Saturday, September 18, 2010

Oriflame’s Gold Conference 2019

Oriflame Gold Conference 2019

Any Oriflame Consultant can qualify for Oriflame Gold Conference 2019. I am going to guide all the consultants in my team who have made a commitment to work hard and achieve their dreams.

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Participating in Oriflame Gold Conference was my dream. When I joined Oriflame I took a decision that I will not be just an Oriflame consultant. I made a commitment to become a Manager, a Senior Manager, a Director and then finally a Gold Director.

I knew that as a Gold Director we get foreign trips. Although my husband had taken me to other countries. My dream was to take him to other countries with my hardwork.

Oriflame gave me this opportunity in the form of Gold conference. I have been to Denmark, Sweden, Italy, Greece and Turkey with Oriflame. This is my success story with Oriflame.

Now I want to take my team members to qualify for Oriflame Gold conference 2019. This time we will be going to Stockholm, the home of Oriflame.

During the Oriflame Gold conference 2019 you will ge a chance to see this best preserved medieval city of Europe. We are going to visit Gamla Stan, Grona Lund amusement park, Archipelago and many more places of interest in Sweden.

I am going to do a lot of shopping in Stockholm and I will love to have my team members with me so that it will be even more fun!

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