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Oriflame Recruitment Campaign 1st April - 31 May 2019

Oriflame Recruitment Campaign 2019

Take advantage of the New Oriflame Recruitment Campaign - Travel Collection starts today 1st April 2019 and ends on 31st May 2019

Sponsor and join as many people as you can as an Oriflame consultant or as an VIP customer because there are amazing gifts for you.

For Oriflame consultants who love to explore cities and expolre new horizons. For those who are passionate about traveling, and for those who have big dreams, here is an exclusive Travel Collection.

This collection has everything. It has a trolley bag as well as fashion accessories. Let this Oriflame Travel collection be your partner while you go to Goa Managers Seminar in 2019 and Srilanka Directors Seminar in 2020.

I know Oriflame consultants are ready to experience new adventures and create memories of amazing experiences. So let’s fire up our travel dreams & hit the streets in style with the new Oriflame travel collection.

Watch Oriflame Recruitment Campaign Video

Oriflame is a treasure hunt. There is always something exciting to look forward to. I wish all Oriflame Consultants in India all the best for this Oriflame recruitment campaign.

Make the most of this Oriflame joining Offer for the month of April and May and grow in Oriflame.

Validity: Till 31st May, 2019

Oriflame Recruitment Campaign Gift 1

Invite 2 people to qualify for Welcome Program Step 1 and get Travel Collection Sleek Watch valued at Rs. 2995 only for Rs.200 

Travel Collection Sleek Watch

Adorn your wrist with a dash of Gold! Get this stunning, sleek and stylish Watch, which has a contemporary metallic mesh bracelet. The faceted, glass-cut crystals on the dial give it a jeweled look and makes it even more enduring.

Oriflame Recruitment Campaign Gift 2

Invite 4 people to qualify for Welcome Program Step 1 and get Travel Collection Saffia Overnighter and Sleek Watch valued at Rs. 6485 only for Rs. 200

Travel Collection Saffia Overnighter

Never miss out on anything with this high-on-space graceful weekender bag. Having an additional leather strap, this saffron-yellow overnighter will be your well-deserved travel partner for those short business trips & magical getaways.

Oriflame Recruitment Campaign Gift 3

Invite 8 people to qualify for Welcome Program Step 1 and get the Travel Collection Pleated Trolley, Saffia Overnighter and Sleek Watch valued at Rs. 12484 only for Rs. 200

Travel Collection Pleated Trolley
Travel stylishly with our chic, hard-case trolley, featuring a striking pleated design in luminous pink. Interiors, lined in floral-printed satin, have cross-packing straps & net pocket. It also comes with telescopic handle, combination lock and 360-degree wheels.

Terms & Conditions Oriflame Recruitment Campaign April - May 2019:

  • With effect from 1st April 2019, the Welcome Program will be applicable to Consultants only and not applicable to the VIP Customers.
  • Sponsor benefits will be applicable on sponsoring new Consultants who join Oriflame & complete their Welcome Program Step 1 during the Campaign Period 
  • Eg. 2 X WP1 = 2 Consultants who join & complete Welcome Program 1 during 1st April to 31st May
  • Participation in this Offer is voluntary. By choosing to participate in this Offer, the participant hereby confirms that he/she has studied these detailed terms and conditions and agrees to be bound by the same.
  • The qualification period for the Offer is valid from 1st April - 31st May 2019
  • This offer is only valid for Consultants
  • Only those Sponsors with new Consultants / VIP Customers who join Oriflame during the qualification period & complete Welcome Program ("WP") step 1 during the qualification period (1st April - 31st May 2019) are eligible for this Offer under Sponsor Program
  • Offer is valid in multiples from Welcome Program X 5
  • Offer is valid in multiples for Consultants qualifying for WP1 x 5 only and not for WP1 x 2 and WP1 x 3
  • Oriflame reserves the right to substitute the Sponsor Program Products for other accessories/Oriflame products or equal or high value in the event of out of stock situation at the discretion of Oriflame
  • The decision of Oriflame as to qualification to the Offer shall be final, binding and non-contestable
  • Every person who desires to avail this Offer may do so pursuant to independent inquiry, investigation and analysis and shall not have any claim against Oriflame, its employees or other associate companies, vendors, whatsoever by reason of any loss which may be suffered by such person consequent to or in connection with this Offer whether by reason of anything stated or omitted to be stated herein.
  • The image of Summer Collection Hanging Toiletry Bag, Summer Collection Travel Wallet and Summer collection 2-in-1 Tote shown is only illustrative in nature and actual colour may vary
  • This Offer shall be withdrawn immediately from the participant in case of any violation of Online Registration Form (previously called CAF) or Code of Ethics and Rules of Conduct, Success Plan, and such other policies/communication as may be made by the Company from time to time. Any benefit received inadvertently or due to technical glitch will be recalled/ adjusted for/charged to the consultant as per Oriflame's discretion depending on the sell able condition of the Sponsor Program Products
  • The qualifying sponsor shall get the benefit in C6' 18 while placing the order online above handling limit (Rs. 1500)
  • In case any order is negated during the Qualification Period till the First Week of C6, 2019, such a consultant shall not qualify for the purpose of Offer qualification
  • These Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Indian law and jurisdiction shall remain at New Delhi

How to make the most of the Oriflame Recruitment Campaign

  • Talk to everyone in your team about the new Oriflame recruitment campaign
  • Help all new Oriflame consultants understand how Oriflame works
  • Teach them how to place their first order in Oriflame
  • Guide them to complete all the 3 welcome programs and get all the gifts
The Oriflame Oriflame Recruitment Campaign 1st April - 31 May 2019 register new people in Oriflame and grow to higher levels in Oriflame.

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When you and others in your team recruit more people in your team you can become a Manager in Oriflame faster.

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Have a great day!

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mam i hd joined oriflame this month and i want 2 know abt the  recruitment offer .....

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