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Oriflame Consultants in Bangalore

Oriflame Consultants in Bangalore

Hi there, This is Jashmi. I am Oriflame Director and Certified Beauty Expert. Oriflame is a Natural Swedish Cosmetics welcomes all Oriflame consultants in Bangalore to Look Great, Make Money and Have Fun with Oriflame!

As a part of Oriflame Bangalore family you can buy your Oriflame Products and also help your friends in getting Oriflame products at home at their convenience ! Have fun with Oriflame. Do you want to know how to join Oriflame Bangalore? Just call or WhatsApp us 9820850522 or email us

Oriflame is an Excellent Business Opportunity !
Joining Oriflame as an Oriflame Consultant in Bangalore is easy, FUN and rewarding! 
Oriflame Membership is for anyone whos is 18 years and above. When you Become Oriflame consultant in Bangalore, you can Start Earning Money @ Home by circulating catalogues to friends, neighbours and relatives.

Who can Join Oriflame?
1.Anyone can Register as an Oriflame Consultant by submitting registration fee of Rs. 299.
2.For joining Oriflame you can click here to fill the Oriflame Online Registration form or send us an email on 
3.Once your registration is done you are ready to place orders and to join others in your team.

As a Member of Oriflame, you enjoy international quality, natural Swedish cosmetic products at a discount and earn a commission on the products ordered by people in your circle.

Oriflame BEAUTY SECRETS unleashed!!!
1.You can GLOW, Look GLAMOROUS & YOUTHFUL, Stay HEALTHY and FRESH all your life!
2.Look beautiful NATURALLY, use Oriflame International quality Beauty Products.
3. KEEP looking BEAUTIFUL from the CROWN of your head to the soles of your feet!!

History of Oriflame:

Oriflame is a Swedish beauty products company. It is in the business of innovative and natural beauty products since 1967. Oriflame has presence in over 60 countries globally! Oriflame products are suitable for all ages… Oriflame product portfolio includes: SKIN care, make up, fragrance, accessories, body care, hair care and wellness. Oriflame has products for both men and women. Be it make up, premium cosmetics, cleansers, perfumes and deodrants soaps, talcs, lotions, etc.

Why use Oriflame Beauty Products?:
PURE ingredients
ETHICAL standards
Value for money

Feel free to contact us to order great Oriflame products and avail the fabulous offers available with ORIFLAME. We offer personalized skin care solutions to suit your age and skin.

Who is Jashmi?
Mrs. Jashmi is an Oriflame Director. She is also an Oriflame Certified Beauty Expert. In April she received an award for her performance at an Oriflame event in Mumbai.

Develop a Career with Oriflame:
As an Oriflame Consultant you can grow your business all across India.
You can become a core team member in Jashmi's team and grow your business faster.
Start building your team with support and guidance from Mrs Jashmi.
You can start earning 5-10 thousand in 3-6 months and 25-50,000 in 1-2 years.
You join Oriflame and have your own Part Time Income.

How it works:
Become a consultant. Joining fee is Rs 299. Earning is unlimited.
No Selling. Just distribute catalogues to your relatives, friends and neighbors, note their orders and make a nice commission on the total order placed by you.
We support you in building your team, becoming a manager and earning on team sales.

Click here to to Join Oriflame Cosmetics India


Send us an sms or WhatsApp 
on 9820850522 - 'I want to join Oriflame, Full Name, Address, Pin code, Email, Date of Birth.'

If you have any questions, send me a mail -


Mrs Jashmi

Oriflame Director

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