Friday, February 22, 2013

Oriflame Branch in Sangli

Oriflame Sangli Welcomes You

Hi Friends, If you see Deepali's email, below you will see that she is right, there is no Oriflame branch in Sangli but anyone can Join Oriflame and place orders online and get home delivery.

You can also recruit people under you in Sangli, Pune and all other cities. You can do Oriflame business anywhere in India so don't worry, just get in touch with me and start your #Oriflame business.

Oriflame in Sangli

Secondly, I will always be there to guide you. If you have any questions or whenever you need any guidance you can call me or send me an email.

I am coming to Pune shortly to conduct Success Workshop. You can come for that event and learn how to grow fast in Oriflame. 

Hope to see you soon in Pune or Sangli.

Have a great day!

Posted By: +Jashmi Waghela

Oriflame Director

On Thu, Feb 21, 2013 at 6:39 AM, Deepali <deepali30> wrote:
Hi mam,
I have ,one query about Oriflame branch at Sangli.As per my knowledge Oriflame branch is not there. Right now I am staying in Pune but afer 1-2 months I will shift to Sangli. Please let me know how can I connect with Oriflame. I need to do recruitment as I am very interest in Oriflame.Please guide or to whom I can contact.?

Thanks & Regards,

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