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Oriflame PDF Catalogue for July 2018

Oriflame Catalogue in PDF Format!

Few years back someone wrote me an an email asking for Oriflame PDF Catalogue but that time Oriflame did not give PDF catalogue, however you can now download the Oriflame catalogue in PDF format from the Oriflame website every month.

Click here -> Oriflame Catalogue August 2018

How to Download the Oriflame Catalogue in PDF format

  • Go to the Oriflame website www.oriflame.co.in and on the top there is a link to the catalogue page. Click on that link. There you will see the Oriflame online catalogue. 
  • Just above the online catalogue, you will see a very small download sign on the right hand side top corner. 
  • That is the link to catalogue in PDF format. Just click on that link and it will start to download 
  • Those who are doing this from the mobile may find it difficult to download it. Using a laptop you should be able to easily download this thing.

Now for many people this is a lot of work so what I am doing is I am giving you directly the link to the Oriflame catalogue in PDF for July 2018 below:

Click here to download Oriflame Catalogue for July 2018 in PDF format.

Benefits of the Oriflame Catalogue in PDF format.

  • First of all, you can see the PDF catalogue on your mobile phone anywhere anytime. 
  • Then you can share the catalogue with your friends by using shareit or any other file transfer app.
  • You can also show the Oriflame Catalogue on your laptop your mobile phone to your friends even if the internet is not on. 
  • Show the Oriflame Catalogue in PDF format is a boon for all the people who internet Savvy and who are using smart phones and laptops.
  • You can also email the Oriflame Catalogue when it is in a pdf format to your friends neighbors colleagues and customers. 
  • You can share the link of the online catalogue as well as PDF catalogue in social media like Facebook tweet Instagram, etc. 

Why do we need the Oriflame Catalogue in hard copy?

There are people who are still not so internet savvy. They required the hard copy of the Oriflame Catalogue. They like to read Oriflame Catalogue like a book and carry it with them.

For Oriflame consultants it is important that they show the Oriflame Catalogue in a format that is more convenient to the customer.

If they like to see the Oriflame Catalogue in hard copy format then you have to give it in that format. If they like to see the Oriflame Catalogue in PDF format then give it to them in PDF format.

How to Join Oriflame

If you are not a member of Oriflame, you can become a member of Oriflame now. Its free and there are loads of benefits.

Watch this video:

To join just call or WhatsApp me your full name, address, date of birth, email and mobile no on 9820850522.

How to grow your Oriflame Business

Please go through these articles and watch the training videos as well

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  1. my consultant no 5990646 i need old catalogues in pdf format where i will get it

    1. You can ony get new Oriflame catalogues in PDF format

    2. You can ony get new Oriflame catalogues in PDF format

  2. My consultant no 6631013 I need catalogue in PDF fromat of January 2016

  3. mem i i am oriflame member but i dont know my consultant no. how to i know my consultant no.

    1. Why don't you contact the Oriflame consultant who did your registration? She can help you.


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