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Oriflame Offers in September 2019

Wow ! Exciting Offers in September 2019!

There is an exciting Oriflame online flyer which starts from 2nd September to 6th September 2019.

Just check it out here...!

Watch the Oriflame September 2019 Online Flyer video

Oriflame Activity Offer for September 2019

Offer Period: 1st to 30th September 2019

Place accumulated orders of 100 BP and get any 1 accessory from the following options for Rs. 399 only.

Instant Redemption


Versatility is our new concept for watches. Wear your favourite one & create different looks by swapping straps. For a casual look, switch the classic, brown faux-leather strap with the fashionable and sporty blue and beige striped one. Features masculine black dial & Japanese quartz movement, keeping time with precision. Attractively presented on a satin pillow in an Oriflame gift box. Case: 4.1cm; Straps: 26.8x1.9cm.
Code: 39993
MRP: Rs. 2990
OMRP: Rs.399


Captivating timepiece with in rose-gold tone, this watch is credited for more readily matching wardrobes than gold or silver & stylish longevity. Match different styles, moods or occasions, choosing among 3 straps: classic black, white croc-patterned (both faux leather) or navy-blue-and-pink striped in grosgrain. Beautifully presented on a satin cushion in an Oriflame gift box. Case: 3.6cm; Straps:
Code:  39992
MRP:   Rs. 2990
OMRP:  Rs.399


Inspired by northern lights and the different shades of beauty, this Norrsken Sunny Turquoise Jewellery Collection is designed with floral motifs and has warm golden brilliance. This Jewellery Set
is adorned with a bright and cheerful mineral, Turquoise that is believed to bring peace and harmony to the family. This mineral is also known to uplift your mood and charge you with positive energy. Norrsken Sunny Turquoise Jewellery Set includes: Sunny Turquoise Pendant Necklace: Chain Length: 71 + 8 cm; Pendant size: 4.1x3.4cm Sunny Turquoise Drop Earrings: 1.2x2.9cm
Code: 130445
MRP:   Rs. 3080
OMRP:   Rs.399

Step up and place additional accumulated orders of 50 BP to get Designer Bedsheet Set Exclusively by Rohit Bal worth Rs. 4990 for Rs. 399 only

Redemption in Catalogue 10



100% Cotton Breathable Fabric
Free flow of air enhances comfort. Soft Feel
Welsoft finish gives an ultra soft feel.
An ode to the magnificent beauty of flowers, this Designer Bedsheet Collection is dedicated entirely to the greatest treasures of the natural world. Inspired by botanical paintings and works by some of the great masters of the renaissance period, this Bedsheet Set is designed with realistic, artistic and imaginative techniques. The floral prints have been given a vintage feel with ivory base and burst of vibrant colours coming alive in the form of large and oversized flowers. Designer Bedsheet Set includes: 1 Double Bedsheet - L220xW254cm; 2 Pillow Covers – 43x69cm (Each)
Code:  130061
MRP: Rs. 4990

Watch this video...

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All those who join Oriflame your friends, relatives, etc in this month will get special gifts. And if you are ambitious and you want to become a Manager in Oriflame. Please speak to me personally on 9820850522. 

I have many successful Managers in my team and I will join you with a Manager who has got good success. When you join with someone with whom you can learn then you can also become successful in Oriflame.

Because there is lot of money to be made in Oriflame by working from home, provided there is someone who has got success and can guide you properly.

You can be a normal Oriflame Consultant who circulates Oriflame catalogues among friends and gets products on discount, go ahead and sign up!

And if you want to earn a lot of money with Oriflame, you can be part of my winning team and learn the secrets of how to grow fast in Oriflame. You can start your business with Oriflame.

You just have to fill the form below and one of our Managers will get back to you. When you buy Oriflame products worth Rs 2000 you get free home delivery. You join Oriflame for free. From the moment you place your first order, you start to get discounts.

Note: This offer is valid till 30th September. After this date, you can join Oriflame and enjoy purchasing products for your family.

If you are willing to learn, I will teach you everything step by step.

If you want to join Oriflame or buy Oriflame Products or strat Oriflame Business write to me on or call me directly.

Exciting Welcome Program Gifts worth Rs 4000 on joining Oriflame!

  • Step 1 - Place accumulated personal orders of 100 Bonus Points during your first 30 days as an Oriflame Consultant and get gift set total value Rs.649 for Rs. 100
  • Step 2 - Place accumulated personal orders of 100 Bonus Points in your second month in Oriflame and get gift set valued Rs 1500 for Rs. 100!
  • Step 3 - Place accumulated personal orders of 100 Bonus Points in your third month in Oriflame and get gift set valued Rs 1700 for Rs. 100!

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Mrs Jashmi
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(Mrs. Jashmi is an Oriflame Director. She is also an Oriflame Certified Beauty Expert. She has helped many Oriflame Consultants from her team to reach Manager & Senior Manager Level. )

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  1. When september flyer is to be launched..i m eagerly waiting.
    Dr Renu
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