This cleanser has a cleansing power enough to visibly remove all the impurities, gentle enough not to hit the skin barrier, and also soft enough to provide extra hydration.

It leaves your skin refreshed, smoothed and purified as if you've used cleansing and toning. Prepare your skin to get the most out of Serum and NovAge moisturizers in one intensive step. This is called cleansing. Let’s first understand why Cleansing so important?

People live in big cities, where, daily, their skin comes in contact with different types of pollutants like Tobacco smoke and gas emissions.

Unless we do a daily cleansing of our face, these impurities can accumulate on the skin and can cause oxidative damages on your skin, which result in premature aging. Also, pollutants combined with perspiration and dead skin cells accumulated throughout the day can clog pores and result in pimples.

  • Check out the NovAge skin care routine in this video

What should you do?

  1. To maintain a healthy-looking skin, it is important to remove make-up at night so that the color bases cannot clog the pores.
  2. Try to use a gentle cleanser that will not dehydrate your skin. Cleaning helps in remove pollutants and oil impurities. It is essential to clean your skin correctly, otherwise whatever you apply in your skin like serum, moisturizer or any cream will not work optimally, which is kind of wasting money and time.
  3. It is an important step to clean your skin morning and evening. As because at night, the body loses all the water, so when it wakes up your skin, it requires cleaning and moisturizer so that the skin can recover during the rest period.

Watch this video on Oriflame NovAge Supreme Intelligent Cleansing Gel

Benefits Of Oriflame NovAge Supreme Intelligent Cleansing Gel

  1. This cleansing gel rinses gently without harming the skin barrier. It moisturizes your skin and leaves it clean, soft, toned and comfortable.
  2. This extract helps your skin to restructure the extracellular matrix of the skin through a double acting mechanism. So, in this way, it stimulates the synthesis of collagen and also protects its integrity by inhibiting the enzymes responsible for its degradation.
  3. The Cell Stem Extract of Solanaceae stimulates the production of collagen and also it protects its integrity.
  4. It is tested clinically, dermatologically and in the consumer.

Go and try this Oriflame NovAge Supreme Intelligent Cleansing Gel and then share your experience with us.

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