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Top 5 Hair Oil Benefits for your Hair

Top 5 Hair Oil Benefits 

Who does not want beautiful hair? Oil is very necessary to hair. It is certainly a healthy practice to oil your scalp twice a week. Applying oil to your hair and scalp is a traditional and an ancient way to improve the quality of your hair. It is important to apply oil in the right way at the right time to gain the benefits of oiling.

There are several hair oils that you can try like Indulekha hair oil, Amla hair oil, Vasmol black hair oil, Almond hair oil, Keo karpin hair oil, coconut hair oil, sesa hair oil, Arnica hair oil, Bajaj almond hair oil, Bhringraj hair oil, Brahmi amla hair oil benefits, Oriflame Love Nature coconut hair oil,

You should apply 2-3 different hair oils so that you get variety of benefits.

Benefits of Applying Hair oil

  1. Hair oil helps to Improve the Quality of Hair. Applying oil helps in better hair growth, shinier hair and no issues of split ends. Try to apply oil in the night before you go to your bed and then wash your hair in the morning.
  2. Applying oil also help you to get rid of dandruff. You can mix neem leaves with coconut oil. This will help you to give you an effective result.
  3. Hair oil massage also helps in penetrates the skin. It goes deep into the skin and does its job revitalizing the skin tissue.
  4. Hair oil massage help to boost the blood circulation in the scalp. It helps in sending nutrients directly to all the hair roots.
  5. Applying hair oil gives you several vitamins and nutrients in your hair. So you can say hair oil is basically hair food for your hair.

Kinds of hair oil

Yes, Oiling is considered highly beneficial for hair. If you use on a regular basis it helps in improves the texture of your hairs. There are different kinds of oil for different hair type.
Mustard oil is used to fight dandruff or get rid of grey hairs.
Olive oil is used to get silky hair and improve texture.
Coconut oil mixed with camphor works like wonder for dandruff and itchy scalp. Go for Oriflame Nature Hair Oil with 100% Coconut Oil.
Almond oil can help you to get dramatic lashes and brows.

Tips for Applying Hair oil

1. Try to use lukewarm oil in your hair, so that it will easily spread on your scalp.
2. Use your fingertips to apply oil on your scalp.
3. First, take some in your hands and then use your fingertips to massage it on your scalp. Don’t pour it directly on your scalp.
4. Massage with your fingertips, not with your palms.
5. Try to massage continuously for 15-20 minutes.
6. Take a hot towel to steam your hair for better absorption of oil.
7. Leave the oil on your hair overnight.
8. Next day within 24 hours, wash your hair.

I will recommend you to go for oiling. Massaging of your hair stimulates the blood circulation, which in return help your hair. Oil helps you to protect your hair from the strong and hot sun rays. Also, oil gives your hair extra shine.

Go and try the oil and then share your experience with us. I hope this article helped you to understand the benefits of oil in your hair.

Jashmi Waghela

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