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How to Apply Mascara in Simple Steps

How to Apply Mascara Correctly

Hello friends! Mascara is very important when it comes to having gorgeous lashes. Mascara is the secret. On the days when you feel like you are pressed for time to put on any make in your eyes. At that time mascara makes your eyes look brighter and full of life. Mascara also help you to the final touch to complete your look. It is important to know the right method to apply mascara

How to choose the best mascara

There are so many mascaras available in the market, but I will recommend you to go for Oriflame 5-in-1 wonder lash Waterproof mascara as it Multi-benefit mascara. It is 100% waterproof mascara also separates and volumes without smudging. Also, this Oriflame mascara have a unique double-sided brush.

Tips to Apply mascara

  1. Wet eyelashes will take much more time to curl. So always ensure that your eyelashes are dry.
  2. Take a small table mirror and look down it.
  3. Take the curler and gently hold the upper lash line. Try to position the curler again, so the skin is not visible.
  4. The step is important; press down the curler to the upper lash base. Try to Hold it for about 5 seconds and then do it for the middle and also on the tips of your eyelash.
  5. It's time for your mascara base after your lashes curled. Start to begin at the base of your lash and slowly zigzag your way up; then do the same with inner and outer corners.
  6. To get rid of clumps pat the tip of your mascara on a paper tissue.
  7. Don't do multiple mascara coats all together; as this will leave you a very thick and clumsy looking coat of mascara. Instead, try to alternate between eyes, that means, coat your right eyes first and then the left one. Then go for the right one and so on. This will give you more defined lashes.
  8. Don't neglect the lashes on the outer and inner part of the eyelid.
  9. On lower lashes, put mascara only on the roots. Brushing mascara on the full length of lower lashes creates a spidery and unnatural effect.
  10. You are ready with an effective eye.

How to make your mascara look natural

  • Go for that mascara color which is more resembles your hair color. A shade darker is fine.
  • To keep it natural, avoid any primers, choose a mascara that is new and definitely no fiber-mascaras.
  • Start with the brush as close to the base of your eyelashes as you can.

Mascara is one of the beauty product which every girl should carry in her bag. To be more glamorous and give more volume to your eyes.

Go and follow these tips to applying mascara, and then share your experience with us. I hope this article helped you to understand ht simple tips for applying mascara.

I welcome your comments

Jashmi Waghela
Oriflame Gold Director

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