Wednesday, October 12, 2011

MLM Business in India: Oriflame among Top 10

Oriflame is among the top 10 MLM business in India.

Reasons for Oriflame's Success in India:
  • It is a 45 years old Multi National Company from Sweden
  • Joining fee is zero in India
  • Oriflame has daily use products like Shampoo, Soap, Deo, Hair Oil, Face Wash, etc. Oriflame has products for Men - shaving cream, perfume, deo, after shave, etc. Products for Women - make up, cosmetics, creams, etc.
  • It has excellent Online system for placing order, checking reports, communication with team, etc.
  • Lots of support from staff in terms of training, coaching, etc.
  • Excellent Training System
  • Oriflame is a long term Multilevel Marketing business

Why join Oriflame business with Jashmi?

  • We are among the fastest growing teams in Oriflame India.
  • We have a proven method for making new Managers in 3-6 months only.
  • We have received many awards from Oriflame.
  • Many people have got amazing success in our team from all over India.
  • We have over 10 years of experience in making others successful in MLM

To join Oriflame India with us fill the form below and then call us on 9820850522 to schedule a 20 min planning session where we will discuss your goals and make plans on how we can achieve them.

Like in any other MLM Company, you control the amount of your pay check each month from Oriflame.
With Oriflame as you enjoy our exclusive cosmetic products, you will also make new friends and earn the chance to travel internationally and be recognized for your achievements.

If you are from Pune you will join the group of Oriflame consultants in Pune and grow with their support.

If you are from Bangalore we will give you a sponsor who is experienced from our group of Oriflame consultants in Bangalore and grow with their support. Similarly with other cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc.

Only for Oriflame Consultants:

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