Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MLM Business for Women

MLM Business for Women in India

If you are a stay at home Mom like me and you want to earn extra income, then Oriflame could be a great home based business for you, the way it is for me. The best part is I can guide you as I have walked the path of Success with Oriflame.

Women have so many things to do at home - we need to take care of kids and husband, doing the chores, etc. We cant think of a full time job but something like Oriflame can work for us. I left my job and started working 2-4 hours a day with Oriflame and within a year I started earning as much as my salary!

Why Oriflame is the best MLM Business for women?
  • Oriflame is a 40 year old company, with loyal customers worldwide!
  • Oriflame is a global cosmetic company selling direct in more than 60 countries.
  • Oriflame was founded by two brothers and their friend in the year 1967. 
  • Oriflame gives you natural, innovative, Swedish beauty products.
  • Oriflame is promoted by approx. 3.6 million independent consultants worldwide.
  • Oriflame is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Nordic Exchange.
  • Oriflame contributes to numerous charities worldwide and also the co-founder of the World Childhood Foundation. 
Oriflame gives you a business opportunity with which you can use to make money from day one.
You can work towards achieving your dreams and ambitions with the help of your upline leader.

Make Money Today and Fulfill Your Dreams Tomorrow.

How to Join Oriflame?
Anyone can join Oriflame by contacting a consultant who is already successful. When you join Oriflame with someone who is already very successful you can get proper guidance and you can grow fast and reach your dream income faster.

You can register by filling the below form. Our staff will call you within 24 hours and give you your Consultant no. If you dont get a call in 24 hours please call Ms Jashmi on 9820850522 for assistance. You can see the online catalogue and place your first order once you get your consultant ID and password. Call us for a goal setting and planning session during which we will understand your goals and guide you on how you can achieve them with Oriflame.

A Starter Kit would be sent to you that contains some basic tools and presentation material about the company that you can use to explain others in your circle.

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