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Oriflame Joining Offer in March 2019

Oriflame Recruitment Campaign March 2019

I know a lot of us have been desperately waiting for this amazing Oriflame Joining Offer valid from 20 February till 31st March, 2019...!!!

Its truly unbelievable! Anyone who wants to Join Oriflame can do by buying a Starter Kit for Rs. 49/- and start their journey with Oriflame.

The best part about this campaign is the amount of Rs 49 will be your contribution to Deepalaya NGO. You will be bring the light of education in the lives of underprivileged girls. You will get the opportunity to be associated with a cause.

Oriflame will contribute Rs 49 collected from every new consultant to Deepalaya, which is the largest NGO in Delhi, works towards the education of underprivileged children.

Be proud Be You!! Celebrate the sheer joy and excitement of sharing & nurturing by joining Oriflame this month!!

Yes, many people who join Oriflame make tons of money. The joining fee is not too high but still Oriflame India is giving the new joiners a rebate of Rs. 250 till 31st March.

So what does that mean?
You join Oriflame for Rs. 49/-. That's an outstanding offer. But that's not all, you get gifts worth Rs 4400 during your first 3 months with Oriflame. If you haven't realized yet... We're giving away amazing gift with the priceless opportunity to join Oriflame and change your life...!

Where else are you going to find this?
Nowhere on earth. I know what's hot and what's not. And I am telling you Oriflame is by far the hottest opportunity out there to live your dream. I've seen many opportunities come and go but Oriflame has always exceeded our expectations and is leaps ahead of anything else.

Welcome Program 1 Gift for new Oriflame Consultants joining before 31st March

Place a total order of 100 Bonus Points in your first month in Oriflame & get any one shade of Giordani Gold Lipstick valued at Rs. 749 for Rs. 100!

I can't really think of any better offer than this! This Oriflame offer is made for you - why? Because for some reason or another, you're on my blog.

Welcome Program 2 Gift for new Consultants

Place a total order of 100 Bonus Points in your second month in Oriflame & get any one shade of Fashion Wallet valued at Rs. 1499 for Rs. 100!

A lot of people have asked me - is this for real? When I got into Oriflame these offers made me stick around and then I started making real money.

After 2 years of experienced here's what I found: When you join a group of Oriflame Consultants who support each other and who are doing the things right, get pretty cool income. If you act with confidence you will make make more money in 9 months than you made in the last 2 years.

Welcome Program 3 Gift for new Consultants

Place a total order of 100 Bonus Points in your third month in Oriflame & get any one shade of Fashion Hand Bag valued at Rs. 2199 for Rs. 100!

I know you are pumped and jazzed. This is the time to come along for the ride of your life with this wonderful company. It's your turn now.

Here is How you can Join Oriflame and start get cash, cheque and bonuses:
1. SMS or WhatsApp your full Name, Address, Mobile no, Date of Birth and Email address on 09820850522
2. Circulate catalogues, collect orders and place your first order online
3. Complete your Welcome Program 1, 2 and 3 and get your gifts worth 4400
4. Learn the power of Duplication from me and profit the way I do.

Note the detailed terms and conditions about how to get the gift of the Oriflame Welcome Program:

  • The qualifiers will get the Welcome program Gift on first order above handling limit (₹ 1250) in the month following qualification
  • The Welcome Program benefit codes has to be entered in Welcome program section on website
  • The total value of Welcome Program gifts is ₹ 4398 for ₹ 400 only (You pay ₹ 100 for WP1, ₹ 100 for WP2 and ₹ 200 for WP3)
  • Oriflame reserves the right to substitute the campaign products for products of equal or higher value in the event of out of stock
  • Attend Step 1 & Step 2 trainings and grow faster with Oriflame Success Plan

5 simple Steps to be a Successful Oriflame Consultant: 

  1. Show the catalogue to all your friends 
  2. Guide them through the hot offers and new products in the catalogue
  3. Recommend them the products you like and tell them why you like them
  4. Invite them to join Oriflame and work as a team with you
  5. Teach them all that you have learnt from me.

Here is my promise: You will have so much fun with us so get ready to join our team now. I will tells you the TRUTH about what it takes to be a real success in the Oriflame business. I will coach you every week for free till you reach 21% and make 25-30,000 per month. I want you to get the kind of money you dream of so that you can thank me later for showing you the path. Look forward to see you on board soon!

Posted By: +Jashmi Waghela
Oriflame Director

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